Taldryan Intelligence Directorate (former)

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Taldryan Intelligence Directorate
General information

Kir Taldrya Katarn


Deputy Director Nils Anan

Historical information

22 ABY


36 ABY

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"Aeternum obumbrata"
―Forever shadowed

The Taldryan Intelligence Directorate was the first of its kind within the Dark Brotherhood. The Directorate is responsible for keeping Taldryan's Leaders, both Military and Jedi, appraised of developments within the Brotherhood and the galaxy at large. The Directorate is divided into three divisions, TalSIG: The Signals Intelligence Division; focusing on observing, intercepting and analyzing communications from throughout the galaxy and Taldryan's own agents. TalSEC: The Counter-Intelligence and Domestic Security Division; focusing on ferreting out enemy infiltrations and seditionists within our borders. And finally TalSIS: The Secret Intelligence Service; focusing on infiltrating enemy organizations within the Brotherhood, various pirate and criminal organizations, and galactic governments.


Taldryan Intelligence Service

During the days of the distant past, when the Dark Brotherhood was still under the aegis of the Emperor’s Hammer Strike Fleet, the Clans and Houses were far less independent in matters of military, and intelligence gathering. Troops were assigned to the various ships from the Hammer’s army, and intelligence matters were handled solely by the Hammer Intelligence Division.

However, following the Exodus it became necessary for the Clans to begin to develop the infrastructures that had previously been provided to them. In response to this need, Consul Kir Taldrya Katarn formed the Taldryan Intelligence Service as an independent branch of the Taldryan Military, to defend Taldryan against threats throughout the galaxy, and within the Brotherhood itself.

Taldryan’s Intelligence Service was loosely modelled after the Imperial Security Bureau and Imperial Intelligence; borrowing the Bureau’s strict military command structure, and combining it with Imperial Intelligence’s operational autonomy for its agents. Divided into two divisions, Operations and Analysis, operatives and agents of Taldryan would scour the galaxy to find information, and then analyze it in order to present a cohesive picture to their leaders. One of the first such organizations within the Dark Brotherhood, Taldryan’s Intelligence Service ensured that whenever conflicts arose, the warriors of Taldryan were better informed and able to confront and overcome their foes.

Taldryan Intelligence Directorate

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Taldryan Intelligence Directorate's Command Structure

Command Structure

The Taldryan Intelligence Directorate is commanded and overseen by a number of Branch and Division Directors, overseeing their personal fiefdoms within the Intelligence apparatus. The Supreme Director of Intelligence is an appointed official, being drawn from the Sons and Daughters of Taldryan owing to their unquestionable loyalty to Taldryan above all else. For day-to-day operational command, the Directorate is under the command of the Deputy Director of Intelligence.

As its purview is to protect Taldryan from threats both foreign and domestic, the Intelligence Directorate is not solely under the direct command of the current leader of Taldryan; instead the Supreme Director reports to the Taldryan Special Operations Council, but is answerable ultimately, only to the Sons and Daughters of Taldryan.

The Intelligence Directorate contains three distinct Divisions within it: The Signals Intelligence Division (SID), the Counter Intelligence and Domestic Security Division (SEC), and the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). Each Division is commanded by a Director, who is responsible for maintaining, and organizing the activities of the various branches, and Branch Leaders under their command.

Signals Intelligence Division

Main article: [[Signals Intelligence Division|Signals Intelligence Division]]

The Signals Intelligence Division (SID) is responsible for the monitoring of communications, and information systems throughout the galaxy and within Taldryan. Divided into three Branches, SID monitors, slices, and encrypts data in order to ensure informational security is protected within Taldryan, and compromised outside of it. The Signals Intelligence Division is commanded by Yveret Biabru.

Secret Intelligence Service

Main article: [[Secret Intelligence Service|Secret Intelligence Service]]

The Secret Intelligence Division (SIS) is Taldryan's primary foreign intelligence service. These agents and operatives are responsible for monitoring threats, and information sources throughout the galaxy and the Brotherhood, and maintaining a close eye on any new developments. Home to three Branches, two of them are focused on espionage within the Brotherhood, and then the galaxy at large. The final Branch, Cipher, is the most enigmatic, and famous of Taldryan's Intelligence Directorate. The Secret Intelligence Division is commanded by Roth Edo.

Counter Intelligence and Domestic Security Division

Main article: [[Counter Intelligence and Domestic Security Division|Counter Intelligence and Domestic Security Division]]

The Counter Intelligence and Domestic Security Division (SEC) is Taldryan's primary domestic intelligence service. While the other Divisions are nominally about guarding from external threats, Counter Intel and Domestic Security is the shield that protects Taldryan from internal threats. Ranging from foreign agents operating on Taldryan soil, to terrorist threats and beyond, while operating in three Branches: Foreign Security, Domestic Security, and the sinister Special Branch. The Counter Intelligence and Domestic Security Division is commanded by Raeth Elson.


Unlike the other branches of Taldryan’s military, the Intelligence Directorate is not something you can simply apply for in order to join it. Every member of the Directorate is the equivalent of an Officer in the other Branches, and as such, are required to meet more stringent recruitment criteria. One of the most common paths to entering into the Intelligence Directorate is through serving in Taldryan’s military elsewhere. Every organization unit in the Army and Navy from Platoon and Wing higher has an entrenched Intelligence Officer, who acts as a liaison between their unit and the Directorate, keeping their fellow soldiers informed and updated on any pertinent information to their upcoming missions. While these men and women exist within the individual Branch of service that they are assigned to, it is often these same people who are approached for conversion into full-time Directorate agents.

Rarely do people without any prior affiliation to Taldryan get approached to join the Intelligence Directorate, and those who do are put through the most stringent of security sweeps and background checks, before being transferred to the Rokir Centre for Intelligence and Foreign Service in order to receive their training.

Rank Structure

There are no inherent ranks within the Directorate. Hierarchy is determined by your title within the Directorate. However, many of those in the Directorate do hold a military rank as they have gone through the Taldryan military system. For operational purposes that involve military forces, these ranks, whether they be Naval or Army, are utilized. Former military personnel who serve within the Directorate are technically classified as reservists. They cannot be recalled like ordinary reservists and instead a request must be made to their Division leaders first.

The Directorate highly encourages it’s personnel to become a full-fledged officer and will allow the necessary time off to receive the proper training and qualifications. Scheduling for advanced training for promotional purposes are also available. Many positions within the Directorate also require that one be an Officer first: SEC Operations Agents, all SIS Agents, Cipher Agents and all Branch Leaders and up.

Below are the various titles one may hold in the Directorate as well as the officer level that it is generally equated to within the other branches.

Intel Ranks Table
OR-10 OR-9 OR-8 OR-7 OR-6 OR-5 OR-4 OR-3 OR-2 OR-1
Supreme Director


OF10 Sleeve Design
Deputy Director


OF9 Sleeve Design


OF8 Sleeve Design
Branch Leader


OF7 Sleeve Design
Cell Leader


OF6 Sleeve Design
Cipher Agent


OF5 Sleeve Design
Senior Agent


OF4 Sleeve Design


OF3 Sleeve Design
Senior Technician


OF2 Sleeve Design


OF1 Sleeve Design


Despite the fact that it is impossible for many of the agents and operatives of the Intelligence Directorate to adhere to a standardized uniform, all operatives are expected to wear their uniforms at formal internal functions, or when operating out of a secured Taldryan location. Intelligence makes note to ensure that no names are ever attached to any uniforms, even for the most public of figures, and they are not to be worn outside of contained official buildings.

Ceremonial Dress Uniform

  • Dark Grey Jacket with Black Trim
  • Dark Grey Pants & White Shirt
  • Shoulder Rank Insignia & Full Ceremonial Weapons

Service Uniform

  • Dark Grey Tunic
  • Black Pants & White Shirt
  • Rank Designation on Chest
  • Duty Sidearms

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