Mercur "Fire-Knight" Matsuki

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Mercur "Fire-Knight" Matsuki
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YT-2000 "Ice"



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Mercur "Fire-Knight" Matsuki was an Obelisk Templar formerly of Clan Taldryan and now resides in the Rogues.

Character History

Early Life

Born in 3BBY, Mercur was a member of the Claw clan on the Ice covered Planet Nelvaan. His young years were quite uneventful aside from his enormous growth spurts. By the age of 16 Mercur was the largest male in his tribe and already one of the hunt leaders. During his time as hunt leader, Mercur was given the name "Fire-Knight" for his ash gray fur and prowess in battle. Shortly after his 19th Birthday in 16ABY Mercur was on a hunting expedition when a group of Hutt employed slavers landed and captured several members of the expedition, Including Mercur himself.


The Slavers took their prisoners to Tatooine where the Nelvaans were trained and used as Gladiators in Tatooine's many arenas. Little did Mercur know that his successful career was due to his untrained use of the force in many battles. By the age of 20(17ABY) Mercur was one of the best known Fighters on Tatooine, and was often smuggled onto inner rim planets for Illegal matches.


At the age of 21 (18ABY) Mercur's restraint cuffs malfunctioned allowing him to kill his guards, while being escorted off the ship for another fight. Upon re-entering the ship Mercur confronted the Pilot giving him the option of serving him or dying. With the pilot at his side they left the planet on the YT-2000 "Ice". Mercur quickly picked up the basics of flight being taught to him by the pilot, and had ample opportunity to put it to use. Being one of the galaxies most famed prized fighters, Mercur quickly had a fleet of bounty hunters looking for him and his new Pilot friend.

Several dog fights ensued, always resulting in victory for Mercur, but in a final battle before his flight, the ship was badly damaged and several controls exploded killing the Pilot who had taught Mercur. After the fight, Mercur stopped at a nearby planet only long enough to repair and refit his ship and quickly fled to the furthest reaches of the Galaxy.

Early Brotherhood Career

Shortly after leaving Tatooine, Mercur found him self in the Outer Rim where he accidentally came upon the Kr'Tal System and Clan Taldryan. Mercur landed on a nearby planet and quickly found himself surrounded by a squad of Taldryan troops, whom he quickly and savagely killed. A Dark Jedi with the group stopped the battle and agreed to let Mercur live providing he joined the DB fleet as a Storm trooper. Left without another option, Mercur agreed and his Career quickly sky rocketed and at the age of 22 (19ABY) Mercur was acting as a senior assassin for House Dinaari of Taldryan. For the duration of the year Mercur was sent out on some of the most dangerous and top secret missions the Taldryan summit could create for him.

The Journeyman

It was not until the age of 23 (20ABY) when Mercur was training with a Dark Jedi of House Dinnari, that his force powers manifested in truth. Mercur was training the Dark Jedi in sword techniques when the Jedi Realized that no matter how much he used the force Mercur was able to keep up in the battle. When this was mentioned to Shadow Taldrya, The Quaestor of Dinaari at the time, the Quaestor himself came to the sparing arena to tests the Assassins skills. Mercur was defeated but did not fail to make a lasting impression on Shadow.

Shortly after this battle, Mercur was inducted into the Shadow Academy and began his studies as a Dark Jedi Knight. Later after passing several vital tests, Mercur returned to his home of Dinaari.

Several years passed and Mercur quickly built rank and influence until he was appointed Sergeant of the Dark Fire Brigade of Dinaari. As a leader Mercur quickly built a fierce reputation for his strength and determination in battle and his old nickname of "Fire-Knight" began to resurface as many realized he was the famed Gladiator.

Upon being promoted to Dark Jedi Knight, Mercur stepped into the position of Aedile of House Dinaari where he reigned until news that his family whom he had assumed dead finally reached him. With this news Mercur disappeared.

Return and ascension to the Equites

After having returned to Nelvaan and taking the time to lay his dying mother to rest, Mercur returned to Taldryan and took on the position of Rollmaster of House Dinaari.

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  • Was prone to delusions of grandeur