Nightfall (battlecruiser)

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B/SBC Nightfall
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards

Product line:

Star Battlecruiser





Technical specifications

4,000 meters

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class One
  • Backup: Class Ten
Navigation system:

Verpine Navigator SPS

  • Heavy dual turbolasers (60)
Firing Arc: 10 fore, 10 aft, 20 port, 20 starboard
  • Turbolasers (160)
Firing Arc: 30 fore, 20 aft, 50 port, 50 starboard
  • Ion cannons (90)
Firing Arc: 20 fore, 10 aft, 30 port, 30 starboard
  • Point-defense laser cannons (40)
Firing Arc: 10 fore, 10 aft, 10 port, 10 starboard
  • Assault concussion missile tubes (100)
Firing Arc: 20 fore, 40 port, 40 starboard
Ammunition: 40 missiles per tube
  • Tractor beam projectors (15)
Firing Arc: 3 fore, 2 aft, 5 port, 5 starboard
  • 144 Starfighters
  • 40 shuttles & aux craft
  • 74,250 crew
  • 400 gunners
Minimum crew:



21,160 troops

  • Prefabricated garrison base
Cargo capacity:

145,000 metric tons


6 years


Command Ship


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Eighth Fleet

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Nightfall was the flagship of the Navy of the Iron Throne's Eighth Fleet and premiere force projection platform of the Dark Brotherhood. She was the first and only of the custom built Brotherhood-class Star Battlecruiser class and formed the core of the Nightfall Strike Group.

Vessel Info


In 25 ABY the keel for Nightfall was laid at the Kuat Drive Yards facility at Xa Fel in the Kanchen Sector. Primary construction was completed two years later and the vessel was surreptitiously transferred to Roche where Verpine engineers installed several advanced warship systems enhancing target acquisition and countermeasures.


During the Ninth Great Jedi War, Nightfall was crucial in supporting combat operations in the reclamation of Antei for the Dark Brotherhood. Together with Lord Sarin's Dark Council, Nightfall's officers handled C2 functions for the entire theater of war at Antei. Concurrently, her formidable compliment of attack craft conducted thousands of successful sorties as well as providing logistical support and CSAR operations across the planet's surface.

Nightfall was heavily damaged during the war when Omancor Crask directed a strike against the ship using unconventional guided meteoroids. Admiral Joss Malin successfully defended the ship and her crew though he died in the action. Grand Master Sarin appointed then Captain Ganrea Beeliz to Admiral giving her command of Nightfall and all Brotherhood naval forces.


  • Admiral Joss Malin, 27 ABY - 30 ABY
  • Admiral Ganrea Beeliz, 30 ABY - present


Nightfall served as the mobile operations center of the Iron Throne and Dark Council following the Battle of Antei. As part of Task Force 61, under Joint Task Force Rancor, she was also tasked as the Armed Forces of the Iron Throne's primary planetary assault element. Nightfall supported I Legion, 13th Starborne Division of the Army of the Iron Throne.


Vessel Complement

Dependent upon her role, Nightfall's air and ground compliment varied greatly. When configured for planetary assault the vessel was laden with two full wings of starfighters in order to protect both the ship in orbit and descending transports as landings were effected. Originally Nightfall was rarely at full strength for crew or embarked air and ground forces given its massive size and the Brotherhood's relatively small military, but more recently the expansion of the Navy has lead to few crew shortfalls. Like other vessels of the Eighth Fleet she relied on automated systems allowing for fewer crew members.


Vessel Aerospace Wing One (VAW-1)

  • Strike Fighter Squadron 21 (VFA-21) "Dark Lords"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 29 (VFA-29) "Regulators"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 33 (VFA-33) "Steady Hands"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 37 (VFA-37) "Monitors"
  • Strike Bomber Squadron 35 (VB-35) "Star Kings"
  • Strike Bomber Squadron 38 (VB-38) "Razors"
  • Logistic Support Squadron 102 (VLS-102) "Wolf Pack"

Vessel Aerospace Wing Two (VAW-2)

  • Strike Fighter Squadron 40 (VFA-40) "Star Hunters"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 41 (VFA-41) "Storm Lords"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 44 (VFA-44) "Dragons"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 53 (VFA-53) "Archons"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 54 (VFA-54) "Warlords"
  • Strike Fighter Squadron 57 (VFA-57) "World Famous Wampas"
  • Orbital Assault Squadron 130 (VAS-130) "Pathfinders"
  • 1st Attack Battalion, 11th Aerospace "Well Divers"*

*This unit was organic to the Army of the Iron Throne but was coordinated through its supporting vessel's Commander, Aerospace Group.


I Legion

*This unit was organic to the Army of the Iron Throne but was coordinated through its supporting vessel's Commander, Aerospace Group.