Eivil Grimstroke

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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Eivil Shadowkind Grimstroke
Biographical Information

Iridonia / Dathomir (?)

Date of Birth:

17 ABY (?)

Date of Death:


Physical Description

Zabrak; sub-species








Matte-Black(often shaven-bald)

  • Corneas(black)
  • Irises(silver)
  • Pupils(black)


Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):
  • Shadow (red-trim, ice-blue blade)
  • Wolf's Fang (red-trim, yellow blade)
  • Juggernaut (Sith, red blade)
  • Training Lightsaber (blue blade)
Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information
  • Intelligence Operative, Saboteur

(former)Master Scout R&CA


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Personal Ship:


Known masters:
  • Rumored to have been mentored by OPEiko Lanzer, and secretly by SBLKal di Plagia Vorrac, from the rank of PRT to the rank of DJK.
Known apprentices:




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"If there is a thing called love, it would have to be the emotions the Night fills me with. Now, I know I loved my parents; I can still see the judging stare of my father, demanding utter compliance with practicum. One would never assume him to be of a tender spirit; lavishing reward upon every success achieved, as if shocked by its occurrence. And Mother; his exact counterweight. Both in and outwardly, in appearances and perspective. Even now, in her death, I feel the presence of her ever encouraging gaze; always promising guidance and support. And the sting of her rebuke, following any foreseen failure on my part. My love for them is like a wound, in its undeniableness of becoming a permanent mark on the flesh. So have they become to my heart. So are they to my soul. My guilt in confessing a deeper devotion to one who has not created me is no thing of great personal-shame, however. No, the Night was as much their matriarch as she is mine. Maybe more so... At least, in Mother's case; Ever the busy-one, she was. The Night was her only companion to and from her liaisons with Father, before and, for intervals, after their controversial marriage. And its love of deceit and abhorrence of betrayal was our only guardian in our plight of fleeing her underground-fortress on Iridonia... And then the planet itself... The Day's treason had delivered Father to his end, where the Night had cherished all he held dear. And now, I look to the Darkness' embrace for my solace. For my source of familial-completion. Nowhere else do I feel 'akin'... Nowhere else can I any longer call home."
―Eivil Shadowkind Grimstroke

Character History

Eivil Shadowkind Grimstroke is one of the young Journeymen of the Dark Brotherhood's Ascension House. And was quite possibly the youngest Officer in the Jusadih Military Regime, where he held the ranks of Captain, then later Major ; earned during the "Retaking of Si'tilk". One of the most active Operatives of the Jusadih Intelligence Directorate, Eivil strived endlessly to surpass all previous holders of the title of Master Scout, his final position before his brief disappearance. In the span of his capture and liberation, Eivil has come to learn of the fall of Antei and the Jusadih System, to include its military an Intelligence Directorate.

He has been a dedicated student of the Brotherhood's Shadow Academy since his arrival to its study-halls, and finds time to submit exams even when on Field-Training assignment. Nothing definitive is known about this recluse; and thus, a close eye will have to be kept on him in the future. Due to the very nature of the operative's past, it is difficult to gather accurate intel for immediate record and proper archiving. All subsequent information should be taken as fact until proven otherwise; No further Intel has been gathered on said topic, at present.

Into the Dark

Eivil Grimstroke descends from two ancient lines of elite Zabrak-Assassins. He is a fugitive of a supposed debt owed to another clan and is the soul-surviving heir to his paternal-line's throne. Being the target of numerous attempts on his life since birth, Eivil has suffered tragedy after horrid tragedy in his seventeen years of life; the loss of all he once held dear or called friend, to include both his parents. He is of a reserved demeanor, preferring quiet company, but is very direct when prompted to duty. He has a knack for delegation of responsibility, as well as a deep sense of the same.

Grimstroke's loyalty to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, House Plagueis in particular, is surpassed by none, and paralleled only by those holding positions higher in service and duty than his own. He seems to be obliviuos to this fact, and shows a large degree of respect to all Plagueis House-Members, regardless of Rank or Position. On the other side of the equation, Grimstroke is said to be completely 'No-nonsense' in attitude and has a perpensity towards violent reprisal, at times when he believes certain etiquettes and guidelines have been frivalized.

Inception of Fire&Blood


Very little is known of Eivil's life before the Brotherhood, aside from his liberation from an underground Arena; One in a ring of Unarmed-Combat-Arenas, possessed by an semi-legal organization, appropriately dubbed The Ring, geared towards pitting adolescent-fighters(nearly always acquired through unconventional contracts) against creatures, various species of sentient-life, and one another for monetary gain. It is rumored The Ring is a clan of Zabrak and Zabrak Sub-species families, operating underworld fight-clubs of a despicable nature, in a few Outer-Rim systems. They are known for their Cage-Pit matches by the dark-aristocracy and seedier side of the Galaxy, and use torture as well as mutilation and murder to obtain their goals: The increase of their holdings and influences in the Galactic-Underworld.

These Pit-Matches were usually to the death, unless otherwise stated for the private viewers' amusements. The arenas were always held in secret, for the protection of its eccentric clientels' identities and status-anonymity, and it was in these same arenas Eivil earned the stamp of reverence and hatred... Shadowkind; Both for his gruesome appearance in and out of the Cage-Pit, and for his ability to surprise and avoid injury in combat. He never suffered a serious injury in the Arenas, and has no serious scar as trophy of his times there. Only the memories of friends' deaths and the screams that accompanied his sleep every night in the dungeons of the stronghold.

Flame to Maelstrom

In the confines of his cells, Eivil apparently delved deeply into depression and began talking to himself when he believed he was unnoticed. In confusing contrast, he was a dynamo in the cage-pits; dispatching opponents with dizzying speed and finesse at times. And attacking with a blind fury in times when he was outnumbered or overpowered. Which, by then was often; The Pit-Handlers soon saw the opportunity that presented itself to them, with their Shadowkind's quadrupled fervor for blood. His walk in idiocy, when he was not in the pit, led to him occasionally not being heavily guarded when he wasn't fighting; he refused to train with the other Cage-Fighters and was transported to and from his own massacres via armored-cart. As much for fan-fare and spectacle, as per the safety of the transporters.

His enslavers neglected to recall the exact sources from which they had obtained him though. And with that, their periodic laxes in the security of detaining him led to a number of teen-combatants vanishing from The Ring's possessions upon their Shadowkind's own escape from their grip, in a Darkside-fueled Rage. His flight was aided by the staged attempt at a revolt from a few other Cage-combatants, who couldn't wait to be rid of the Shadowkind from their midsts. Their efforts were thus rewarded with both success and severe retribution, at the hands of their captors.

After the rage subsided, Eivil navigated the precarious terrain of the stronghold and stowed away in a Night Brothers caravan, on its way to port. It is presently unknown as to what led or delivered him to the Antei System and in the embrace of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Pre-Arena History

Darker Beginnings

  • Eivil Shadowkind Grimstroke's birth and early toddler-hood, along with more detail over his inner-clan politics will be listed here in the future.

Child's Play

  • Grimstroke's upbringing and early introductions to Martial-Science and Politics, Espionage and Subterfuge will be detailed in this section in the future. Also his tutelage in Weapon-Smithing, Metallurgy, and Chemical&Explosive-Compounds.

Darker Horizons

DJB Facts

  • Eivil Grimstroke is merely a Journeyman in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, but displays no fear or objections to orders that may confuse an operative possessing only the average level of understanding.
  • Grimstroke has in his possession two curved short-swords, of an arcane nature. The materials these weapons are crafted of are 'unknown' and quite possibly illegal. What is known is that he carries exact replicas, he himself has constructed, of the most durable legal materials available. They are worn on a harness, modified to carry thrown-weapons, in a curved scabbard, designed to house both blades with the handles protruding from either end of it. The replicas have been casted black; first glances show no weathering. Although further scrutiny reveals very minor wear.
  • Eivil, although very young, is a Master of thrown-weapons. He is known, by team-mates, to deploy large highly-explosive shuriken in battle. Although having designed them himself, he leaves the majority of the Shuri-nades' construction to a droid, personally programmed for the task.

His precision with these and all other Hand-Thrown-Weapons is surgical.

Positions Held

Outstanding Achievements

  • As a 1st. Lieutenant and Proselyte, Eivil led an Insurgent-Team, whom aided in the retaking of the Zone-2 Plagueis Army Training Center/PATC on Sigil 2, following its breach and over-run by Yuuzhan Vong Thralls. The invasion was led by a brutal Vong Warrior known as Sarak Shai, who was taken prisoner by Sith Battlelord Vivackus Kavon and reinforcements from the Jusadih Military. The circumstances surrounding Sarak's defection to the DJB is unknown. Though it may have, in part, to do with his obvious Force Sensitivity; a trait loathed by the Force-Dead Yuuzahn Vong.
  • Grimstroke's Scout-Team gathered crucial perimeter Intel, during the "Retaking of Si'tilk", which led to the successful storming of said perimeter by Jusadih Forces. The Intel acquired resulted in the prevention of many Troop casualties and a field-promotion to the ranks of Captain and Protector for the Journeyman, but at the price of a team-mate's life to a Yuuzhan Vong Dread-Weapon(one Bo'gaan Pace). He harbors no self-blame for the man's death; knowing full well the risk of his job. But, he can't help feeling a slight sting of sorrow, at the loss of a good Operative and a fearless comrade in arms; R.I.P. Pace.
  • At the end of the "Retaking of Si'tilk" campaign, Grimstroke was awarded a Cr-1S/Crescent w/Sapphire Star and also promoted to the ranks of Major and Master-Scout, for his team's pivotal role in this martial-action.
  • Eivil, as an Obelisk, strived for perfection in combat. In his personal endeavors towards this goal, Grimstroke has, as an Proselyte, achieved the Shadow Academy Degree (MVC); the Dark Maven Degree for Combat.
  • After his recent rescue from capture and torture, Grimstroke delved deeper into seclusion and study. This resulted in his converting to the Order of the Sith and officially donning the nomicure Shadowkind. It also resulted in his earning another Degree while still a Protector; (MVPH), the Dark Maven for Philosophy.
  • In Phase II of the "Dark Crusade" Eivil received two Battle-Field promotions; The first to Jedi Hunter, and then eight days later to Dark Jedi Knight, at the Phase's index.