17th Legion: 1st Special Ops

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The 17th Legion: Emperor's Children - 1st Special Operations, is assigned to the Praetorian Regiment within the Legions of Scholae Palatinae.

Emperor's Children Regimental Colors



A gift from Emperor Palpatine unto his Palace Guard - Scholae Palatinae - the Stormtroopers were a power to be reckoned with; utilized as defenders of Byss & the military might of the Dark Lord. When the Reborn Dark Lord of the Sith was slain a second time, Byss shattered in the process, the Palace Guard extracted itself, taking the valuable military Legions in their Exodus.

Under the wisdom of Emperor Dakari, the Legions were re-activated during the Sixth Great Jedi War. A move meant to help counter the Clan's sudden spiral into the sixth, and final, placing amongst the Clans. With the then-Grand Marshall Braecen Kaeth's assistance, Dakari was able to organize his military force into a fast moving, easy to deploy unit that helped the ailing Clan surge from oblivion into an honorable Fourth Overall finish.

The soldiers of The Emperor's Children were hand picked at the conclusion of the Sixth Great Jedi War under the careful scrutiny of Braecen Kaeth. The combined collection of soldiers - entirely Human - were then relocated to the harsh world of Antenora for extensive training as shock troopers, under a cunning commanding officer, General Lee Adamma, a defector from the Imperial Remnant. Once their training was complete, these soldiers were ushered to the Royal Palace of Scholae Palatinae to swear an oath of loyalty to the Throne of the Emperor - not the man himself - before their service began.

At the conclusion of their training the 17th Legion - Emperor's Children - was assigned to the Praetorian Regiment. Often regarded as the Emperor's Regiment, these soldiers are an additional extension of the Clan's military might. The Emperor (Consul) resides as Liege Lord above this Legion; his personal pride is instilled in the warriors of the Praetorian Regiment. Each of these soldiers is stationed upon Judecca - the Clan home world - under the direct supervision of the Grand Marshall within the halls of the Royal Palace.

Combat History

This unit as a whole has been at the forefront of many of the Clans' battles since their inception. As such, they have taken many casualties over time, but manage to bounce back faster than most.

During the Seventh Great Jedi War, the 17th was seemingly everywhere, with detachments as small as a squad to full companies participating in various battles, giving no quarter to help restore the true Dark Lord to power. Their battle prowess earned them a well deserved rest and training ramp-up period from the following "Second Darkness" exercise. This was to be cut short soon enough.

Immediately after the exercise, the Incursion occurred in Clan space, forcing the hand of the 17th Legion. Half of the Legion was left on Judecca to defend the Clan Headquarters facilities, while the other half was evenly split to defend both Caina and Antenora. The battles on Antenora were fierce, but the naturally defensible terrain lead to a victory on the world, despite the casualties. On Caina, despite heroic efforts, Delta company along with some elements of Charlie company were devastated and only barely able to extract themselves with the help of some of the Clans' starfighter sacrificing themselves to provide cover. On Judecca, the brilliant combined efforts of Alpha and Bravo companies along with other Clan units beat back the alien assault.

With the conclusion of the Incursion, and after securing Antenora and Judecca, Alpha and Bravo companies together with the decimated but angry warriors of Delta assaulted Caina along with other Clan troops, and re-took the planet in a no-holds barred campaign during Operation: Reclamation. During these events, the remainder of Charlie company broke up into four separate units, the 26th, 27th, and 29th Platoons as well as one small five-trooper squad from the otherwise destroyed 28th Platoon. The three platoons then executed a perfect grab and fade special operations mission in which three Majestic-class heavy cruisers were stolen, and the five-trooper team, along with a group of Clan Brotherhood members, were successful in taking a Nebula-class Star Destroyer. In the end of Operation: Reclamation, the troopers of the 17th stood tall, earning their position as the premiere elite combat arm of the Clan.


General Lee Adamma

  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 5 Foot, 10 Inches
  • Weight: 183 Pounds
  • Hair Color: Red (short)
  • Eye Color: Gold

The Commanding Officer of the 17th Legion, Lee is known as practical leader and good man by his peers and subordinates. His life began as a devout student of History before he began to make correlations of past encounters to current military strategy; thus, he studied in the Outer Rim with several Imperial Generals. With a high capacity for military strategy and a desire for worldly riches, he took the knowledge garnered from his internship and accepted the honor, and responsibility, of leading the Emperor's Children.

Master Gunnery Sergeant Fenix Black

  • Species: Human
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6 Foot, 2 Inches
  • Weight: 221 Pounds
  • Hair Color: Black (short)
  • Eye Color: Black

Personal aide to General Adamma, the Master Gunnery Sergeant has forged his path through passion for war and his sheer skill, or luck, in the art of it. He is a gruff man, known to be direct - some call it blunt - in his diagnosis of military tactics. When he is not sharing strategy or philosophy with Lee, Fenix is known to make rounds within the Camp - creating good relations with each warrior.


Vastly different from its predecessors produced upon Kamino, the Stormtroopers of Scholae Palatinae are molded in Imperial fashion. Removed is the inferior equipment, color markings and Jango Fett clones - this is a new generation of enforcers, tied to a new Emperor's will. Their equipment has been vastly improved and their armor lacks traditional markings, conforming to the protocol of unity begat under Darth Sidious.

  • Weaponry: BlasTech E-11 blaster rifle
  • Sidearm: SE-14r
  • Armor: Modified Phase II trooper armor
  • Extra: Com-link (wrist)
  • Extra: Battle Holocam (built into helmet)
  • Extra: Resonator (built into armor; opens doors)



Total Strength: 1,250

Fighting Force: 1,000


Total Strength: 1,250

Fighting Force: 1,000


Alpha Company

  • 18th Platoon (On duty in Clan HQ on Judecca.)
  • 19th Platoon (On R&R in Clan HQ on Judecca.)
  • 20th Platoon (On cadre duty in Clan HQ on Judecca.)
  • 21st Platoon (On duty in Clan HQ on Judecca.)

Bravo Company

  • 22nd Platoon (On duty in Clan HQ on Judecca.)
  • 23rd Platoon (On duty in Clan HQ on Judecca.)
  • 24th Platoon (On duty in Clan HQ on Judecca.)
  • 25th Platoon (On R&R in Clan HQ on Judecca.)

Charlie Company

  • 26th Platoon (On cadre duty in Antenora.)
  • 27th Platoon (Training on Antenora.)
  • 28th Platoon (Training on Antenora.)
  • 29th Platoon (Deactivated)

Delta Company

  • 30th Platoon (On duty in House Acclivis Draco HQ on Antenora.)
  • 31st Platoon (On duty in House Caliburnus HQ on Ptolomea.)
  • 32nd Platoon (On duty in House Dorimad Sol HQ on Caina.)
  • 33rd Platoon (On R&R in Clan HQ on Judecca.)