58th Military Police Company

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58th Military Police Company
Unit Information

27 ABY


Army of the Iron Throne




Military Police

  • Law Enforcement
  • Area Security
  • EPW Transport & Internment
  • Force Augmentation

~170 personnel



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58th Military Police Company, or 58 MP was a military police company in the service of the Army of the Iron Throne. The company provided crucial internal security services and helped to augment combat elements to which it was assigned. 58 MP was attached to the 13th Starborne Division and served under IV Legion, supported by Task Force 64 as part of Joint Task Force Rancor.


The company was formed in 27 ABY as part of the Dark Council's military reformation following the Battle of Antei. Knowing that well trained military police forces were essential to ensuring order among military units, the Grand Master and his agents saw to it that the Army of the Iron Throne would be no different in that regard. With countless worlds felled by the Yuuzhan Vong onslaught, the shaken galaxy offered no shortage of fighting beings whose militaries had collapsed and desperately sought survival through employment of their skills.


The 58th Military Police Company was organized into three platoons overseen by a headquarters platoon. The unit also contained an organic medical platoon. Within each MP platoon were three to four squads of military police officers capable of conducting Law Enforcement, Area Security, Enemy Prisoner of War (EPW) Transport & Internment, and Force Augmentation missions.

The company was commanded by an officer at the rank of Captain (CO) and assisted by an Executive Officer (XO) and First Sergeant (1SG). Platoons were commanded by Platoon Leaders at the rank of Lieutenant assisted by a Platoon Sergeant at the rank of Sergeant First-Class.

Headquarters Platoon

Chain of Command

Commanding Officer:

Executive Officer:

First Sergeant:

58th MP Company
1st Platoon 2nd Platoon 3rd Platoon Medical Platoon Headquarters
1st SQD 1st SQD 1st SQD Treatment Squad Personnel
2nd SQD 2nd SQD 2nd SQD Ambulance Squad Intelligence
3rd SQD 3rd SQD 3rd SQD Ambulance Squad Operations


As was often the case with military police units, those in them were responsible for incredible acts of bravery, skill, and valor. 58 MP maintained a roll of legendary soldiers whose service embodied the ideal warrior.

Legend: NPC TBD

Legend: NPC TBD




The following weapons and equipment were typical of the company as well as the other conventional forces under the 13th Starborne Division with some exceptions.



  • Kraytskin™ armor system


  • Harness or other RACK system
  • Miscellaneous items


The 58th MP Company could employ several light vehicles in order to supplement its security forces with transportation and mobile firepower.