Darth Sinagar

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Darth Sinagar
AKA Bog Hayden
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 BBY

Date of Death:

30 ABY (age 49)

Physical Description





Brown, Greying

Personal Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Chronology & Political Information

Sith Lord


Dark Jedi Brotherhood


One Sith

Known apprentices:

Tor Siva

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Bog Hayden is a human fifty year old Sith Lord from the planet of Prakith. Originally trained as a member of The Malevolence, Bog was captured by the One Sith on Korriban in 25 ABY. Confronted with the overwhelming power of the One Sith, Bog relinquished his lightsaber and acquiesced to death at the hands of his captors. Subjected to psychological abuse and physical torture, Bog was turned over to the One Sith's inquisitors and re-indoctrinated in ways of the Sith.

Born again as Darth Sinagar, the new member of the One Sith committed himself to total obedience to Darth Krayt and the study of the Dark Side of the Force. Adorned in white and black tattoos detailing his passage from cult member to One Sith, Darth Sinagar eschews any connection to his past.

Expedition on Krayiss II

Behind the Scenes

Darth Sinagar was designed as an NPC character for the first phase of the Dark Crusade vendetta event. As "overseer" of the Krayiss II expedition, Sinagar was utilized in the fiction event "Ancient Stones".