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Conflict: Run On
Location: Stygian Caldera, The Anchorage

Clan Plagueis reclaimed their base of operations, The Anchorage


Clan Plagueis

One Sith Forces



  • Xander Drax

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Teylas Ramar and Kz’set, senior members representing the previous sides of the internal Clan division that had led to their predicament continued to butt heads over the path Plagueis should now take. Though their disagreement almost came to a boiling point, it was interrupted by a communication from one of Plagueis’s senior admirals, Admiral Ranin.

Picking up the Pieces

Ranin explained to the assembled Plagueis leadership that Xander Drax and his One Sith forces had infiltrated the Plagueis fleet, taking control of all except Ranin’s now-damaged vessel, the Terminus. Finally, after Ranin explained her situation, the Plagueis leadership and Ranin agreed to a rendezvous over Korriban. But the issue at hand, to all parties, was the need for someone to take up the mantle of Dread Lord and lead Plagueis forces to take back their former assets.

Subdued Return

Vivackus had, in fact, been saved from total death. Though his former body had been expended, Montresor, working for Grand Master Darth Pravus with various other Dark Jedi had revived Vivackus into a new body of a native of Miraluka. Vivackus learned that the Grand Master had maneuvered himself during the former Brotherhood conflict centered over Korriban to be in a beneficial position, his forces untouched and his reach just as long after the various Clans had weakened themselves. Vivackus’ new body was a gift from the Grand Master himself, and his new means of returning to Plagueis to take back what Xander Drax had stolen from them.

Sometime later, Vivackus, in his new body, landed on Korriban with the assistance of Montresor. Alone and near to the Plagueis command centre, he was confronted by multiple guards. The return of his presence, once it was confirmed by the insight of Selika Roh, began to insight some former divisions again between himself and Kz’set. However, the now-returned Miralukan Dread Lord dealt Kz’set a blow, forcing him to relinquish his title of Proconsul following a successful operation being planned to retake the Anchorage and their former ships. Bringing both former sides of the Clan feud together, the Dread Lord and his resolve seemed unshakable.

Reclaiming What Was Lost

The leadership of Clan Plagueis had devised a plan to reclaim their ships and their space station. The first portion was the boarding and reclamation of the the flagship of the Ascendent Fleet. The cunning plan involved the infiltration of the ship by Plagueis forces posing as helpless victims being sold to One Sith forces by Trandoshan slavers. The first phase of the plan was an overwhelming success, distracting the One Sith forces aboard the ship as the main body of the Plagueis boarding team took to the ship’s hangar bay, beginning their assault of primary systems and effectively disabling the ship from the inside. After battling throughout the ship, Plagueis forces had reclaimed their flagship, an important piece of the puzzle for an inevitable assault on the Anchorage.

While this happened, Kz’set, sent by the now-returned Dread Lord himself, was having an audience with Dacien Victae di Plagia and another former Consul of the Clan, Aabsdu Dupar. Kz’set’s presence was simple: the Dread Lord knew he wouldn’t be able to take on Xander Drax and the captured Anchorage without assistance from allies with more resources at their command. Essentially in order to take back what was theirs, the Dread Lord had Kz’set, another di Plagia, approach these members for their resources and assistance. Though reluctantly, the two elders agreed to help in this special circumstance.

A week after the capture of the Clan flagship, she was in fighting order once again. The Transcendent, along with the Ravager and supporting fighters were approaching the Anchorage, knowing a fierce battle was ahead of them. The Dread Lord and his companions had planned to board the Anchorage as quickly as possible, while the capital ships engaged whatever forces Drax may have had at his command. The engagement, however, started off with the outgunned Plagueian forces on the defensive. They were taking fire from two One Sith-controlled capital ships, as well as seemingly reactivated station weapons systems.

The battle was not going well, with few Plagueis boarding teams making it onto the ship, with the few who did facing extremely heavy resistance. However, the arrival of the allied di Plagia Dark Councilor forces began to tip the tide, creating a hole in the defensive screen created by the One Sith forces and allowing a full boarding team to land on the Anchorage. The battle was being won in space, and now they were taking the battle to Drax and his One Sith forces on the station.

Victory was inevitable for Clan Plagueis. Xander Drax attempted to escape into the lower levels once Plagueis forces had reached the command centre, though his escape into the lower depths of the station was short-lived, and he wasn’t seen again. Plagueis forces eliminated the rest of the One Sith and loyalist forces to Drax, consolidating their position.

Dupar and Victae’s forces retreated, parting ways with the redeemed Dread Lord Vivackus and making it known that their help would not and could not be requested again. However, their help had been essential for Clan Plagueis to have retaken their ancient station, the majority of their fleet, and their overall forces. But the Dread Lord recognized that the Clan was still in a weakened state, tasking Teylas Ramar to begin forming an alliance beneficial to the continued survival of Clan Plagueis.