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This article is about the former communication platform for the Dark Brotherhood. You may be looking for modern Communication Platforms used by the DJB.

#db is the Dark Brotherhood's main channel. Members of all of the clans can hang out here. However, you might be interested in joining the clan channel where you hold membership (or will soon hold membership).

Here is a list of clan channels of the Dark Brotherhood:

Clan Name Channel
Arcona #arcona
Naga Sadow #naga_sadow
Odan-Urr #odan-urr
Plagueis #plagueis
Scholae Palatinae #scholae
Taldryan #taldryan
Tarentum #tarentum

Please note that Clan Channels are not official for CoJ purposes.

You might also find these channels useful if you like multiplayer gaming:

Gaming Purpose Channel
General Gaming #dbgaming
ToR Guild #dbtor
Interclub Gaming #outerrim
Antei Combat Centre #acc

If I wanted to join the channel called #dbgaming, all I need to do is type is: /join #dbgaming in any of my active IRC windows.