Karran Val'teo

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Karran Val'teo
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1.85 m / 6'1"


108 kg / 238 lbs


None, horns



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Djem So

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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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"You are an odd Sith, Val'teo."
―Alaisy Tir'eivra

Karran Val'teo is a Sith hailing from Tatooine loyal to both Clan Arcona such and such. He is the apprentice of first Qyreia Arronen then Ruka Tenbriss.

Physical Description

Karran Val'teo is a Zabrak Male with a strong build, earned through surviving in harsh conditions. His broad shoulders taper down to his waist, forming a V-shaped torso. His bald head is crowned with sharp, bony horns. His brown eyes sit below them with a dark, burning gaze.

His light tan skin is decorated with scrolling black lines that spread from the center of his chest, branching across his left pectoral muscle, wrapping around his left shoulder, and twisting down his left arm, stopping at the elbow. The right side seems markedly bare, as if the mosaic of ink is unfinished, except for a rendition of a Krayt Dragon, and a small ghost on the back of his hand, and the depiction of a lotus on his right pectoral. The sockets around his eyes are outlined in black ink, that crowns up to form 3 points above each eye that get taller as they spread out from the bridge of his nose. From the corners of his eyes a heavy line follows his jawline down to his chin where a short vertical line goes up and ends just below his bottom lip.

If one were to strip Karran down to what he was given at birth, they would find a variety of scars. Two old scars sit on his cheeks, two that make a cross on his left, and the other horizontal on his right. A deep, somewhat knotted scar is on his left outer thigh (courtesy of Sera Kaern). On the back of his right thigh is the remnants of a stab wound from a lightsaber (courtesy of Alaisy Tir'eivra). There is a single vertical scar that goes directly up his back from a lightsaber strike that had mercifully not damaged his spine. This scar was allowed to heal naturally, as opposed to using advanced medical techniques, resulting in a thick, knotted mark that serves as a reminder (Courtesy of Marick Tyris). A series of three faint slash marks across his left bicep, that only slightly mar the tattoos there. Finally three deep, long slashes across his torso from his left shoulder down toward his left hip (courtesy of a now-dead Terentatek).

He wears comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allow free movement. His outer robes flow loosely around him, with a scaled pattern of a Krayt Dragon decorating it.

Biographical History

Early Life

Karran was born on Tatooine. His parents were simple people as far as he can remember. His father worked in the mines, and his mother served drinks in the local cantina. It looked like he was going to be stuck on the same path as his father. But when Karran was 14, a massive Krayt Dragon that had grown too large for its territory saw his home settlement as a threat and came through, destroying it. The poor settlement had defenses that could fend off the local Sand People, but they could do nothing to defend themselves from this massive beast. Anyone who had a ship evacuated, but his family was not so fortunate, so they had to leave the city and face the wide expanse of desert on their own. They knew their best bet was to make their way to the nearest settlement, but would have to travel through Sand People territory to get there.

They had made it about halfway to their destination when they were ambushed by Tusken Raiders. As a raider was about to bring down its gaffi stick on his father, Karran screamed and a wave of energy was released knocking it back and driving them away, but Karran fell unconscious. When he awoke, he was being cared for in a small medical center, his mother was sitting in the corner, and looked like she had aged a decade, and his father was nowhere to be found. When pressed on the issue, his mother revealed that when they had come in sight of the city, another group of raiders had attacked and killed his father before the city's defenses could help them. She had only barely made it to safety with Karran's unconscious form. The loss of his father shocked him. For days he didn't come out of his room, and when he finally emerged it was almost as if a dark cloud hung over him. He began working to help his mother pay the bills, until she got sick, there was no doctor that could actually do anything for her, so she slowly wasted away while Karran made a living for them hunting out in the desert. When she passed, he took what little he had saved and left Tatooine. He began to hear rumors about a society of force users that had outlived the Jedi.