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Pollus Partus
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44 BBY

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Castor Paratus

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Pollus Paratus is an Alleman Artisan and Engineer, specializing in crafting droids, machinery, and explosives. Following the calamity of the Jedi Purge, Pollus and his brother Castor fled Coruscant in an antiquated cargo ship from the junkyard. After a swift check-over and installment of a stasis pod, Castor set course to the end of the known universe and programed the stasis pod to revive the two in four years. The circuitry failed and after a crash landing on Aliso in 31 ABY, the two were revived and started working on a second craft until they were stumbled upon by members of Plagueis who were checking out the downed cargo ship that served as their home.

Capturing one of the incapacitated Plagueians in their mined front yard set off a game of cat-and-mouse game that ended when the two discovered the Plaguians were not Imperials that had been sent to complete Order 66. Their celebration was cut short by Plagueian reinforcements responding to the scouting party's distress call. The brothers, reunited with Castor's old master Arturis Schulen, were given the choices to serve the Dread Lord, to be enslaved, or to perish. Pollus, as usual, followed his brother's lead and found a niche as an Artisan.

Character History

Early Years

Pollus and Castor Paratus were born as twins on Aleen in 44 BBY. When Castor was selected to become a Jedi, the Jedi could sense that despite Pollus's force insensitivity, separating the twins would destroy the strong force bond the Castor had created to his brother. Knowing the possible consequences, the Jedi brought both back to Coruscant. Though Pollus couldn't stay with his brother, the Order arranged for Pollus to be taught at a boarding school close to his brother.

Pollus, like his brother, had a natural affinity for mechanical contraptions and appliances and built and repaired things in his spare time. At a young age, he had an affinity for explosives, having watched the natural cycle of construction on Coruscant, which often involved demolitions. In the library, he studied demolitions and explosives and built his first chemical explosives at age 11. Never again was he picked on for his small size after a sanctioned experiment succeeded much better then expected and a blast that was 400% more powerful the previously thought destroyed half of the shockball field. After graduating from the boarding school, Pollus enrolled in an academy, specializing in demolition engineering, where he learned more about explosives as well as general mechanics and engineering.

As young adults, the two brothers were able to see each other much more often after Castor became a Peacekeeper. During the final days of the Clone Wars, having graduated from the academy, Pollus was moving from his dormitory to an apartment just outside of Galactic City with the help of his brother and fellow classmates. It was there when Order 66 was announced and the Clone Troopers accompanying his brother raised their rifles. Crying out to his brother, Pollus took cover as the sounds of whooshing and cries ensued until there were two thumps, the clones cut down by the swift and violent slashes of his brother's orange blade.

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