Kya Sola

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Kya Sola
"Nen Muyel"
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Date of Birth:

2 ABY (age 46) , Dathomir

Physical Description

Human with Yuuzhan Vong personality.



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Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

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Kya Sola was a female Human from Dathomir. She was originally one of the Witches of the Dreaming River Clan. However, when her clan was rounded up by Imperials in 12 ABY, she fell to the dark side and was exiled after the New Republic freed the captive witches.

Exiled, Kya became a Nightsister and eventually joined the Great Canyon Clan. Shortly before the invasion of the galaxy by the Yuuzhan Vong, she fought alongside her fellow Nightsisters during the Second Imperium Crisis. But soon after the Shadow Academy was destroyed she returned to Dathomir, where she hoped to hide out the Yuuzhan Vong War. In 27 ABY, however, the Vong attacked Dathomir, and Kya saw battle alongside her sisters against the alien invaders.

The Nightsisters and other witches caused the Vong to rethink their invasion, and Dathomir was saved further devastation at the hands of the extragalactic invaders. All seemed well as the Yuuzhan Vong Empire collapsed following the death of the Supreme Overlord in 29 ABY. But come 30 ABY the planet was raided by the piratical forces under the command of self-styled Warmaster Varesh Shai. During the raid, Kya was taken captive by agents of Eckla Muyel and Niiriit Phaath, and was taken back to the wreckage of the Baanu Amnan somewhere in the Tingel Arm. There she was experimented on and twisted into a half-Human, half-Vong hybrid and made to embrace the Light of the True Way, taking the new name Nen Muyel.

Following her conversion to the Yuuzhan Vong faith, Nen Muyel was assigned to Peace Brigade admiral Yashais dei Izvoshra as his "helper", positioning her where she could spy on the Peace Brigader's movements and report back on Yash's movements to her commander, Tolok Amnan, and in turn her true master, Eckla Muyel.