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Production information


Technical specifications
  • Destroyer
  • Cruiser

Clan Scholae Palatinae


22 ABY

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The heavy cruiser Repulse was a heavy cruiser in service to the Scholae Palatinae Fleet, assigned to the Rancor Horde Task Force. In practice, the warship was the second most heavily deployed vessel in the Clan Fleet, right after her sister ship, the Relentless.


Service to the Palpatines

The ship was commanded by Captain Gabrielle Kaal, previous gunnery officer of the Excidium. Trained by Admiral Ail'en Sommetra, she shared her cautious nature, and is pretty much a great contrast to Captain Salina Duval of the Relentless. Captain Kaal also shared the Admirals' passion for her crew, and was quite protective over them. An excellent teacher herself, she spent a lot of time between her duties as the Captain of her ship as well as an instructor at the Clan Naval Training Facility. As such, many (If not all) of the junior and senior midshipmen came aboard the Repulse to fulfill their shipboard training cruise requirements. As such, the crew was unlikely to get past its' Green rating.


During periods of large-scale combat, the Repulse served as the counterpart of the Relentless, handling flank security or flanking maneuvers. Much like the Relentless, the ship also was tasked with the safeguarding of important cargo runs, but is usually spared any diplomatic duties. The ship saw action chasing off a few half-hearted attempts by pirates to mess with Clan cargo runs.

The ship was assigned to Third Flotilla, along with the ISDII Indomitable, ESC Monarch, GSP Dominion and the GSP Defender.