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Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

21 BBY

Physical Description

Hybrid between Arkanian and Anzat




1.7 m


75 kg





Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):


Fighting Style(s):

Paonga and K'thri

Chronology & Political Information

Assassin, Scientist, Pharmacist, Drug Dealer

  • Major

House Tridens of Clan Tarentum



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Cypha is a Dark Jedi Knight and a former Rollmaster in House Tridens of Clan Tarentum, and has apprenticed to Dark Jedi Knight Deatharoc and Dark Jedi Knight Kyra Starfire. He was originally born as a Hybrid from a gene manipulation experiment between an Arkanian scientist mother and stored gene from an unknown Anzat. He has been in the house since when he first joined the Brotherhood in 29 ABY, horning his skills and knowledge, trying to establish his integrity, and serving as a loyal member of the clan and the house.

Character History


Cypha was born under a name, Kinnar Vandrayk, in Arkania, as a consequence of in vitro fertilization and DNA manipulation experiment. The ovum was used from the Arkanian chief scientist Krey Vandrayk, and the sperm was taken from stored sample from an unknown Anzat, who was allegedly rewarded and sent away from the planet for giving his sperm and some biological tissues.

This biological project (code name “Kimnara”) conducted as an interdisciplinary project between several universities with a financial aid from the Arkanian Government and a commercial companies, was aimed to investigate the possibility of hybridization between Arkanian and Anzat. Many people were interested in Anzat's special abilities such as their long life, telepathic and Force sensitiveness characteristics, or their utilization of vital energy from other people. But the project went rocky, found many difficulties and pended many times because of the difficulties to deal with the unknown biological characteristics of Anzat, such that they have no heartbeats or body temperature. After many failed results, their last hope was to test the new method that Krey Vandrayk's group discovered, and finally it went successful. She was rewarded by the government, and their family got wealthy and happier with the new son.


"I'm gonna be a scientist like my mom!! And, save the Galaxy from all bad things! Right? Mom?"
―Kinnar at the age of 8
Kinnar (Cypha) at 16 years old
Under his mother’s custody along with other hybrid babies interbred with various species, Kinnar had grown up as a very brilliant, cheerful boy, and was loved by everyone around, especially his mother, who actually loved Kinnar best among other her experimental babies, nevertheless his very distinguished Anzat characteristics including telepathic and Force sensitive abilities. Kinnar also loved his mother in return, and they were always together. He loved physical activities like sports, working out or just running, as well as science with her mother’s influence. At the age of 13, Kinnar started helping his mother’s research in her laboratories. In spite of his father’s absence, Kinnar almost didn’t feel lonely or sad, because of good relationship with her mother and other friends in the building. Also with their wealthy living, everybody who knows them thought as if nothing could make them happier.

At the age of 16, his science knowledge was outstanding for his age, and he was one of the most athletic boys in the group. A girl named Amelae in the group, who was a hybrid with Zeltron, was fallen into him. With a Zeltron blood, she was not only a very attractive girl, but also can use the art of pheromone against Kinnar. It was not too long the two fell in love each other. The relationship last almost for half a year, but that was the happiest time of his life.


"I love you so much, Kinner… Now… Run… my love… ru…n."
―Krey Vandrayk at her last moment

It happened when a friend told Kinnar that Amelae was cheating on him. With an intense jealousy, he ran into her compartment and start interrogating her. At his surprise, she admitted the accusation easily and started talking how pleasure it went. That was the first time that his two tentacle-like proboscises came out of his cheek. Without any intention, Kinnar stunned her with his Force-telepathic mind control and physical grasp on her head, and started sucking her so-called “memory soup”. Not only he did not understand what was happening, but also could not control what he was doing either in his immense rage and embarrassment. He fed her brain and vital energy completely and thoroughly to her death, and came to know how rich it tastes for the first time.

In front of his girlfriend's dead body, Kinnar was so scared and lost, having no idea of what happened or what he did. But eventually he ran to his mother, and told her everything happened. She completely understood him, explained him about the secret of his birth and Anzat characteristics, and tried to convince him to get away from the planet. Unfortunately however, during the conversation with his mother, the government force suddenly rushed in to arrest Kinnar. When one of the officers hit Krey who was trying to save her son, Kinnar lost his temper and started fighting with the officers. Already unconsciously consumed by the Dark Side so deeply, Kinnar's resistance was extremely violent and nobody including his mother could stop him. The worst thing happened when one of the officers finally aimed to shot Kinnar from his back to stop him. Again, Krey jumped in between the two and got a fatal hit on her stomach… Once again, Kinnar has to watch the person who he loved most dying in his arms. In his terrible despair and rage to see two people who he loved had just gone, a strong instinct grew up quickly within him and urged him to kill all the officers. That was the first time for him to step into the realm of his real power, the Dark Side of the Force, the irreversible fatel path that he were to pursue.

In few hours, although he was still in a tremendous confusion, he was managed to sneak into a cargo ship to flee from Arkania as his mother suggested in her last breath.

Search for Father and Training

Still in despair, he was traveling from planet to planet doing some underground jobs to survive. Especially, he spend time to do research on how to extract, purify or synthesize Ixetal Cilona with his science knowledge and experience, and learned to make and sell his own blend of death sticks. Since then, even now though, this ability has been found valuable and useful by many people and helped him to survive the hardest time of his life. At this time, he also discovered that he is extremely allergic to most of Ixetal Cilona, and he only occasionally used his customized special death stick. Through those experiences with underground people, he gradually started understanding what happened in Arkania, what the Force is, as well as Anzat special abilities and characteristics. Almost a year later, he eventually decided to travel to Anzat to find his origin and hopefully his father.

Kinnar (Cypha) at 20 years old
As soon as he arrived in Anzat, he started training the pure arts of fighting. Then, he indeed found himself very fascinated by the Anzat culture. It was not too long for him to decide to start devoting himself to an Anzat temple. During the training in assassination and espionage techniques in the Anzat temple, not only he had got to understood Anzat culture and philosophy deeply, but also discovered his talent in the Force and started learning how to control it. Soon, his life became all about the training and disciplines. That is the only way he could forget about everything he did not want to think of. Without knowing his father's name or any information, he could not get any single clue about his father, and gradually got to forget about his search for his father and simply focused on his training.

After several years of training, he started accepting assassination jobs, though he never liked it because he just insanely craved more training to expand his unique mystical powers. Then, he decided to move to learn different kinds of arts. He thought he could further other special ability that he has than as an Anzat, namely the arts of the Force, the Dark Side of the Force in particular. It was natural for him to lure by the mystic magic of Sith.

At the departure of Anzat, he decided to abandon his past identity, and changed his name into a new one, Cypha.

Journey for Sith Artifacts

After leaving Anzat, Cypha was trying to visit all the possible places that have been related to Sith as far as he knew. First, he traveled Ruusan, Ambria, and Onderon, then Yavin system to Korriban, Ziost, and finally Dathomir. In each place, on top of the drag dealing, he worked as a bouncer at a bar, a worker in pharmacy or a hospital using his knowledge in science and medicine, or occasionally an assassin. But his real purpose was to learn anything about the Dark Side of the Force. Whenever possible, he was traveling many ruins, museums or libraries relating those works. Sometimes, he found relics or artifacts, but not many. Most of the time was just waste of time, or at worst, exhausting battles with dangerous animals altered by Sith Alchemy. But one day, he heard a rumor of a Force user who left Dathomir and joined the Dark Jedi Brotherhood to train him/herself in the way of the Force, when he was practicing with some Rancors in Dathomir. At that point, Cypha came to understand that his random journey for the Sith artifacts was not going to give him much knowledge or other outcomes, and he needed some solid discipline to train himself in the way of the Dark Side. Soon, he decided to stop traveling and devote himself to a teaching under the Brotherhood, and headed to Antei system.

DJB History

Early days

Cypha at his first mission in Ambria

Bieten Macht Elols to see Cypha's work in SA

"Faster isn't better."
Deatharoc to see Cypha trying to deal with too many tasks at a time in haste

Joining the Brotherhood, he was assigned to the House Tridens of Clan Tarentum in Yridia system. At first, Cypha was very excited to see numerous amount of esoteric literature in the Shadow Academy. He had gladly spent most of time in SA for a month (earned a Dark Cross), learned many things, and as a result, came to a conclusion that what he was after was the right way. He felt it as if it was a destiny for him to come to the Brotherhood.

Also, 5 days after the joining the Brotherhood, Cypha was offered to participate the Master-Student Program to apprentice to Dark Jedi Knight Deatharoc of House Gladius. He immediately took this offer, and was sent to his first mission with the new master to Ambria to deal with a local agent seeking for Sith artifacts there. It turned out to be a trap for the two Dark Jedi. Cypha fought with a people armed with Sith Alchemy almost by himself having his master unconscious (he faked as being knocked out), and defeated the local agent as well as terminated the ancient Sith Alchemy. On seeing that, the master gave him words that he passed the first test.

Of the Past

"Heee, you got upset so easily, Arkanian. Weak and immature!"
―Casorrs to Cypha

He traveled with his master to Prakith as a clan mission to sneak in and search a hidden Inquisitorius base in Asonel Caves near Prak City. In the base, Cypha found a trace for an ancient Sith artifact, Yaa'thei Stone, which can absorb, store and emit any kind of dark side energy in it. Cypha encountered the former owner of the artifact, whose body was cut off and only his head was stored and kept alive in a tranparesteel tube. But after disturbing conversation, in which he found the artifact was already transferred to somewhere else, Cypha was made to kill this former owner in a rage and lost any clues to retrieve the artifact.

On the way back from Prakith to Yridia system, the Clan Tarentum encountered a strange ghost ship MC80 Renegade drifting in the space to interfere their course. Sensing some dark side energy from the ship, some volunteers including Cypha were dispatched to investigate the ship, at where Cypha’s body was possessed by a Duros Dark Jedi spirit called Casorrs. Against his will, Cypha had to engage in a fight with his comrades, Sith Warrior Odin Vaaj, Jedi Hunter Kyra Starfire and Protector Vampre Gortose along with other Tarenti. With Casorrs’ Force power, Cypha was surprised and even enjoyed the fight in a way, discovering his potential power that he had never known. But the fight did not last long. While he intensively fought with Odin by lightsaber, Kyra found a chance to attack from the dead angle to cut Cypha’s back severely by her lightsaber. With the pain, Casorrs spirit in Cypha’s body got angry and turned to her, and Cypha had to cut her right arm off. Immediately after, Casorrs disengaged wounded Cypha’s body and moved into the superior and more trained body of Odin. The incident in the ship was eventually settled by the clan Elders' wisdom and the necromantic power with a help of a Keeper, Talitha, who happened to be there, and everybody could safely arrived the home. But, the incident left some scars in him both physically and mentally. Especially, Cypha felt embarrassed, sorry and owed something to Kyra, but it was too complicated and difficult to deal with each other’s feeling inside. In a way, they got to know each other more and got closer than before, but in another way, an invisible wall has been built up between them since then. (Details of this story can be seen in here)
Cypha's emblem

Shortly after coming back to Yridia, he has joined Clan Tarentum I Corps as a major, started studying Tarentum's own clan power, necromancy, and also participated in an experimental project called lesson in pain. On top of those, he finally came to accept the honor and responsibility to be chosen as a Rollmaster of house Tridens. He is very excited about this new responsibility, and working hard in the house summit to lead the house to glory. As a Rollmaster and as a Guardian of House Tridens, he had accomplished many tasks regardless how hard, simple, complicated or boring they were. After 2 months of dedicated working, his elaborated efforts were gradually acknowledged by his superiors and rewarded by a promotion to the rank of Jedi Hunter.

Not for long after that, he had started seeing a strange hallucination that told him he has an unfinished business to confront in his home world, Arkania.

As he has gradually established his identity in the house, he decided to design his own calligraphic emblem (It is a combination of the deformed characters of C, y, p, h, and a) to show and appeal his power over wherever he goes to. He uses this for his war banner and is planning to get a tattoo of this.


Physical Appearance

Cypha about to eat his prey
Quite typical as an Arkanian offshoot, he has white pale skin, white hair and white beard as regular Arkanians do, and also Human-like green eyes, 5 fingers in each hands, and pointy ears as the offshoots do. Only one difference from Arkanian characteristics is his nails, which are pointy and strong, like almost claws as sometimes seen in Anzati. Also, his eyes turn into bloody red only when his Anzat two proboscises curled out from his cheeks to feed the brains soup of their prey. But nobody knows this since once you see it you are to be dead.
Cypha with a sword

He likes to wear simple, practical and comfortable clothes, like t-shirts, tanks, pants and boots, which colors are always dark, and typically black. On the mission, he also wears his black robe. And also, he sometimes wears a black armor in battles. This armor is again, simple, practical and comfortable, which includes gauntlet, greaves, shoulder, chest, back and thigh guards. On top of everything, he usually likes to reveal his skin uncovered, and this contrasts with his dark clothes dramatically. He is not so tall though, his athletic built-up body with fat content kept minimum can be recognized easily over his clothes.

People usually get impression that he is serious, difficult, isolated, and somewhat sad, because of his thinker attitude as a scientist, stoic monk like attitude based on the Anzati philosophy and his life as assassin, and his sharp look into things.


The death of his mother traumatized him in some ways, and referring it can make him extremely mad. Or, sometimes he gets distracted or crazy to see some events that remind him her mother's death. But after her death, he has lived by himself, and only one thing he has hold in his mind is to be strong in fighting and in the way of the Dark Side. He has been very stoic in training himself.

By the time he joined the Brotherhood, he has become reticent and very emotionless. He does not feel or show his anger, sorrow, joy, pleasure or other emotions much, and his personality deep inside was grown very cold, cunning, and in a way, mad. However, he also acquired some diplomatic and communications skills to survive his young age by dealing with many people (from doctors to gangs) among many planets. So, he can behave and look very normal and be very nice, and even can talk very casually or charmingly to lure people's attentions if needed. Nobody can see his real darkness under his calm face.

As a scientist, he is smart and a thinker who can explain things logically. He doesn't speak a lot though, he always make things clear whenever he has to, but he also prefers to take actions without bothering explaining things. Also as an Anzat assassin, he knows the virtue of patience, discipline, and perfection. He usually takes the strategies that have the best possibility to achieve his greater goals at the end rather than having a short term outcomes, no matter how hard it is or how long it takes.

Also as an Anzat, he has to eat the soup periodically, which is a strong instinctive requirement more than a habit or a preference. When he is starving, he goes crazy, will do anything to get his prey, and nobody even himself cannot control him.
Traditional Anzat Claw type weapon

Fighting Style

As a trained Anzat assassin, he cam use a traditional Anzat claw, but has not been using for a long time. He used to prefer a special sword called "Uravari" that he was familiar to use for his fight.

But since he joined the Brotherhood, he sometimes use small knives in closer range battles though, he usually prefers a lightsaber in his fight to any type of guns or blasters.

He always says that he usually tries not to fight and to hold himself until the last moment though (many people doubt this), once he engaged in fighting, no matter what happens, he does not hesitate and gives his 100% to achieve his goal, in other words, the victory. He does not care how brutal, unfair or cruel he would go, once he engaged the fight, all he does is to go forward towards the victory. He will analyze the weak points of his opponent, and mercilessly do anything he can and use any means to have the mission completed.

For weak-minded opponent, he sometimes uses Anzat telepathic control over them.

DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Rollmaster of house Tridens of clan Tarentum
  • Major: Tarentum Army I Corps, 1st Division, 2nd Brigade, 2nd Battalion, 9th Armor

Outstanding Achievements

Cypha's words are taken for the current motto of House Tridens, and his design is used for Tridens logo.