First Great Jedi War

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Rise of the Brotherhood era
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First Brotherhood Civil War
Date: 8 ABY
Location: Brotherhood Territories
Outcome: Clan Satal Keto narrowly emerges as victor

Clan Satal Keto

Clan Scholae Palatinae

Clan Tarentum





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The First Great Jedi War is a conflict that took place in 8 ABY. It was orchestrated by then Chancellor Morgoth. Clan Satal Keto emerged victorious, and Clan Scholae Palatinae was a close second. The conflict and the results of the First Great Jedi War are recorded in Dark Voice 18.


The First Great Jedi War marked the first time that widespread outbreak of violent hostilities between the Clans and Houses of the Dark Brotherhood had erupted. Under the reign of Dark Lord Justinian Khyron, Chancellor Morgoth orchestrated the Clans into a conflict with one another. From there on, the Clans fought to prove their worth to the Dark Council.

The exact reasons the conflict ignited have been lost to time. Many speculated this was when the Star Chamber began to meddle with the Clans, sparking hostilities so that the Clans would never grow too powerful for the Dark Council to control.

During the conflict, Clan Satal Keto emerged the narrow victor. The Dark Council, impressed with the actions of Clan Satal Keto, awarded the Clan with the modified Interdictor that would eventually become known as the Orthanc. Clan Scholae Palatinae, barely defeated by Clan Satal Keto, was awarded a modified Corvette for their efforts.



  1. Clan Satal Keto - 13 Points
  2. Clan Scholae Palatinae - 9 Points
  3. Clan Tarentum - 1 Point

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