2nd Antenora Regiment - Scholae Palatinae

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2nd Antenora Regiment
2nd Antenora Regiment
Unit Information

Clan Scholae Palatinae


Legions of Scholae Palatinae




Infantry / Assault


4000 troops

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2nd Antenora Regiment


Compared to other regiments within the Clan Scholae Palatinae military, the 2nd Antenora Regiment is relatively new. Despite that, the new Regiment has performed well, tested in the crucible of combat against the Yuuzhan Vong.

The Yuuzhan Vong Disaster

The Regiment was still running unit integration exercises when the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the Cocytus System. After some initial confusion, the Legions of the Regiment quickly regrouped, although at the expense of losing well over an entire company of troops within the 46th Legion as they bought time for the rest of the Regiment to re-deploy. The heavy 47th Legion fixed the Yuuzhan Vong in place while the 48th Legion used their superior mobility to strike the main enemy formation from the flank, despite their antiquated equipment. However, the battle was largely a stalemate until the 45th, using ancient LAAT/i’s, used an air assault maneuver to drop right on top of the Yuuzhan Vong command structure. This action decimated the 45th, but the confusion amongst the enemy ranks allowed the other Legions enough time to push through, destroying the rest of the Yuuzhan Vong force that were facing them and fighting their way to relieve the rest of the 45th.

Once in command of the field of battle, they got back in contact with the remnants of the other two regiments based on Antenora, and coordinated with the 3rd Antenora Regiment to engage one of two remaining Yuuzhan Vong forces in the area. Since the 3rd Regiment had sustained extremely light casualties, they took point, with the 2nd providing backup and flank security until the Yuuzhan Vong were pushed off the planet.

Operation: Reclamation

The Yuuzhan Vong still threatened other planets in the system, however. Since the 2nd had been seriously mauled during the assault on Antenora, they stayed behind along with the 3rd to ensure that Antenora remained clear of any enemy forces.


As a defensive regiment with a secondary offensive strikes role, the 2nd Regiment tries to balance out both combat assignments. With terrain playing a critical role for the Kraken Regiment in their fight against the Yuuzhan Vong, the 2nd is spending a lot of time surveying the planet for defensible points they can use in defensive operations. With such heavy casualties, especially amongst the 45th Legion, the Regiment is in the process of training up tons of new recruits to standard. Along with the new troops, they are starting to get shipments of state-of-the art equipment and weapons to increase their combat power. The Regiment also is the host of the main ground force training battalions, where they are responsible for the training of all ground forces going to the other two regiments stationed on Antenora.


Unlike the Kraken Regiment, the 2nd Antenora Regiment reports directly to the Quaestor of House Acclivis Draco. The Quaestor deploys the Regiment as they see fit, and is usually deployed around key civilian and industrial areas. There is always a ready battalion, which duty is rotated amongst all of the Legions in the Regiment. This ready battalion is able to deploy anywhere within four hours on planet, and able to join up with any task force within the same time frame for any mission outside the system.

Legions of the 2nd Antenora Regiment

45th Infantry Legion

Nightmare Wolves
Insignia Commander: TBA
The 45th Legion, nicknamed Nightmare Wolves, is assigned to the 2nd Antenora Regiment. As the primary infantry formation in the Regiment, it is tasked with providing the Antenora ground forces with infantry troops to provide reinforcements for other armored and assault Legions in the Regiment. They also specialize in riot duty, enemy populace suppression, and urban warfare. The ground forces training facility is also run by the 45th. The 45th is currently stationed on Antenora. In times of declared war, the Legion serves as the primary security force to the Regiment, provide reconnaissance data via heavy long-range patrols, and the rapid assault or capture of enemy outposts.

46th Assault Legion

Ice Swan
Insignia Commander: TBA
The 46th Legion, nicknamed Ice Swan, is assigned to the 2nd Antenora Regiment. It is tasked with providing the Clan with support and reinforcement troops for other armored and assault Legions in the Regiment. As such, the bulk of the Regiment's anti-air, artillery, combat engineering, psychological warfare, and other support units are stationed with the 46th. The 46th is currently stationed on Antenora, with many detachments always assigned to other Legions in varying support roles. In peacetime, the Legion is probably the busiest in the entire Regiment, as many of their support units can effectively ply their trade in peacetime as well in many civilian applications. In times of declared war, the Legion serves to support the other Legions as best they can.

47th Assault Legion

Insignia Commander: TBA
The 47th Legion, nicknamed Athena, is assigned to the 2nd Antenora Regiment. As the bulk holder of the Regiments' fast movers, it is tasked with providing interdiction and assault capabilities in a variety of situations, whether it be ground or space based. The 47th is currently stationed on Antenora. In times of war, the Legion is the fast-response unit, able to quickly shore up any weak spots in the line or vertically envelope critical targets behind enemy lines in interdiction roles.

48th Assault Legion

Knights of the Sword
Insignia Commander: TBA
The 48th Legion, nicknamed Dracona, is assigned to the 2nd Antenora Regiment. With the bulk of the Regiments’ heavy armor, it is tasked with providing armored support to the other infantry and assault Legions in the Regiment. The 48th is currently stationed on Antenora. In times of declared war, the Legion serves as the armored fist of the Regiment, instilling fear in the hearts of her opponents, often winning with sheer firepower.