Ailsa Cadran

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Ailsa Cadran
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

10 ABY (age 27)

Date of Death:


Physical Description





1.63 meters





Personal Information

Dranik Tarentae, Anshar Kahn Tarentae

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Chronology & Political Information

Military Officer


Executive Officer


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



Personal Ship:

MJHC Corsair

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" A lightsaber alone does not mean command over any part of this ship, and certainly not over me."

Commander Ailsa Cadran is a young but accomplished starship officer serving in Tarentum’s navy. She comes from a long serving military family and chose to serve with Clan Tarentum as a way to see more of the galaxy, and expand her military horizons. Though she has never set a specific date, she intends to return to her homeworld someday.

Ailsa currently serves as Executive Officer on the Majestic-class Heavy Cruiser Corsair, commanded by Captain Del Jantsk. To this day, she dislikes fighter pilots on her ships.

Family and Early Life

Born around ten years after the Battle of Yavin, Ailsa was the second child of Vren and Arica Cadran. Her father Vren was the Admiral of the Kelna-Kasan Joint Defense Forces, a position he acquired after resigning his commission in the Imperial Navy after the birth of his son Alex. Vren became convinced that he could not bring peace to the entire galaxy, but instead he could focus on his homeworld, thus offering his children a chance a peaceful childhood.

The Cadran family has a long military history, stretching back through the days of the Old Republic. Though many members of the family have served on capital starships, a few have been successful pilots. The family has always had a naval tradition. Asides from her father’s position, Ailsa’s mother served for five years as a nurse aboard an Imperial medical platform. Though both parents wished for neither of their children to ever see war as they had, they encouraged them to enter the military.

Though her older brother chose to become a fighter pilot, Ailsa herself chose to follow in her father’s footsteps. She was fascinated by the larger warships as a young child, especially her father’s Victory-class Star Destroyer Quest. She promised herself that she would one day command such a ship.

Early Career and Clan Tarentum

" As a fighter pilot, you only have two jobs. First, stay off my bridge. Second, keep the enemy fighters away from my ship."
―Ailsa Cadran

Ailsa both refused and was denied special treatment because of her father’s position. She even went so far as to apply for the military college under a false name in order to prove herself independent of her father’s reputation. She did well at the school, especially in navigation and piloting. Upon graduation, was made an ensign and assigned as a junior navigator to the Marauder class corvette Palisade. The vessel’s primary responsibility was to patrol and interdict any unknown vessels, as well stop smuggling and piracy.

Unlike so many other officers who seem to have their careers jumpstarted by the unfortunate death of their captains during a surprise attack, Ailsa found herself moving steadily up the ranks at a normal pace. Upon her promotion to full lieutenant, she was transferred to the Dreadnaught class Redoubt where she served as chief weapons officer. It was during this time that her career took an unexpected turn.

While on a short leave, Ailsa returned home and was surprised to find two somewhat familiar faces with her father. One was Anshar, a friend of her father’s that had done some special work for them in the past. The other was Dranik, Anshar’s friend and student. Ailsa had met both of them when she was younger, had even known that they were Jedi, but she had never known the full story.

While Anshar and Vren went to talk privately, Dranik and Ailsa began to talk about weapons, due in no small part to Dranik’s sniper rifle that he had shown Ailsa on his last visit. This time, Dranik had a new rifle, and while discussing it, the conversation turned to starships and their weaponry. It was at this time that Ailsa expressed her frustration at not even being an executive officer at this point in her career, and the fact that she did not want to chase pirates and smugglers all the time; especially since in most cases, it was the hotshot fighter pilots like her brother who got all the glory.

Dranik shrewdly offered her an opportunity with the Brotherhood, revealing that he himself commanded a Belarus class cruiser for Clan Tarentum. Though the idea of “dark jedi” unnerved her, Ailsa was attracted to the idea of a sort of “study abroad.” Later that evening, she convinced her father and mother to let her go, though they were concerned because, while Kelna and Kasan had avoided the larger galactic conflicts, both knew that service with Clan Tarentum could not offer the same protection.

Service in the Brotherhood

" Loyalty means nothing to a non-existent leader."
―Ailsa, commenting on Tarentum’s proclaimed loyalty to Khyron

Ailsa returned to Yridia II with Anshar and Dranik, where she was assigned to the Phlegethon under Dranik’s command. She joined newcomer Dac Pola, who had served with the Shadow Academy fleet and was now the Phlegethon’s chief engineer. Ailsa adapted quickly to her new role, though she and Dranik quickly developed a love-hate relationship in their respective positions. Often, Ailsa found herself in command of the vessel when Dranik was off doing other things.

Ailsa helped train the new crew on the Phlegethon, but initially found it little different than the job she had left back home. She was still chasing pirates and smugglers even though her ship’s standing orders alluded to the possibility of invasion. However, that all changed in 30 ABY, when Grand Master Sarin called for the Brotherhood to retake Antei.

Fully briefed on what lay ahead, Ailsa felt herself ready for her first true conflict. The trip through the Shroud was unique to her, but she was more surprised to find the Yuuzhan Vong dead, and Jedi and droids awaiting the Brotherhood. Dranik left her in command of the ship as he descended to the surface with Anshar. Prohibited from even making orbital bombardments, Ailsa was certain that this mission would prove to be boring to her.

However, the Jedi unleashed a storm of asteroids and, when that failed to destroy the Brotherhood fleet, the Jedi revealed the Super Star Destroyer Persuader. The clan fleets immediately engaged the massive vessel, giving Ailsa her first command under fire. Following instructions from Admiral Welshman, Ailsa had her crew target the weapons of the Super Star Destroyer. Eventually, the Arcanum was rammed into the Persuader, thus destroying both ships. The Phlegethon received some moderate damage, but was still functional after the battle.