Lokast Falls

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Lokast Falls
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

3 ABY (age 36)

Physical Description





1.9 meters


110 kilograms





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Form 0

Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi



Known masters:

Ronovi Tavisaen



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Lokast Falls is a Neophyte of Clan Plagueis.


Lost Innocence

Lokast Falls was born in Coronet City on the planet Corellia in 3 ABY to his father Kadimus Falls, a member of the Corellian Security Force (or CorSec), and his mother Cosette Falls. While Lokast had hoped for a calm life, his childhood soon became mired in controversy and chaos, in part due to the nature of his father’s ambitions and behavior.

Kadimus was a recognized major in CorSec until 8 ABY, when he was ousted from the newly established Public Safety Service. While there is no public reason as to why, Lokast assumes that his father, who had sought ancient artifacts of the Sith and the Jedi due to his obsession with their history and lore, had come dangerously close to unearthing a secret that had been kept for generations, and he was excommunicated from the service for that reason. Now unemployed, Kadimus grew more obsessed with Force secrets and legends over time, and more irate at the fact that he could not use the resources provided to him by the service. Stripped of his position, betrayed by the institution he was loyal to, and left with a measly pension, he slowly began to resort to alcohol to forget the things he lost, and he resorted to violence when he remembered them.

Inevitably, Kadimus began taking his anger out on both Lokast and his mother. Lokast, who had a very close relationship with his mother, desired to protect her from his now alcoholic father. It was at this time, due to both his fear of his father and his stalwart determination to shield his mother, that he began exhibiting signs of Force sensitivity. Sometimes, he could crack glass just by staring at it, and during one particularly nasty yelling match between his father and him, he threw a prized family bauble at an alarming speed and strength at Kadimus’s head, giving him a concussion. Due to his father’s knowledge of the Jedi, Lokast had an inkling of what was happening to him, and consequently, he grew more and more afraid of the implications of his untapped Force potential.

Cosette soon learned of Lokast’s sensitivity, but she begged him not to inform his father, as she knew he would only use it to further his obsessions. Things came to a head, however, after Lokast turned 16 years old. After a particularly long night of drinking, his father began to beat his mother furiously and unprovoked. In an effort to protect his mother, Lokast used the Force to push his father out of the window of their apartment; to his horror, however, Kadimus still had a tight grip on Cosette’s left wrist, and the two of them both ended up falling four stories to their deaths. Lokast was practically mute when law enforcement arrived, watching as his father’s former colleagues surveyed the bodies and determined it to be either an accident or suicide.

Lokast would never forgive himself for what he perceived to be the murder of his own mother, and after he was released from the PSS precincts to live with his grandmother, he chose instead to stow away on a freighter departing from the Corellian docks and leave the planet for good. He settled with the prospect of living as a vagabond, recluse, and loner - things he truly believed he deserved to be for his actions.

The Reluctant Rogue

For the next ten or so years, Lokast would frequently hitch rides throughout the Outer Rim with drifters, smugglers, and derelicts alike. He spent years as a conscript soldier, and he would even assist bounty hunters for money. While on his voyages, Lokast took on a penchant for drinking and eating delicacies from the black market, frequenting many entertainment districts and partaking in heavy debauchery in order to numb the pain of his past.

Eventually, his travels would bring him to a world known as Ossus in the Adega system, a world that provided him knowledge from every corner of the galaxy. It was there he met Kodais Solatus, a human from Onderon and a member of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Kodais recognized Lokast for heading toward a path that he was all too familiar with, acknowledging the untapped Force strength that Lokast had yet to understand or harness. While the experienced Dark Jedi mulled over the idea of taking him on as an apprentice, he understood that he could not provide the structure that Lokast needed in order to harness his abilities, but the clan he knew so well for such a long time could.

Subsequently, Kodais brought Lokast to the Shadow Academy, where the new recruit was ultimately transferred to the ranks of Clan Plagueis. However, he found the structure of the clan rather intimidating, and Aliso City felt too much like Coronet City to him. Overwhelmed by his training at the Circle, Lokast decided to break away from the clan and place himself in isolation on Aliso. Said isolation included a heavy suppression of his Force powers as continued punishment for the death of his mother, aided by his burgeoning alcoholism as inherited from his father.

Brotherhood History

Another Go

After nearly three years of self-imposed hermitage, Lokast felt the Force tugging at his mind, almost urging him to continue what he started. It had not helped that he had witnessed the influence that Plagueis had on the Aliso system, all the way down to owning slaves that he saw constantly around the Pinnacle. After the Plagueis ruling council worked to quell a small insurrection of their “assets,” Lokast grew slowly more intrigued by their shadowy grip on the planet. He decided to return to the clan and restart his training, though without Kodais, he still felt somewhat lost and over his head.

While observing the lower ranks of the clan, Ronovi Tavisaen, Proconsul of Plagueis, was impressed by Lokast’s ability to handle a lightsaber and his similar sense of humor to hers. After taking him aside for a drink or two in her personal quarters, she decided to take the man on as her newest apprentice. Lokast had nearly no say in the matter, but as he began his tutelage under Ronovi, he began to learn how to channel his past trauma, anger, and resentment into his combat and his Force usage. For the first time, Lokast felt in control - and it felt good.


Physical Appearance

Lokast has brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes, and while he is taller than most of his Human colleagues, he is not to the point of being overly intimidating. His build is somewhat average, rather than muscular, due to an overindulgence in the finer things the galaxy has to offer; however, this has not taken away from his strength, which his opponents do not always expect due to his nonthreatening presentation.