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K-Y27 or Lube
Production information

Unknown (Currently Caina)

Date Activated:



Prajna Berkana


Systech Corporation

Product line:

K-Y series protocol droid




Protocol droid

Technical specifications

1.8 meters


Masculine Programming

Sensor color:




Chronological and political information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Dorimad Sol

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House Dorimad Sol has a long history of not having a known history. Only recently under the rule of Thran Occasus did the House rediscover its heritage. To prevent future data loss, Prajna Berkana as Aedile of Dorimad Sol sought a chronicler to maintain such information. He was able to purchase a protocol droid from an overpriced market salesman.

K-Y27 is often nicknamed Lube, originating from an unknown Equite of the House. He is also commonly called KY.

KY once heard that personalities were colorful. When he overheard his own disposition was drawl, KY had a maintenance droid change the coloring of his shell. While this didn't change his character, Lube continues to change his Personality Color every several days.

K-Y27 is currently assigned to work with Robin Hawk, assistant to the Ward of the South.

Character History

May The Pink Lizard Thunderbolt Be With You

The droid’s optic sensors activated and he saw a strange man in front of him. “Your memory wipe is complete now K-Y27. You are currently in the droid maintenance office of House Dorimad Sol. Robin Hawk will be retrieving you for your assignment in two hours, please take this time to familiarize yourself with the layout of the building.” KY gazed around the room and located a door and in a metallic voice, thanked the man. As he walked out of the door, he found himself in a hallway with many doors. The first few were locked so he logged them in his system to explore later.

The first to open contained a dimly lit room with no other exits. There was a mat on the floor and many weapons on the walls. The droid assumed he must be in a military facility and this is a training room. He turned to leave when something moved in the shadows. “Intruder” a voice hissed and KY found himself sailing into a wall. There was an audible crack from his insides, “My ________. I did not mean to _______ I was merely _________.” His metal feet clanked out of the room as fast as he could. A systems check revealed that his vocabulary chip had been cracked. Luckily for him, protocol droids were equipped with a back up. He needed to locate another droid to record from.

The next room he walked into had a service droid behind a wooden bar. He made his way to the bar and the “bartender” came to life. “The name’s J.O.E. What can I get ya?” The service droid said in an oddly Human voice with an accent. “I am in ____ of words for my _________ chip.” The two droids stared at each other as the bartender tried to process what was just said. “You want to hear the specials?” J.O.E. then proceeded to list off his drink specialties. KY activated the recorder on his vocabulary chip and saved everything that was said. “Thank you for your mojito. My |Tatooine Sunburn seems to be complete again.” He turned and went back to his exploration.

Later when Robin arrived to start K-Y27 on his historian duties, he recounted the events to her. She found his language so entertaining she decided not to fix it or even tell him.