Sanctuary II

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Sanctuary II
Production information

Cardan I-class space station


Cardan I

Technical specifications
Max acceleration:


Max speed (space):


Max speed (atmosphere):


Engine unit(s):


Hyperdrive rating:





A few Lambda-class T-4a shuttle





Cargo capacity:

15,000 tons


2 years

Other systems:
  • Life Support
  • Communications Array
  • Orbital Defense
  • Orbital Spaceport

Clan Odan-Urr

Known owner(s):

Clan Odan-Urr

Current Status:


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The space station Sanctuary II is the main orbital defense platform above New Tython, and the only resupply stop for any ships in the Yhi System. It is a Cardan I-class space station outfitted for policing the traffic lanes through the system. It is also the main base of operations for Sentinel Network operatives, including the Shadow Company.


Because of the O'reenian attacks on New Tython caused the destruction of the old space station. After its destruction and treaties were formed the people of New Tython started to rebuild the station naming it Sanctuary II.


The rebuilt Cardan I-class space station is now used not only as military defense, but it is also used as the first stepping point onto coming on the planet of New Tython, whether it be a person or items and resources.

Sentinel Network and the Shadow Company

The Sentinel Network also know as '‘SeNet” is for the Jedi that are adherents of the Sentinel Order. With the Jedi out and about across the galaxy they needed a place to collect and send all the information that can be gathered on the Enemies or potential threats to the people of New Tython.

The Shadow Company works alongside the SeNet, while also being its separate entity. The shadow company is ran by mostly non force sensitives that want to do jobs similar to the Jedi Sentinels. The members are split into two categories: Operative and Analysts.

Customs and Security

" You shall not pass!"
― Gandalf from the Lord of the Rings

The customs office is one of the biggest sections that work on and at the station. Working as a custom officer one would be part of three different departments. The different departments are being a shuttle pilot, being a security officer, or being an inspector. All members wear the K.U.D.F. uniform of the day.

Shuttle Pilot

Working in the Department of Transportation does not mean one will always be a pilot. The pilots are also the mechanics of Lambda-class T-4a shuttle and also the caretakers to the passengers. When piloting a shuttle it is not to always take a group of people down to the planet but to also take a few inspectors and security to the larger ships to inspect their loads before the ships can get clearance to either land on planet or to go low in the atmosphere.

Security Officer

The Security Officer job is one of a tougher role. Not only do they wear the uniform of the day but are also equipped with a shield and a baton. At the shuttle entrance and exiting hanger bays, there are at least a squad of twelve members on duty to prevent anyone from causing a riot and to help move things along. When a shuttle is sent with inspectors there is a team of four members to escort. All other security officers are either resting or patrolling the two levels that is used for different trading posts and shops.

Inspection Officer

An inspection officer is the department that deals with the most those coming and going to New Tython. The people in this department has to check every body, gear, resource, item before anything can go and leave planetside. When inspecting a larger ship no more than seven inspectors will go to the ships to make sure nothing is being smuggled in or out.

Trading Post

The two levels that is used by the travelers who are coming to and leaving New Tython is know as the commissary. It has been called that because of the people who wants to make some spare credits will sell their goods or make food for the travelers who are waiting on a shuttle. The people who work in the different departments on the station will sometimes go to the traders since a warm cooked meal is better than the rations that they normally get.


With its construction the Sanctuary II is armed with two Light Turbolaser batteries and two Point-defense Light Ion Cannon batteries. The space station can hold a squadron of fighters when need be. With only having the turbolasers and ion cannons the station have to rely on the four ships of NSD Fey'lya's Last Stand, VSD Endor's Triumph, A/CRV Pride of Owyhyee, and the A/CRV Proxia Mustirion in the joint Odan-Urr and K.U.D.F. fleet for protection against larger ships.

Command Structure

Commanding Officer

Cpt. Ricker S. Haa’zan

  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Role: Captain of the K.U.D.F. Space Militia
  • Motto: "Have one plan of action, but make sure to have more for incase"

Biography: Originally Ricker served as a pilot in the Rebel Alliance against the Empire. After a while with his service he became an executive officer to one of Corvettes in the Alliance fleet. Once the Empire was destroyed Ricker left the rebels and traveled around the galaxy a bit to see if what the rebels had done was for the good of the galaxy. Accepting that he had done good for the galaxy as a whole he left for the Outer Rim to go and be retired, eventually landing his feet on the planet New Tython. Ricker fell in love with the beauty of the planet and after a few weeks found love some time before Cy Thuron tried to take control of the government Ricker got married. During the Thuron Assergence Ricker volunteered to join the K.U.D.F. and ever since has been a member.

Personality and Traits: One can tell a difference from when he first became a pilot to what he is now as a Officer. Throughout his military career he has learnt he had a great knack for tactics and because of that he and whoever was a part of his crew at the time have lived through the galactic civil war. Having a sharp mind shows with everything he do in everyday life.

Executive Officer

Cmdr. Aurora Kre’fey

Biography: Coming from the Efey clan and the Kre family Aurora had a long history of service to live up to. While some members of her clan stayed and served in the New Republic most of the Kre family moved away and came to New Tython while Aurora was still just a child. Since joining the K.U.D.F. Aurora had lead from the from to inspire her troops. Until she got a promotion and transfer to the station.

Personality and Traits: Aurora can be described that her bite is as strong as her bark. She will not back down from a challenge but will do whatever it takes to take care of those who serve under her. She has a tendency to let her emotions control her actions.

Weapons and Security Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Jaaarkar

Biography: Jaaarkar was one of the original wookiees to colonize New Tython at an age of 13. As soon as he got old enough to enlist he joined the regular K.U.D.F. forces with the help of a translator droid that he keeps attached to his belt on his left hip. Jaakar has servers as a young officer since what was known as the “Return of the Light””. Just being recently promoted and assigned to the space station. He still remembers the reign of Cy Thuron and has made it a goal to help stop anyone who wants to try and take over where his home is.

'Personality and Traits: As a Wookiee he treats those who he works with as part of his family as they are too Jaaarkar all warriors. As an officer he can be called fair but at the same time firm and intimidating.

Communications Officer

Lt. Cmdr. Verls Corse

Biography: Growing up Verls always had the fascination of other species and cultures thanks to his father who served in the Rebel Alliance before the family moving to New Tython. By the time he was commissioned as an officer in the K.U.D.F he had learnt to read, write, and speak in 15 other languages. With all the languages he knew he originally served as a translator.

Personality and Traits: Veris odd habit of wanting to know more about everything, mostly wanting to know besides the physical aspects what makes each species different can be annoying to others.

Customs / Inspection Officer

Lt. Izzy Halsmin

Biography: Out of all the officers on the Sanctuary II Izzy is the only native born on the planet New Tython. Izzy’s father served as a commando with the K.U.D.F who died during the uprising of Cy Thuron while a lot of the people tried to fled With Jedi. Knowing how her father was killed, Izzy had done her best to stay out of combat by filling in other roles when she joined the K.U.D.F.

Personality and Traits: Izzy can seem as a nervous person to those who who do not know her wish. Wanting to do her father's memory proud she tries to live and lead by the books and is a little hard to change her mind.