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This article contains obsolete data. It reflects a Dark Brotherhood policy, position, or object that has been removed or replaced. It is preserved here for historical purposes only and should not be used/referenced.

Dark Voice Tribune (T:DV)—The Dark Voice Tribune was primarily responsible for the development and timely release of the Dark Voice Newsletter. The Newsletter was established as a primary driving force behind the Brotherhood’s storyline, and the Dark Voice Tribune worked with the Dark Council to ensure that the newsletter kept the storyline moving. The Tribune was in charge of all standards and guidelines used for determining what will find its way into the Dark Voice. Furthermore, he regularly assisted writers in bringing their work up to par with these standards. The Dark Voice Tribune ensured quality control and acted as the primary editor of the newsletter. His general duties included:

  • Responsible for development and publishing of the Dark Voice Newsletter
  • Assists in the development of the Brotherhood storyline as it fits into the Dark Voice
  • Development and maintenance of all standards for submission to the Dark Voice
  • Works with submitters to ensure that standards are met

DV Tribunes

  1. Charon Lorccan "Ziltopia" Blathnat
  2. Telona Murrage
  3. Derev Niroth