The Zarente Conflict

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Exodus era.

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The Zarente Conflict
Conflict: The Shadow Academy Chronicles
Date: 25 ABY
Location: The Zarente System

Zarente Freedom Fighters

Varik Dynasty

  • Dacien Victae di Plagia
  • Sephi Jax
  • Queen Tatania Varik
  • Masked Figure

  • Few hundred rebels
  • Royal guard

  • Around seventy rebels
  • Queen Tatania Varik
  • Entire royal guard

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The Zarente Conflict was a mission undertaken by Praetor to the Headmaster Dacien Victae di Plagia, following intel on the whereabouts of a long lost ancient Sith holocron. Taking him to the outer rim system and planet Zarente, he was swept into a conflict between the dictatorial queen and rebel forces. Briefly helping them to overthrow her rule, the search turned fruitless, leading to his resignation from his position of Praetor. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to those in the Shadow Academy, a mysterious Dark Jedi was orchestrating the operation secretly right under their noses.

Mysterious Intel

As the Arcanum had been gliding secretly through deep space for nearly three years since the Incursion, it was surprising when then Preator Dacien came to Headmaster Aabsdu with intercepted intel suggesting the whereabouts of an old Sith Holocron. Knowing that information and power like that could turn the tide in the Brotherhood-wide power struggle against the Force-devoid aliens, Aabsdu order Dacien to go in search of the device.

Zarente was a mostly unknown planet in the Outer Rim, left to handle matters on its own, and because of this had been left virtually untouched by the alien warriors , though in reality this was due to a deal struck up between Queen Varik and the Aliens. Dacien was easily able to slip into the Queen's personal security escort, and slowly started to win her over through love. Then, just before he planned to make a move for the holocron, someone caught wind of his dealings, and alerted the Queen. He fled the city with the help of Sephi Jax, the leader of a small group of rebels on the city outskirts.

Failure Within Success

"The enemy of your enemy is your friend, you know?"
―Sephi Jax, rebel leader

Taking Dacien to their base, Sephi explained to him how they had been fighting the Queen's tyranny for years now, and were close to executing a siege of the capital city, Renth. The Queen attacked first, however, but with the assistance of Dacien the rebels were able to pull through, and pushed forward towards the city. While the main force marched into the square, Dacien, Sephi, and a small guard snuck into the capital, engaging the Queen's royal guard before blasting into her throne room.

Dacien went straight for the Queen, dragging her into a back room and torturing her for nearly an hour while the fighting raged on around him. Finally, she broke, and gave him the holocron. As he reached out in the Force to open it, however, it exploded, tearing apart the room. The Queen pleaded she had no idea it was a fake, but Dacien struck her down regardless, leaving Sephi and her forces to deal with their problems alone. He returned to the Arcanum empty handed.

Feeling as if Dacien had failed him, Aabsdu relieved him of his position as Praetor, instructing him to continue his search for the holocron and replacing him with Magistrate Taigikori Aybara. Still weak and unprotected, Aabsdu moved on, preparing the Shadow Academy for the inevitable conflict on the horizon: soon, they would be returning to Lyspair.

Hidden Enemy

Unknown to the Shadow Academy, Queen Varik had been under the control of a mysterious Dark Jedi the entire time, having been instructed to assassinate Dacien once he came in search of the holocron the figure had placed as a decoy. Unsuccessful, he backed the Queen with fighters and tanks, but once the fight was lost quickly cut all ties. Meanwhile, on the Arcanum, the mysterious enemy sat and watched his plan unfold, laughing at the thought of doing it all right under the nose of the Headmaster. He was not finished yet. Dark times lay ahead for the Shadow Academy, very dark times.