3rd Antenora Regiment - Scholae Palatinae

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3rd Antenora Regiment
3rd Judecca Regiment
Unit Information

Clan Scholae Palatinae


Legions of Scholae Palatinae




Infantry / Assault / SpecOps


4000 troops

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3rd Antenora Regiment


Compared to other regiments within the Clan Scholae Palatinae military, the 3rd Antenora Regiment was formed from at the same time as the 2nd Antenora Regiment, and thus is considered a relatively new Regiment. Unlike the built-from-scratch 2nd Antenora Regiment, the 3rd was built on the remnants of the old 17th Legion: 1st Special Ops, part of the old Praetorian Regiment. The 17th has had a distinguished combat history, and the lessons learned obviously held the Regiment in good stead during their own combat operations.

The Incursion

The Regiment was busy training up their new trainees on Judecca when aliens invaded the Cocytus System. Realizing that the invasion must be taking place on the other planets of the system, half of the Legion was left on Judecca to help defend it (Alpha and Bravo Companies), while the other two companies, Charlie and Delta, moved off-planet to help defend Antenora and Caina, respectively. After a stealthy arrival on Antenora, most of Charlie Company met up with hastily called-up militia, where the elite troopers spent a short amount of time giving the militia hasty training in the finer points of the art of war. The troopers of the 17th were spread out amongst the rest of the militia, and made for movement to contact. Taking on an abbreviated guerrilla campaign, the new unit used hit and run tactics to great effect on scattered alien forces. This had the effect of limiting their casualties while allowing the troopers to gain experience fighting the new enemy. There was one particular ambush by the aliens that cost almost an entire company, but they were routed after hasty reinforcements were dispatched.

Eventually, they got back in contact with the remnants of the other two regiments based on Antenora, and coordinated with the 2nd Antenora Regiment to engage one of two remaining enemy forces in the area. Since the 2nd Regiment had sustained heavy casualties, the 3rd took point, with the 2nd providing backup and flank security until the alien forces were pushed off the planet.

Operation: Reclamation

The aliens still threatened other planets in the system, however. Since the 2nd had been seriously mauled during the assault on Antenora, the 3rd stayed behind along with the 2nd to ensure that Antenora remained clear of any enemy forces. However, several elements of Charlie Company from the 17th Legion participated in a special operation to grab various capital ships for the Clan, netting them thee ‘’Majestic’’-class heavy cruisers along with one ‘’Nebula’’-class Star Destroyer. At the end of this operation, it was decided that the militia and the 17th be officially joined together as one regiment, retiring the designation of the 17th Legion: 1st Special Ops, but maintaining the unit heritage.

Battle of Jusadih

The Regiment did not participate in the actions on Jusadih, since the 2nd Regiment was still rebuilding and the 3rd found itself the primary caretakers of Antenora. However, several individuals participated with the Kraken Regiment on a volunteer basis, forming a platoon of troops that helped secure several small but vital objectives for the Regiment.


As a mainly defensive regiment, the 3rd Regiment currently is attempting to train their troopers with defensive tactics in mind, often using terrain and maneuverability to their advantage. The Regiment is also using the remaining survivors of the 17th to act as a cadre to the rest of the Regiment, learning critical lessons that should hold them well in any future conflict. As with the rebuilding 2nd, the 3rd is training new troops to their standard to bring the Regiment up to full strength. Along with the new troops, they are also starting to get shipments of state-of-the art equipment and weapons to increase their combat power.


Like the 2nd Antenora Regiment, the 3rd reports directly to the Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco. The Quaestor deploys the Regiment as they see fit, and is usually deployed around key areas of direct interest to House Acclivis Draco, including the House Headquarters Facility. The Regiment is also making great use of a network of outposts around the Headquarters Facility, manning all of the with full troop and equipment compliments for the first time since they were constructed. The Regiment has planned for these outposts to be virtual fortresses in case of another invasion.

Legions of the 3rd Antenora Regiment

49th Infantry Legion

Insignia Commander: TBA
The 49th Legion, nicknamed Cepheus, is assigned to the 3rd Antenora Regiment. As the primary infantry formation in the Regiment, it is tasked with the manning of the extensive outpost positions around the Headquarters Facilities of House Acclivis Draco. They also hold the responsibility of providing guards for all House Facilities, including detachments for official House residential quarters for ranking House members.

50th Assault Legion

Insignia Commander: TBA
The 50th Legion, nicknamed Chaos, is assigned to the 3rd Antenora Regiment. The 50th is tasked with providing House Acclivis Draco with heavy support elements for all House facilities. As such, the bulk of the Regiment's anti-air, artillery, combat engineering, demolition, psychological warfare, and other support units are stationed with the 50th. In addition, most of the Regiments' heavy armor is also held with the 50th to add additional punch. The Legion is also tasked with one final duty. In the event of an overrun of the planet, they are to execute a scorched earth policy to deny the enemy anything of value that might be left behind.

51st Assault Legion

Insignia Commander: TBA
The 51st Legion, nicknamed Ares, is assigned to the 3rd Antenora Regiment. Taking the lessons learned against the aliens, the 51st is built around a force that can move fast, hit hard, and fade away at will. Serving as scouts, screening, cavalry, and flanking units, the 51st is ready to take on most combat roles. The 51st specializes in breaking through enemy formations under the cover of darkness to spread and sow confusion amongst the enemy ranks.

52nd Special Operations Legion

Insignia Commander: TBA
The 52nd Legion, codenamed Nemesis, is assigned to the 3rd Antenora Regiment. The 52nd, more so than the other Legions in the Regiment, carries within them the offspring of those lessons learned by the 17th. The entire Legion is Special Operations Capable, with several companies dedicated fully to Special Operations missions. The 52nd is unique amongst the Legions in the Regiment in that it is considered available to be called upon any offensive action the Clan may take at any time, as their official chain of command is dual-based with the House and Clan militaries.

Furthermore, with the close ties that Quaestor Timbal Palpatine has with the Fleet and the SpecNav troops, the 52nd is especially accustomed to working with them, augmenting their forces, as well as being comfortable with Navy special operations missions. The SpecNavs and the 52nd often cross-train, adding yet another deadly unit to the rosters of the House and Clan.