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Real World Perspective.
The Inter-Club Gaming Event, or ICGE for short, was a weekly gaming event, which invites allied Clubs to participate in a multiplayer gaming event. Held every Saturday in the IRC channel #outerrim, the ICGE is officially hosted by the Dark Brotherhood under the management of the Fist of the Brotherhood. After several months of attempting to run it, the Rebel Squadrons pulled their MrBot out of #outerrim and Fremoc shut the event down due to inactivity.

Jedi Academy duel

History and Background

Originally known as the Inter-Club Training Event (ICTE) began around May 2003, with the purpose of promoting inter-club relations and gaming between the Rebel Squadrons and the Dark Brotherhood. Later on, more clubs joined the ICTE such as the Star Vipers, Galactic Empire, and New Republic's Fifth Fleet. While the ICTE maintains a similar structure to other Brotherhood Gaming Nights, it's main goal is to prepare the players for true, inter-club vendettas such as the Outer Rim War, hence the title of "training event". The ICTE should always be referred to as such, and never as a ruthless contest. It's a training event for newcomers, and veterans alike, a place to share experiences and make new friends among allied clubs.

Since October 2004, the ICTE hosts have been administering a website created to store and archive ICTE results, and also act as a guide for new players and even seasoned veterans, providing tutorials and the rules of the contest. The ICTE faded out during 2009, but under Fremoc Pepoi Sadow in 2011, the ICTE changed its name to Inter-Club Gaming Event.

Basic Rules

The ICTE has always been a source of confusion for new members, given the more complex structure of it as opposed to other gaming nights or tournaments such as SIT. The rules have suffered few modifications since their creation. The latest revamp is dated December 2006.

  • To participate in the ICTE you must join the #outerrim IRC channel during the event.
  • Matches must be arranged through the gamebot (MrBot). Matches that are reported without the prior use of the bot will not be counted.
  • Players may play up to six 1v1 games per person, regardless of platform. Example: player A will play player B three times in JO, and three times in BF2. No more matches can be played after the sixth game has been reported.
Jedi Outcast duel

Supported Platforms

Platform Patch
Battlefront Version 1.2
Battlefront II Version 1.1
Empire at War Version 1.5
Empire at War: Forces of Corruption Version 1.1
Jedi Academy Version 1.01
Jedi Academy JA+ Version 1.4
Jedi Outcast Version 1.04
Republic Commando Version 1.00
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Version 1.1
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds: Clone Campaigns Version 1.1
X-Wing Alliance Version 2.02
X-Wing vs Tie Fighter Version 1.1.4
Halo: Combat Evolved PC Version 1.09
Halo 2 PC Auto-Updates
Halo 3 (Xbox 360) Auto-Updates
Halo Reach (Xbox 360) Auto-Updates
Alien Versus Predator (PC/Xbox 360/PS3) Auto-Updates
Starcraft 2 (PC) Auto-Updates
Resistance 2 (PS3) Auto-Updates
Killzone 2 (PS3) Auto-Updates
Killzone 3 (PS3) Auto-Updates
Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare - Galactic Warfare 1.7

Team Match Rules

  • You may play up to 6 team matches, including uneven matchups, with the same set of people. This means, no matter what the teams are, if it's the same 3+ people you can only play 6 times. If one player is substituted in for another you can play another 6 matches.
  • Regular TFFA (Team Free-For-All) matches are played until one team reaches 20 kills.
  • CTF (Capture the Flag) matches require a minimum of 4 participants (two per team).
  • CTF matches are played until one team achieves at least 5 flag captures.

Conditional Game Rules

  • JA/JO/RC games are played first to five kills.
  • BF/BF2/EaW games are played until the game decides a wining side. Games are reported as 1-0 for the winner, 0-1 for the loser.
  • XWA/XvT are played until the time limit expires. Games are reported using the full score.
  • Uneven JO/JA/RC matches are played until one team reaches at least 15 kills.
  • In XvT/XWA 1vs1 matches, in order for a match to be declared fair and free of dispute, each opponent is required to serve for at least 5 minutes each to account for the effects of host lag. This equal-hosting-time requirement can be waived, however, if both players agree to only one host.

Reporting Game Results

Matches are currently reported online via a webpage submission form. This form can be located at [1]. To report simply fill out the form with the platform played, yours and your opponent's name, and the scores for the match. To quickly report the same info you can hit the "back" button after hitting submit to have the same info return.

Player Rewards

Empire at War

Dark Brotherhood members are awarded with Cluster's of Fire for their multiplayer activity. Refer to the follow chart to understand how CF's are awarded. Members can also earn Crescents (or other Club equivalent) for the top 3 members who play the most matches for that day. Members can also earn a Pendent of Blood for placing according to the rules in the following section.

FPS/Simulation Games

Platforms 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5 1v2 1v3 1v4 1v5 2v3 2v4 2v5 3v4 3v5 4v5
Winning 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 1.33 1.66 2.00 2.33 2.33 2.66 3.00 3.33 3.66 4.33
Losing 0.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 0.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.00 1.33 1.33

RTS Games

Platforms 1v1 2v2 3v3 4v4 5v5 1v2 1v3 1v4 1v5 2v3 2v4 2v5 3v4 3v5 4v5
Winning 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 2.66 3.00 3.33 3.66 3.66 4.00 4.33 4.66 5.00 5.66
Losing 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 2.00 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 1.33 1.66 2.00 1.66 2.00 2.33

Free For All Matches

Amount of People 2 (1v1) 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
Winning 1.00 2.00 3.00 4.00 5.00 6.00 7.00 8.00 9.00
Losing 0.33 0.66 1.00 1.33 1.66 2.00 2.33 2.66 3.00


The term All-Star designates the absolute winner of an ICTE. Although each edition has its winners, a player is eligible for All-Star status only if he or she meets the following requirements:

  1. Has played against 7 different opponents, either in 1v1 or team games
  2. Has obtained a minimum of 12 Clusters of Fire

By meeting these requisites the top three placers, as chosen by their CF total, a Pendant of Blood stating that they are the All-Star for that day. Allied Clubs have different awards for players (Ex: Imperial Combat Cross for top three placings --- Galactic Empire).

List of All-Stars

ICGE Managers/Tribunes

Battlefront Sharpshooter

In chronological order:

(Gaming Tribune hosts ICTE as of September 2007)

(Gaming Tribune replaced by the Fist of the Brotherhood as of May 2010)