Temple Boyna

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Temple Boyna
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Adas, south of the Dark Hall



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Dark Council, Obelisk

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Also known as the Black Pyramid, the Temple Boyna stands as an imposing structure south of the Dark Hall on Antei. Built by Ferran the Assassin, the temple served as the base for the Obelisk Order.


Approximately 4,000 years before the Battle of Yavin, Ferran waged four brutal military campaigns against the rebellious natives of Adas. After Ferran's final campaign, he ordered the construction of the temple. Made of obsidian, it took fifty years for the now enslaved natives to complete construction. Ferran added his own brutal touch by entombing alive the few leaders of the native population. Thus, the temple For the remainder of his life, Ferran utilized the temple as both a castle and as a fortress.

After Ferran's death and the destruction of the Star Chamber, the temple fell into disuse. Further complicating matters was the fact that the destruction of the Star Chamber created perpetual darkness. The Black Pyramid simply blended in with the surrounding area and, in its dormancy, was forgotten.

The temple was rediscovered by Dark Jedi Master Spears and was immediately claimed by the Obelisk Order. Since 18 ABY, the temple has served as the headquarters for the order. Despite the fact that there is no longer an Obelisk High Commander, the temple remains used to train Obelisk in the art of lightsaber combat, as well as its use by the Obelisk who control the forces of the Dark Council.


The Temple Boyna has, as with many locations on Antei, seen its share of conflict, though it is only in more recent times that Brotherhood forces have engaged in conflict in and around the temple.

Ninth Great Jedi War

During the retaking of Antei, then Clan Scholae Palatinae received orders from the Grand Master to retake the temple. A large portion of the Jedi droid army and Jedi themselves were entrenched in the temple and could pose a threat to the operations to retake the Dark Hall. The forces of Scholae Palatinae succeeded in eliminating the Jedi threat, though they were unable to completely eradicate all of the droids. Still, they significantly reduced the threat to the Dark Hall by ensuring all Jedi were eliminated.


"No Sith has ever set foot in the Black Pyramid. Such a thing is blasphemy to those who follow Ferran."
―Korras, Obelisk High Commander

Shortly after the end of the Ninth Great Jedi War, the temple became the sight of an [[|Disorder|internal conflict]] within the Brotherhood. For the first time in years, the Brotherhood was divided along Order lines, rather than those of their respective houses and clan. When the current Fist of the Brotherhood, a Sith, announced plans to drive out the remaining droids to fully reclaim the temple, the Obelisk High Commander protested. The Fist was a Sith, and the temple belonged to the Obelisk.

Unable to sway the Fist from his plans, the Obelisk High Commander called for all Obelisk to join him in defending the temple. Attempting to seize the opportunity, the Obelisk also attacked the Triumvirate Library, held by the Krath. Though it was ultimately revealed that the conflict had been the result of Mike Halcyon's influence, it left tensions in the Brotherhood that linger to this day.


The temple currently serves a variety of purposes for the Obelisk Order. Part war monument, part training center, and part command center, the temple is an important structure to the Brotherhood.

The bottom most level serves as the home base for most of the Obelisk's infantry and armor units. The next level contains lightsaber and martial arts training areas. Finally, the top two levels serve as the command center for the Obelisk elders to guide the Brotherhood's ground forces in times of conflict.