Gaming Servers

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These Gaming Servers are the official servers used for any Brotherhood-wide event. To be added to the list of DB Servers, one must have approval from the Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, and Fist of the Brotherhood.

Official Club Servers

Jedi Academy Servers

Blade's JA Server

  • IP Address:
  • Password: friendshipSaber
  • Number of slots: 30
  • Mod: None Required due to utilization of OpenJK
  • Config File: DJB Standard
  • Owner: Blade
  • Admin: Blade

Club Server Config File Information

Refer to the Gaming Server Setup and Configuration page for information on how to set up the listed servers in their standard configuration. The standard Config File shown on the linked page will be required for Servers to have running during GJW, Vendetta, or other major Club Wide events as decided by the Fist, DGM, and GM.

Official Server Requirements

  • Must be submitted for approval by the GM, DGM, and The Fist with the following information:
    • IP Address
    • Password
    • Number of slots
    • Mod (including link)
    • Owner/Admin names
    • Extras (Maps/Skins, including links to download)
  • Must have a mod installed that resets dueling health and shields
  • Must allow player voting for map/gametype changes
  • Must be password protected
  • Must make it known if a custom map is required to join the server (ex: Academy maps)
  • Must be able to submit server logs when requested by GM, DGM, The Fist, or Justicar

Installing Custom Content

For Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy installing custom content is quite simple. Most mods (maps, skins, models) can be downloaded in .zip format and contain a file within with a .pk3 extension. The .pk3 file simply needs to be placed in the folder it directs you to - usually the "base" folder. Do NOT unzip the .pk3 files into your base directory as it can cause you problems when trying to join servers that don't contain these mods. Always check the readme that comes with the mod download as it will tell you exactly how to install.