75th Special Operations Regiment

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75th Special Operations Regiment
Unit Information

27 ABY


Army of the Iron Throne




Spec Ops Light Infantry


~2,000 personnel


Come What May


Silver & Crimson


Colonel Zaelen Cole

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The 75th Special Operations Regiment was the premiere light-infantry force fielded by the Army of the Iron Throne. The 75th provided the Grand Master and Dark Council with an unparalleled corps of highly trained, disciplined, and absolutely loyal soldiers specially trained to work seamlessly with the Brotherhood's Dark Jedi on a variety of missions.


Organized in the turbulent days after the Fall of Antei, the 75th Special Operations Regiment was formally commissioned by the Iron Throne in late 27 ABY. Under the direction of the Grand Master and guidance of the Dark Council, this force conducted all operations requiring more precise tactical skill than a common infantry element.

These soldiers were the most highly trained, versatile and dedicated the Army of the Iron Throne maintained. Members were put through a rigorous selection process where only the most qualified candidates were chosen to proceed with further training. Having proven themselves able to meet the physical and mental requirements, the candidates began a six month evolution of indoctrination designed to enhance their esprit de corps and infantry skills as well as eventually opening them to the true nature of their masters.

This was something unique to the 75th whereas most other elements under the 13th Division were either unaware or uncertain as to the extraordinary nature of the Dark Jedi occasionally seen aboard various vessels of the fleet. Special Operations soldiers received extensive orientations and training designed to acclimate them to work in conjunction with Dark Jedi.

Having successfully completed all phases of indoctrination, the candidates were formally inducted into the Regiment and assigned to one of its battalions to serve in the legions of the Army of the Iron Throne. It was here that their training began in earnest honing the skills required for starborne operations, planetary assault, modified urban combat, and other aspects of special warfare.

As their training progressed, the Special Operations soldiers began to enhance the performance of their partnered Dark Jedi and, in turn, have their performance enhanced until the two disparate parts became a cohesive whole.


The 75th Special Operations Regiment was organized into three battalions under a Regimental Headquarters element. Each battalion was composed of four companies along with a Headquarters & Headquarters Company (HHC) overseeing the battalion’s administration. Within each company were four platoons consisting of three line platoons and one headquarters platoon; each platoon, except headquarters, having three line squads and one weapons squad.

The 75th was typically commanded by a Colonel assisted by a Lieutenant Colonel. Responsibility of training the soldiers in their common tasks fell to the Command Sergeant Major and his subordinate non-commissioned officers.

Chain of Command

Commanding Officer: Colonel Zaelen Cole

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Colonel Kran Lifat'sur

Command Sergeant Major: Command Sergeant Major Folm Ray

Dark Jedi Brevet General: General Raken

2nd Battalion, 75th Special Operations

The 75th was known to have at least one element; the 2nd Battalion, cross-attached to IV Legion, 13th Starborne Division, supported by Task Force 64 of the Navy of the Iron Throne.

[Vornskr-team 6, Home Group, 3rd Battalion, 75th Special Operations]

Officially Classified, this 12-man team has never been confirmed to exist. It is rumored that this team has been given additional training and equipment that qualifies them to engage, neutralize and eliminate rogue Elders in open conflict with the Iron Throne. They are commanded by special liaison to the Grand Master which devolves to the Justicar in times of duress.