Dranik Tarentae

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Dranik Tarentae
Biographical Information

Lao-mon (Sh'shuun)

Date of Birth:

118 BBY

Physical Description





1.85 meters


68 kg


Dark Blue


Dark Green

Personal Information

Anshar Kahn Tarentae



Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So 3/5

Chronology & Political Information

Naval Captain


Aedile of House Tarentum


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Tarentum, House Gladius

Personal Ship:


Known masters:

Anshar Kahn Tarentae

Known apprentices:




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Dranik is a young Shi'ido who has taken up his role as a Warrior and a Philosopher.

Character History

Dranik was born around 153. some odd years ago on the planet of Lao-mon, Sh'shuun in his native language of Sh'idesel.


Dranik is a member of the shape shifting Shi'ido race. Their race is a little known of race of "Humanoids" that hide in the dense jungles of Lao-mon. The Shi'ido live incredibly long lives and Dranik is around 153 years old.

The Shi'ido are a very secretive race by nature and use their shape shifting talents to hide what they really are, instead choosing to roam the galaxy, when they leave Lao-mon, and take the form of whatever creatures they must to blend in.

However, unlike most of his race, Dranik does not flaunt his ability to change forms. For the most part he keeps a very standard human appearance and very rarely changes form. Which has made it to where very few people in the Brotherhood actually know him as anything but human.

Early life

Most of Dranik's early life was spent on Lao-mon, learning under his father. He learned much in the ways of combat arts from his father. Being good at hand to hand, and melee weapon combat was a must on his world due to the constant threat of the larger predators that inhabited it. It was common for Dranik to practice his shape shifting abilities while on the hunt and to use this skill to surprise his prey.

At around the young age, for his species anyways, of 20, Dranik was considered a master in the arts of stealth and theft. Dranik constantly used his shape shifting abilities and his learned sneaking skills, to make his way into the camps and ships of expeditions from other-worlds to steal things he needed. This is also how Dranik acquired many different blasters and started to learn how they worked, learning marksmanship, and taking them apart to see their inner workings. Around Dranik’s 60th birthday, his father granted him the ancient katana named Masume. This sword had been in Dranik's family for thousands of years and was still just as sharp and strong as it was on the day it was forged..


It wasn’t long after Dranik turned 70 that he left Lao-mon and started to travel the galaxy. It wasn’t long before Dranik found the small moon names Luneia. Dranik arrived upon this planet and feel in love with its natural beauty and way of life. The people here were, what most would consider, backwards. They had access to the same technology that the rest of the galaxy did, they just simply chose to live like those of ancient times. Its also here, that Dranik adopted the form that he still uses to this day.

Anshar Kahn

Dranik adopted a form that matched the inhabitants of the Luneia. He allowed his hair to grow to shoulder length and to take on a snow-white color. He also allowed his ears to point slightly and fangs to grow in his mouth. His skin took on a very pale tone and his eye color to change from brown to dark green.

It was here also that Dranik met his wife. He fell very quickly in love with the woman, long before he ever found out that she was the princess of Luneia. Dranik quickly got in the Kings good Graces and joined up with the Luneian Palace Guard. He very quickly rose in the ranks of the Guard and eventually became the Commander of the Royal Palace Guard. Dranik would have lived out his life on this small moon had it not been for the assassination of his wife, the King, and the Queen.

Shortly after this event Dranik met his Master, a traveling Dark Jedi that happened to be on Luneia at the same time Dranik lashed out in anger at his wife's killers. Dranik's Master, Anshar, took Dranik under his guidance and brought the young Shi'ido to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Dark Brotherhood

Shortly after joining the Brotherhood Dranik made another permanent change to his physical appearance. He adopted a human like appearance, keeping the dark green eyes, and forces his hair to turn to a dark, almost black, blue but kept it at the same length.

Dark Brotherhood Service

Dranik has held many positions thus far in his Dark Brotherhood Career. The following is his known service Record.

Past Honors

One of the Founding Members to the Keepers of the Night.

Magistrate to the Headmaster under Kaiann, Spears, and Anshar.

Rollmaster to House Gladius of Clan Tarentum.

Member of the Grandmaster's Royal Guard, Rank: Sovereign Protector.

Envoy of House Gladius of Clan Tarentum.

Commander to The Soul Whisperers of House Gladius.

Special Magistrate to the Headmaster under Anshar.

Praetor to the Headmaster under Anshar.

Aedile to House Gladius of Clan Tarentum.

Tetrach to the Keepers of the Night.

Current Honors

Aedile of House Tarentum

Commander in the Tarentum Navy.

Current Rank = Obelisk Prelate.

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