Drosh Nar

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Drosh Nar
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Domain Nar worldship

Date of Death:

27 ABY

Physical Description

Yuuzhan Vong



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Priest caste




Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Yuuzhan Vong Empire

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Drosh Nar was a Yuuzhan Vong seer of the priest caste who interpreted the will of the Gods for Drathul Amnan's task force during the Fall of Antei in 27 ABY. He was slain by Eshin Shul with his own coufee on order of Drathul for failing to correctly divine the will of the Yun'o, having supported Eshin's failed plan in the name of the Trickster, Yun-Harla, when Drathul himself would have followed the will of the Slayer, Yun-Yammka, had the seer not urged otherwise.


During the Fall of Antei in 27 ABY, he assisted Eshin Shul with her plan to deal with the Dark Jedi onboard the ships of the Dlarit Navy. The plan involved dispatching the I'Friil Ma-Nat corvette analog Will of the Gods, commanded by subaltern Neira Tor, along with the Uumufalh gunship analog Hammer of Glory, commanded by subaltern Kadlah Ruuq, and Drathul Amnan's own command ship, the Righteous Fire, to distract the Dark Jedi while the Heretic's Bbne covertly inserted a pack of voxyn onboard the infidels' ships.

Rather than hunting down and destroying the ships outright, which Eshin believed unnecessary, Drosh proclaimed Yun-Harla in favor of leaving the ships lost in the Shroud to the voxyn, providing the approval Eshin needed to get her plan past subcommander Drathul Amnan, who himself was in favor of simply destroying the Dlarit fleet.

However, when the Victory I-class Star Destroyer Covenant managed to make it to Antei, Drathul realized the plan had been a failure and that the Will of the Gods and Hammer of Glory had been sacrificed needlessly. Blaming Drosh for failing to accurately divine the Gods' will, Drathul ordered Eshin to sacrifice the seer with the blade of his own coufee, to appease the will of Yun-Yammka, who as far as Drathul was concerned had urged the destruction of the infidel fleet from the beginning. With Drosh dead, Drathul instructed Eshin to personally take command of the Heretic's Bane to prove herself in battle, knowing full well it was a suicide mission. However, Eshin fled before the ship could be destroyed, becoming a Shamed One who would later be hunted down.