Lorekeeper of Taldryan

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Exodus era.
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Lorekeeper of Taldryan
Historical information
Established By:


Date Established:

36 ABY

Notable Individuals:

Justinios Drake

Position Type:





Chief Guardian of the Taldryan Vault

Chronology and Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



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"Bury deep and protect the secrets that make us who we are."

The Lorekeeper of Taldryan is an honourary position granted to Taldryan's most seasoned scholars. While in the position they are in charge of the systems safeguarding Taldryan’s most delicate information.


The Chief Librarian was a position created by the Jedi Order to denote the primary presiding Lore Keeper of the Coruscant Jedi Archives. The Chief Librarian’s duty was to oversee the vast Jedi Temple archives and Holocron Vault on Coruscant.

Between the destruction of Taldryan’s old home on Karufr and its attempt to gain a foothold in the Caelus System, its vaults of priceless artifacts needed safekeeping from would-be thieves, pirates, and other assorted crooks. Under an edict issued by Quejo, a Lorekeeper was appointed to safeguard all things intellectual and precious to Clan Taldryan.

The Lore Keepers

The Roll of Lorekeepers is a listing of some of the greatest and wisest scholars who ever maintained the delicate network holding together Taldryan’s deepest secrets.They represent and embody Taldryan's storied tradition of supplying the Dark Brotherhood with some of its most astute researchers. As such, their names are forever inscribed in this Roll, commemorating their achievements in the field, and memorializing their contributions to Clan Taldryan forever.

The Roll of Lorekeepers
Period Lorekeeper
Q1 2018 Not Established
June - August 2018 Justinios Drake  


  • The first official Lorekeeper of Clan Taldryan, Justinios Drake; Upon earning the title, was given the opportunity to pick a Command Ship for the Role. His choice was the Endeavor which will serve as the base Ship for himself and for future Lorekeepers.

Behind the Scenes

In an attempt to encourage participation in fictional activities by Taldryan members, it was decided to create an honourary title to go hand in hand with the prior established title of Gatekeeper of Taldryan. In order to decide who will win the competition, and earn the honourary title per quarter; the competition will be judged by the simple formula:

Clusters of Ice + Competitions Entered

Tiebreaker 1: Number of Crescents

Tiebreaker 2: Number of Clusters of Ice

Tiebreaker 3: Number of Competitions Entered

This title is not an official title (i.e.: it will never appear on a dossier), it is merely granted in order to give bragging rights to Taldryan's most prolific writer over the course of a quarter. The title can be maintained for periods longer than a quarter if the member earns it.