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1st Armored Assault Column Kota's Fist
Unit Information

Founding: 37 ABY


House Odan-Urr





Part of:

Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force




Rahm Kota


"Without warning"

  • White/Blue
  • Camo
Notable commanders:
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"Those with superior reach can dictate the terms of battle and impose their will upon their foe. Remember, the first step on the path to victory is often the most important."
―Anonymous Commander

1st Armored Assault Column Kota's Fist (or Kota's Fist for short) is a militia unit and part of the K.U.D.F. military. Created in 37 ABY in the reorganization of the K.U.D.F. forces, Kota's Fist is commanded by Militia General V'yr Vorsa and various other commanders.

Kota's Fist is a combined arms formation, having both tanks and infantry as organic components, along with the usual assets of artillery, anti-aircraft, signals, etc.



"An army that stands divided has already lost the war."
―Vorsa, presenting the 1st to the Summit

In 37 ABY, during the Dark Crusade, the leaders of House Odan-Urr decided that reformation of the K.U.D.F. military is needed to further advance their goals of disrupting the Brotherhood's operations and eventually re-taking New Tython from the Thuron Monarchy.

During this reformation, the 1st Armored Assault Column Kota's Fist was created. Under direct Jedi command, this unit would complete tasks of fast mobile assaults into enemy territory, hit-and-run attacks in defensive encounters and full-scale invasions of countries or planets.


General Rahm Kota

Rahm Kota was a human male Jedi general who served the Republic during the Clone Wars. He was well known for his mistrust of Clone troopers and his use of militia units instead of the standard army. This was the only reason he survived Order 66 in 19 BBY.

Allying himself with Alderaanian senator Bail Organa, for years he attacked Imperial targets to disrupt Imperial activity and hopefully weaken the enemy. In one such raid he dueled Darth Vader's Apprentice, who took away his sight. Joining forces through a series of strange circumstances, the two went on to create the Galactic Alliance, with the help of rebel senators such as Organa, which would eventually topple the Empire and reestablish the Republic.

Kota became a general in the Galactic Alliance and his militia was adopted into the Alliance military. He would continue to command his own squad of commandos and with the Rogue Shadow, attack targets on Imperial worlds around the galaxy. Eventually he commanded a large Alliance force against the Empire's garrison on Kamino and led it to victory with the help of Starkiller.

Rahm Kota is one of the founders of the Alliance and, through his charisma and tactical expertise, a key person in its early rise to prominence.




  • Jedi commander:
  • C.O.: Colonel Trent Sarat

Personnel / Equipment

Wookiee Berserkers "The Chosen"



  • Jedi commander: Jedi General Lambow
  • C.O.: Warchief Liika

Personnel / Equipment

1st Armored Regiment "Vorsa's Own"



  • C.O.: Colonel Trent Sarat

Personnel / Equipment

2nd Armored Regiment "Red Devils"



  • Jedi commander: Jedi General VanWyck
  • C.O.: Major Jana Neros

Personnel / Equipment

1st Mechanized Infantry Regiment "Rainbringers"



  • Jedi commander: Jedi General Revak Kur
  • C.O.: Major Benson Varn

Personnel / Equipment

->300 Infantry (2 companies)
->300 Heavy Infantry (2 companies)

1st Bombarda Artillery Column



  • Jedi commander: Jedi General Sa Ool
  • C.O.: Major Nirrock Morn

Personnel / Equipment


Notable Equipment

Equipment and Personnel of the 1st AAC
AT-AT Speeder Bike AAT Infantryman
KUDFATAT.jpg KUDF74zSpeeder.jpg KUDFAAT.jpg KUDFInfantry.jpg

Unit Leaders

Colonel Trent Sarat

Col. Trent Sarat
  • Biography

A Corellian ex-soldier and merchant, Sarat has traveled half the galaxy trading various goods, legal or otherwise. He arrived on New Tython as a colonist. Why he came, however, is not known. Rumors say he's in some sort of trouble with several crime syndicates and law enforcement groups, but who can say if these are true. What is known, however, is his impeccable charisma and will to lead. He became a K.U.D.F. soldier not too long ago and, similar to Colonel Dall'ra, regained his former rank of Lieutenant, one he held in the Corellian Defense Force. It was a short couple of steps to Major since most of the soldiers in the K.U.D.F. aren't trained and the K.U.D.F. needs experienced people in command. His first command as Major was before the reorganization. He commanded a heavy infantry battalion during the Crusade on Jaguada. This is when V'yr Vorsa first caught eye of him as he defended a position held by his squad, while engineers fixed a Droideka squad that was supposed to cover their retreat. They held their position for ten minutes until, at last, they could retreat to safety. Sarat, personally, downed an enemy commander with a well placed RPG shot. Later on, Vorsa recommended him as Major of the 1st Armored regiment.

After the Civil War grief struck the Column when Caer Dall'ra was lost and general Vorsa retired. Sarat was promoted to Colonel in Dall'ra's place. He has remained C.O. of the Column as well as his regiment, Vorsa's Own. He has also kept the name of his regiment as is, even though the general retired. He hangs onto a firm belief that she will one day return to her station as head of Kota's fist.

  • Personality

A joker, a smoker and a midnight toker. Trent is an aloof individual when the situation allows it. He has a habit of naming things and people since he has trouble remembering their names. He does however remember ranks very well and will always be respectful toward his superiors (though not as disciplined). His results in the field allow for his quirks to remain unchallenged since he has an impeccable record of skirmish victories. Never leaving a man behind is his mantra, and he leads his army from the front, unlike his predecessor. Usually from the turret of his beloved tank.


Warchief Liika
  • Biography

Liika's age is unknown, although it was clear that he was already a seasoned warrior by the time the Confederacy of Independent Systems attempted to annex Kashyyyk. He does not go into detail concerning his previous experiences to non-Wookiees, however, he has proven to be an exceptional leader and commander, with a good tactical mind, willing and able to adapt to the flow of battle.

He has black fur, already showing gray strands of hair and revealing his age. In battle he wears his combat harness with all of his weapons attached to it. He is known to carry heavy blasters and more often than not, he uses whatever weapons he can to gain an advantage over the enemy. He always stands tall, especially in front of his enemy. He has led his tribe for years and doesn't show interest in backing down. He has been wounded many times and he wears his scars as a veteran warrior should - with pride.

  • Personality

Proud, steadfast and aggressive, Liika is a paragon Berserker. While his rage for his enemies is great and terrible, he is not without tactical thought. Working in conjunction with the rest of the 1st AAC has given his tribe the chance to do what they do best with the backing of a far more powerful ally. He is a cold and calculating leader but he will always be the first into battle and the last out of it. He has managed to survive many battles with this mindset. Such is the strength of his resolve.

Major Jana Neros

Major Jana Neros
  • Biography

Born Jana Vadeen on Balmorra, she settled on New Tython with her husband, Janian, years ago. For years she worked as a security officer of a higher rank on Balmora before she decided she needed to leave and find a new life among the stars.

When New Tython was taken over by Thuron and his army, they managed to flee to planet Haven along with the rest of House Odan-Urr and the colonists. She immediately entered the K.U.D.F. and received the Lieutenant rank. As with Major Sarat, the promotion was quick due to the circumstances. After her promotion to Major she was given command of the 2nd Armored Regiment, The Red Devils. She has sent many a holomessage to command expressing her desire to recapture New Tython which she considered home now.

  • Personality

Much like any other commander, Jana is a strict leader. She expects discipline and obedience from her men, but she also knows when to let them vent. She holds this balance perfectly and is rewarded with a well balanced, loyal and impressive regiment. She was given the nickname "Mother" by her subordinates since her protective nature of her soldiers is apparent. She does, however, know that deaths are inevitable but that doesn't make it any easier for her.

Major Benson Varn

Major Benson Varn
  • Biography

Born on Coruscant in 19 BBY, Benson Varn was raised in a family of Empire loyalists. He was raised to be a military man, just like his father who was already an officer in the Imperial Army by the time Benson was born. He grew up to become a Captain in a scout company, but due to politics and his father falling from grace, he stayed in that position for many years. Unlike his peers, he did not mind his position and he had "...no intention of raising through the ranks just to get killed".

It was only around 1 ABY when the Rebel alliance gained their greatest victories that Benson started to doubt the nature of the Empire. People stood up for their freedom and had had enough of the Empire's oppression. Soon even Benson would have the same feelings. He defected and joined the Alliance. After years of service he retired at the age of 55 and went on to become a farmer on a frontier world - New Tython. However, fate and a certain mad man would force him into service again, this time as a K.U.D.F. officer. He was given his rank of Major he gained in the Rebel Alliance and command of the 1st Mechanized Infantry Regiment Rainbringers. He personally commands the scouts into battle, leaving most of the rest of the operations to his subordinates.

  • Personality

Having been raised in the Imperial military, very early on Benson was taught to talk less and follow orders to the letter. He expects the same from his troops and often reminds them of that during training. More often than not he plays the "wise grandfather" role in his regiment, often giving out advice and orders alike. Though he is very quiet most of the time, when angered he can become very loud, very quick.

Major Nirrock Morn

Major Nirrock Morn
  • Species: Mon Calamari
  • Role: Major of the 1st Bombarda Artillery Column
  • Equipment: DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle, Camo armor, various grenades
  • Motto: "Those who live by the sword get shot by those who don't."
  • Biography

Born on Dac, Nirrock had always been expected to rise to a command in the military. His family had great plans for him, sthat he didn't want to be a part of. They expected him to rise to the rank of Ship Captain, to command one of the vast Mon Calamari Cruisers, but his obsession was land-based warfare. He had watched many holorecordings of battles in the Clone Wars, always interested in what it would be like to fight alongside those soldiers. However, the Empire crushed his resolve to join it's ranks and instead, he joined the Rebellion, helping the cause that would ultimately restore democracy and peace.

However, having served in the New Republic military for years after it's reorganization, he had not gained any rank above Lieutenant. Fed up with the bureaucratic nightmare that was the New Republic military, he resigned his commission and went to serve the K.U.D.F., a military organization he had heard of on Dac. Within a span of a year he was elevated to the rank of Major and given the command of the 1st Bombarda Artillery Column.

  • Personality

As one of the only two alien leaders of high rank in the 1st AAC, there is a lot of pressure on Major Nirrock Morn. even if his peers are tolerant, many soldiers dislike or outright refuse to be lead by an alien. He keeps his thoughts to himself, however, and only ever talks about them with his Jedi superiors. He is an introvert but his knowledge of military tactics is undoubtedly his biggest asset.

He sometimes joins the Jedi in their meditations, being very spiritual himself. These sessions calm him down and, in his own words, "allow him to function in 100% capacity".

In Memoriam

Colonel Caer Dall'ra - KIA

Colonel Caer Dall'ra
  • Species: Bothan
  • KIA: Battle of Korriban
  • Role: Former Colonel of the 1st Armored Assault Column, Kota's Fist
  • Motto: "We're surrounded? That simplifies things."
  • Biography

Colonel Caer Dall'ra was a former Alliance soldier and Bothan Spynet operative. He left the military at the age of 51 after too many wars had drained him of his will to fight. He lived on his freighter with his family for a time until he was found by the K.U.D.F. They were welcomed to stay in exchange for Caer's expertise in military tactics. He was commissioned by the K.U.D.F. as an instructor of combat tactics. Training recruits from different Tythonian backgrounds and Harakoan tribes appealed to the Bothan, but it was only after Jaguada that he realized there was no evading war. He joined the reorganized 1st Armored Assault Column with a restored rank of Colonel. He functioned as former General Vorsa's second-in-command, and the de facto C.O. in the Column and ran day-to-day operations while the general was occupied.

He was killed in action on Korriban, during the Brotherhood Civil War when enemy orbital bombardment hit his F.O.B. His death was a giant blow to the Column's morale and the determining factor of General Vorsa's retirement from service. He has since been named Hero of New Tython, posthumously awarded the Medal of Valor, and a training facility was opened in his own name, Camp Dall'ra.

Tactics and Operations

Combat doctrine

As with most other units in the K.U.D.F., the 1st AAC is accustomed to heavily forested areas and utilizes camouflage and diversionary tactics extensively. All personnel and equipment wear the camo pattern specific to the particular environment they operate in. In defensive operations on New Tython (from which most of the 1st ACC rarely travels), this is the standard jungle/forest pattern as shown above. All 1st AAC units utilize cover in dense terrain, gaining the advantage in surprise attacks coupled with overwhelming amounts of firepower in the form of their Armored Assault Tanks. Most tanks will also function as troop carriers for lightly armed infantry or scouts whose mission it is to cover the tanks from foot soldiers carrying heavy weapons.

Offensive Doctrine "Killing blow"

"To strike! That is the distillation of purpose into a single perfect moment. Be the first to strike."
―Anonymous Commander

Kota's Fist is deployed on battlefields against enemy armor and infantry units. It's primary function is not war of attrition but lightning strikes against enemy weak points. The AAC functions on a method of warfare whereby an attacking force spearheaded by a dense concentration of armored and motorized or mechanized infantry formations, and heavily backed up by close air support, forces a breakthrough into the enemy's line of defense through a series of short, fast, powerful attacks; and once in the enemy's territory, proceeds to dislocate them using speed and surprise, and then encircle them. Through the employment of combined arms in maneuver warfare, the AAC attempts to unbalance the enemy by making it difficult for them to respond effectively to the continuously changing front, and defeat them through a decisive battle of annihilation. Eliminating critical enemy defenses or units is paramount for this tactic, as is seeding confusion and panic.

Defensive doctrine, "Patient hunter"

"He who defends everything, defends nothing!"
―Anonymous Commander

In this form of warfare, where the 1st AAc is outside of its fast-paced aggressive element, most of the "action" on the front lines is held by the Infantry regiment who's job it is to dig into pre-made defensive positions and delay enemy movement as aerial bombardment and artillery strikes, coupled with heavy tank fire from the rear, whittle down the attacking force. This form of attrition warfare is far from their comfort zone and, unless ordered to do otherwise, the 1st AAC will plan counteroffensive strikes against enemy weak-points to utilize it's overwhelming firepower. In coordination with other elements of the K.U.D.F., such as the Colonial Militia, the goal of the 1st AAC is to break the enemy's momentum and drag it to a halt at which point counteroffensives and breakthroughs to the enemy's rear can be made. Carefully laid out traps and killing zones are commonplace in this tactic.


Kota's Fist is deployed in full force only in full scale invasions or against overwhelming odds. Usually, in smaller engagements, the 1st Armored Regiment is deployed while the 2nd Armored Regiment stays in reserve. The 1st Mechanized Infantry Regiment is divided between the Armored Regiments for Heavy Weapons deployment and territory consolidation once the Armored units break through. The AAC works in coordination with KUDF aerial and naval units on which it depends for air support.

Famous encounters

  • The Dark Crusade
  • Liberation of New Tython

Note: The tactics of the 1st AAC are not widespread common knowledge in-character. These paragraphs are here for your convenience, for easier understanding and writing in fictions and run-ons.