Anarya Elvendar

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Anarya Elvendar
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1.65 Meters


115 Pounds





Personal Information

Korvyn Elvendar. Lambow. Robin Hawk. Rayne.

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Revan



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Anarya Elvendar is a member of House Revan. She currently resides in one of House Revan's secret training facilities with her husband Korvyn. She is currently at the rank of Dark Jedi Knight.

Child and Teenage years

Being born to a stripper mother and an alcoholic father, Anarya had a very hard childhood. She always felt like there was something more out there than the hard life she was being forced to live and that she would one day find it. She was mistreated very often while in her younger years and the experiences that she went through made her unable to trust people easily.

All the bickering and fighting was enough to make Anarya sick and tired of being in that household. One day she found her escape and she made a run for it.

Being out there on her own, from an early age, was pretty hard on Anarya. She dropped out of school and made a living by using her body dancing. Anarya lived on the streets for a long time until she came up with enough money to get her own place. She started getting in with the wrong kind of people and started a downward spiral into drugs and alcohol. Stealing money was the only thing that Anarya knew to do to be able to keep up with these addictions.

Anarya worked at a small Cantina in the city of Cervus. While slavery is outlawed she wasn't treated much better than one. During this time, the owner of the Cantina kept her in such a state that she was unable to even try to break free from the life she was living. Drugs and Alcohol were readily available and she took all she could get. This left most of the time before the Invasion of the Vong as nothing more than vague glimpses and sporadic memories for her.

Adult life

Breaking free from the addictions and habits of her teenage years- drinking, dancing, using herself, and stealing- was a big accomplishment for Anarya. Seeing as how those things controlled her life for so long, it wasn't easy for her to quit them. With the Invasion of the Vong and the destruction of the city she was forced to face her life without the toxins that kept her running. It was difficult at first but eventually she was able to stand on her own two feet again as the survivors of the attack fled into the tundras surrounding the city.

While working as a waitress, Anarya met Korvyn. She was immediately attracted to him. The two of them began a whirlwind relationship and eventually it led to them getting married. Korvyn spent many days and nights away from Anarya on his missions and that put a big strain on their marriage.

Korvyn eventually let Anarya know that he was having an Affair with Robin Hawk. She took it very hard and told him that she didn't want to ever see him again or have anything to do with him. He left and she didn't hear from him for a long time. Soon after all this happened, Anarya learned that she was going to be having a baby. She kept this secret from Korvyn. It hurt her not to have him in her life but it was the right thing for her to do.

During her pregnancy she continued to make a living as a waitress. She eventually gave birth to her daughter and made a vow to herself to live her life to protect her.

Much to her surprise late one night Anarya had a knock at her door and it was Korvyn. That was the last person that she expected to see at that time of night. She let him and he of course saw their daughter. He immediately knew it was his. The connection in the force could not be mistaken. That night he told Anarya everything that had happened and why he had done all the things that he had done. He told her about her power in the force and that with training in the brotherhood that she could be a Dark Jedi like him. It was a very hard choice for her to make since she had to leave her daughter behind but she eventually agreed to it. Their daughter is hidden away until the appropriate time. Anarya goes and visits her daughter as often as she can. One day she hopes for her daughter to be able to join her and Korvyn.

Finding Darkness and Serving House Dorimad Sol

Upon arriving at the house, her training soon began. The Shadow Academy proved to really help her in her studies to learn the knowledge of being a Dark Jedi. She, of course, has a long way to go but is improving greatly. Much to her surprise, Robin Hawk was one of the first people to welcome her to the house. Despite everything that happened, She was friendly and a big help to Anarya. The two grew to become close friends.

A few days after the couple returned to House Dorimad Sol, they held a very private ceremony to symbolize their commitment to each other. It was the only time that anyone has ever seen their daughter Arawen. She was quickly wisked away and hasn't' been seen by anyone, except Korvyn and Anarya, since.

Soon after becoming a Protector, Anarya gained a Master. Unlike her Koskian 'Psyko' d'Tana was very experienced in the ways of the force. He has Knowledge and wisdom beyond his years and proved to be a great help in Anarya's Training.

Anarya served as Battleteam leader of Banshee Brigade for a good while. She led her team through the Invasion of Antei, which is also known as the Ninth Great Jedi War. During that war she lost someone very close to her, Timbal. Both Anarya and Korvyn were very vocal about the execution of Timbal to the members of CSP.
Anarya Relaxing
This seemed to cause some tension between them and the other members but being as passionate about the subject as Anarya was, she didn't care if problems came out of it.

Becoming a Revanchist

One night Korvyn came to Anarya and told her that he had been informed about House Revan. He thought that it would be a good change for the two of them. Unlike a lot of the rash decisions that she had made in the past, she really thought this one out and decided that it was the best decision that she could make. The two of them packed their things, said their goodbyes, and made their way to meet up with the other members of Revan.



Anarya is short in stature but not on talents. She is an excellent dancer and her skills have translated well onto the battlefield. Her long dark brown hair is usually left flowing freely except in battle when she draws it back into a ponytail. She has kept her body in excellent shape by both exercise as well as keeping her dancing skills up.


Anarya's weapons of choice are a rapier, a short dagger, and her lightsaber. She has been known to use any means needed to take care of the situation but for the most part she just uses those three things. Anarya prefers to wear form fitting clothes that don't restrict her movements.


Anarya wears the wedding ring that Korvyn gave to her on their wedding day. She also is very fond of the blanket that her daughter used when she was first born.


Anarya is a very tense person, although you'd never know it by talking to her. She hides her thoughts and feelings very well from everyone, except those closest to her. She holds those above her in rank on a higher level and has a deep unspoken respect for them. She is a very loyal person and does not tolerate those that are not. She has trust issues steaming from the way that she was treated by her parents.

Strengths and Weaknesses


  • Strong willpower
  • The "Ideal" Woman.
  • Always Ready to adapt
  • Very patient
  • Very self confident
  • Cooperative with the majority of people she meets
  • Easy to get along with


  • Shy around those she doesn't know well
  • Doesn't trust others easily
  • Past Addiction to alcohol and other substances
  • Inadequate training in large-scale ground combat strategy
  • Not the fastest learner

DJB Facts and Outstanding Achievements

  • Rank: Jedi Hunter
  • One of few who have earned a 100 on both of the Leadership Exams and the ACC Exam.
  • Learned the ways to Knighthood from her husband Korvyn and other members of House Dorimad Sol.
  • The crystal in her lightsaber is a piece from Grand Master Sarin's lightsaber.
  • Earned a Leadership Maven with 100 on all 3 of the exams needed to attain it.

Positions Held

Battleteam Leader; House Dorimad Sol; CSP


Anarya and Korvyn are married in Real life and have two small children.

The last name Elvendar came from a character that Korvyn played on Everquest.