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Kanis Da'uul
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

19 ABY

Physical Description







165 lbs/75kg


Jet Black



Personal Information

Maa’ka Da’Rani Erinos, Rrogon Skar, Ayako Da'uul, Fet'ai'narun, Kratus Vahillus, Adi Ka `Taramas


Jeran Aah’Valia

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):
Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information


Known masters:

OP Kratus Vahillus, DJK Fet'ai'narun

Known apprentices:

Adi Ka'Taramas, Ellie-Marie Kinsha



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Kanis Da'uul is an Exiled Jedi Knight Padawan who fell to the Darkside after the untimely death of his fiance K'ara; He is now an Obelisk Templar of Clan Arcona and he is an active member of the sub-unit Qel-Droma.

The Beginning.

The Birth

Coruscant, The Planet Kanis was raised on.

Kanis Da'uul was born and raised on the Planet Coruscant, his parents were Karen and Aurelius Da'uul. At a young age Kanis' parents made the discovery that he was force sensitive just like his father, so they sent him to the Jedi Temple where he was taken in almost immediately, at the time he was only six years old. Upon being accepted into the New Jedi Order, Kanis was assigned to be the Padawan of Jedi Master Jeran Aah'Valia.

A Padawan in Love

Kanis would knock down any obstacle which confronted him, once he was paired up with a Master, he began to exceed each expectation that was set for him, and just as everyone does this young boy found love, his heart became attached to another. This was a factor that Master Aah'Valia did not go against, in fact he actually supported it, Kanis didn't show much social strength and this was the first person that he'd seen Kanis open up to, so with Master Aah'Valia's permission the relationship between Kanis and K'ara slowly began to bloom.

As days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to years, the bond between Kanis and K'ara grew in strength until one sunny day in an apartment on Coruscant when Kanis proposed to his lover. With tears of joy in her eyes K'ara undoubtedly agreed, it seemed almost story book, all too perfect to be true. Because of the sheltered life that the young Jedi Padawan lived, he really knew nothing much of pain, and loss, this fact would prove to be his downfall.

Knife Through the Heart

Kanis' fiance, murdered

Nearly two months after the proposal had been accepted the pair were walking through one of the many market districts of Coruscant. They laughed and smiled together just as they always had, but as things are fate had different plans. An assassin after Master Aa'Valia decided to strike at the padawan in hopes it would create a large enough outcome to drive the master out into the open, so with a blade guided by sheer determination and hate. The assassin murdered young K'ara with a single stab wound to the center of the back before fleeing into the darkness. Young Kanis Da'uul was left in the streets on his knees holding his dying lover in his arms, this was the event which slowly began to break Kanis.

The Corruption.

Kanis' heart was crushed upon the death of his lover, followed by his master Kanis barged in unannounced to the meeting room occupied by the Jedi Council. Kanis brought up the murder of his fiance to the council, but they merely shook their heads and told him that it was merely a matter for the proper authorities. This rejection enraged Kanis further, thus he stormed out of the council room again followed by his master who attempted to calm him. Kanis expressed that he would find and kill the man responsible, and his master agreed with him, but brought up the point that holding a grudge and allowing himself to be over come with hate was a path that would lead him only to suffering.

Kanis ignored the warnings his master gave him, and on one fateful day, after Kanis had finished gathering all the information he needed, the young Padawan set out and was unknowingly followed by his master. things only got worse once Kanis had discovered the Assassin in a local Cantina, the Assassin was slain, but not in honorable combat. Kanis merely stabbed him in the back and obliterated his heart in the process, he then began to kill anyone who went after him. At that his master had seen enough and decided to step in. The two battled for what seemed to be hours, they were both obviously well matched in the way of skill, but as the battle ended, Kanis light saber was destroyed and his master had received horrid burns. Instead of ending the life of his Padawan Kanis Da'uul, the Master Banished him from the planet of Coruscant because of the fact that his hate had driven him to the dark side, his is a story of hate and Vengeance

This is where Kanis' Chapter in The Dark Brotherhood begins.

Brotherhood Life

An Interesting Encounter

Kanis spent most of his time in Cantina's on the planetoid Port Ol'Val, while he would await his master's summons for him to come and train. Just as he would everyday at around the same time OP Kratus Vahillus summoned his apprentice, but once out of the Cantina a huge commotion erupted from behind the young man, Kanis having the type of attention span that he did at that point turned towards the commotion only to witness the impossible. A female of around average height and weight was taking down a foe that was almost over twice her size. The young Journey man was astounded by the sheer skill and wits of the woman in the fight.

After the Cantina Brawl had been won, the girl gave Kanis a smile then disappeared almost without a trace.

A new Friend

The girl from the Cantina had taken an interest in Kanis, so she began following him and studying him. Though fascinated by him she failed to become obsessed with the Obelisk Trooper. Over the next few months, the young Mandalorian female grew closer to Kanis as she worked alongside him during different assignments.

Maa'ka Da'Rani Erinos

Maa'ka Battle Dress


Light Saber given to Kanis by Quaestor Legorii Kryotek Entar

Kanis Fought tooth and nail against the One Sith in the Dark Crusade. The young Human Male was forced to hit the ground running as the Shadow Clan was constantly going to war. Kanis remained motivated. He'd seen his fellow Arconans Achieving his goal, reaching Knighthood and it was no secret that he longed to be like them, he craved power even if it wasn't that much more than he already had, but most importantly he longed to have a light saber of his own instead of the armory issued saber he'd been hauling around since his promotion to Protector.

After his actions in the length of the Crusade and his willingness to go to the front lines and cause hell for his clan, Kanis finally achieved his goal, He was finally a Dark Jedi Knight; however he had no time to rest as the Crusade was hardly over just yet and his career in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood was just beginning.

The Dark Crusade

Kanis felt a strong sense of defeat when the Shadow Clan lost the Battle for the Planet Krayiss II, but he used the sensation he felt then to fuel his determination to ready himself for the next time he hit the battlefield, He wanted to win more than anything, that was one of the many things that he'd picked up after joining the brotherhood it was a known fact that Kanis hated to lose a fight and that is one of the many things that made somewhat of a valuable asset.

Following his crash on the icy planet Rhelg. Kanis was stranded for close to Three months with a member of the One Sith who called herself Rei'ana; however nearing the end of this nightmare Rei'ana became extremely paranoid and attacked Kanis, the Guardian fought back without hesitation. The bought was short lived however as Rei'ana lost her double-bladed saber in the conflict as well as a hand and her head. Standing in the mouth of the cave was Kanis companion who'd received the signal of his distress beacon.

The Crusade took Kanis to Svolten, a Planet with an atmosphere that was deadly to oxygen dependent life forms, the planet's atmosphere held a parasitic element that would take over one's mind turning them into a crazed zombie like life form.

Kanis job on this planet was to infiltrate a One Sith Mining platform alongside his battleteam, the young Coruscanti planted IED's on each and every anti-aircraft battery on the east wing to clear things up for void squadron. After which he made his way deeper into the platform where he set up IED breaching charges to make an entry for the Soul Fire strike team whenever Loki D'Tana knocked out the power.

"Love Is..."

Whole Again

Kanis Da'uul and Maa'ka Da'Rani Erinos had been fighting alongside each other since Kanis' entrance to The Dark Crusade, they'd known each other for nearly more than a year since then, but what they did not know is that they both felt the same for each other.

Rrogon Skar went out on a limb and talked to the young Mando'ade Maa'ka about her "'Obvious'" feelings for the Dark Jedi Knight and in turn she ended up punching him. A short while later the Kaleesh ended up talking to Kanis about his "'Obvious'" feelings for the Mandalorian. This time he wasn't attacked.

Rrogon Skar had been triumphant in his main task which was to get the two young warriors together since he was tired of seeing their "'Obvious Attraction'" go unnoticed by one another.

Kanis was devastated a few years back by the death of his fiancee K'ara, but now another heart was filling the emptiness left by the tragedy that now felt so far away.

When K’ara was murdered Kanis became bitter and closed off, but now because of Maa’ka he is starting to open up again which could lead to many different things including worry. There’s a war going on around them and they have no clue if they are going to live through it or not, all they are able to do is rely on each other and fight for their lives through the remainder of The Dark Crusade.


It is common knowledge to anyone who knows the Coruscanti that he'd been disowned by his family and banished from all Jedi controlled territory on the capital planet of Coruscant following the feat he performed upon falling to the Dark Side after the traumatic death of his fiance K'ara. He accepted that he no longer had any family members to turn to, The young human tended to spend most of his time in a cantina or back at his apartment studying. In 37 ABY the Dark Jedi was located by his younger sister Ayako Da'uul who'd been searching for him for two years. Kanis accepted her plea to stay at his side as she'd left their family behind by choice to pursue her goal of finding her older brother.

A strange Pair

A few months after Kanis and Marrek found the Cathar Adi Ka'Taramas, Kanis found himself paired up with her in a master and apprentice relationship, but it was possibly one of the most odd match-ups he'd ever seen, Kanis wasn't a very happy person one could say, and his apprentice was a kind, fun-loving girl of the age of twenty-six, for the first few months all they did was argue and disagree on every possible point, but starting on the later months they began to see eye to eye, but at a very slow pace.


The Fang

Around the time the Dark Crusade began going into closing, Ernordeth Puer-Irae Quaestor of House Qel-Droma alerted Kanis of his acceptance into the secret organization belonging to the House, this group was known formally as the Nexum. Acceptance into this elite organization granted him access to use a blade known as the Fang, Essentially a standard issue knife of sorts that is handed off to all members who are accepted into the Nexum.



Kanis' armor for the GJW

Kanis is depicted clothed in storm trooper armor bearing the insignia of his clan on the right shoulder of his armor and his Battle Team's logo on the left shoulder, a tabard draped from his belt down to his knee on the right hand side and is identical to his war banner in appearance.

Though Kanis has played no major roles in Clan Arcona's grand victory in Great Jedi War Eleven, he had sewn his own thread of personal victories such as acquiring the courage to ask his Fade to marry him. Which was met with aggression from the Mandalorian soldier whom thought that Kanis had been injured due to the way he'd presented the proposal.


The newly weds lay low performing hit and run assassinations and various other jobs sanctioned by Apex, after the war was over Kanis had discovered he was no longer the child whom had set foot in the shadow academy after his Master Fet'ai'narun pulled him off the rock that he'd been exiled to by his uncle. This called for a revamp for himself which forced him to retire his old light saber and seek out another as well as a new set of robes which he wears proudly representing the man he has evolved into.

Kanis new lightsaber
"Gaze upon my ribbons in awe, GAZE UPON THEM!" -- Kanis excitedly showing his crusade ribbons to his Wife Maa'ka.


The Beginnings of a Battleteam leader

After the Dark Crusade had seemingly come to an end baring his Promotion to Obelisk Templar, Kanis was selected to be the head of a new battleteam called Shadow Phyle this was a reminiscent of an older team that had once graced Arcona with its presence, this team was called Prophecy Phyle.

Deep Cover Alias

Alias Name: Dralin Keona

Physical Description: Dralin is a skinny fellow with a rather effeminate stature. He covers his medium length jet-black hair with a punkish black wig which has short hair all around save for the bangs. The fringe of his hair covers one of his smoky gray eyes. Usually, he is draped in a tight black shirt, fitted black jeans with a pair of sneakers and his nails lacquered with a void-black polish. Around his neck is a single silver chain with a pair of rings on it and his ears are pierced with small silver hoops. In the way of armaments he keeps his lightsaber clipped on the back of his right hip for easy access. Dralin keeps the Fang as a boot knife, an ornate Katana strapped across his back and on very rare occasions you can find him with an unlit cigarette in hand and

Occupation & Skills: Drug Dealer; Networking, Smuggling, Intimidation, Financing.

Tides of Change

After a rigorous mental struggle in a coma, Kanis found that his family members were never out to get him thorough this revelation he found that he killed them for no reason and sought redemption though changing his entire life and thus he became his old Deep Cover Alias Dralin Keona; however, this didn't last long for he felt that in changing his identity he was running away from what happened and soon changed his name back.

Personal File

Physical Appearance

Kanis' Robes (Post GJWXI)
Dralin's Mask

He wears a long flowing black hooded cloak, and beneath that he can be seen wearing The Invicta Armor. Locks of long black hair which approaches mid back flow from his head with his bangs slightly hanging down in his pale face covering his left eye. Smokey gray eyes are set into his head, and his face is composed of delicate features giving him a smooth, gentle charismatic appearance which on most missions are hidden by the mask given to him by his Fade.

Psychological Profile

Kanis strives for perfection on a personal level; he’s not a sociopath but he is more than willing to kill anyone who gets in the way of his journey to perfection.


Jeran Aa'Valia



Maryx's Lightsaber


Maryx was a Human Female of age Twenty-Three, she was a Dark side Practitioner. She grew up in a small space colony somewhere in Hutt Space. Young Maryx had a hard life as a child, her family was poor and she had to learn to fight for what she wanted or needed, this feat made her a small time space pirate. She'd had a few run ins with Krath Epis Legorii Kryotek Entar, the Entar sent Dark Jedi Knight Kanis Da'uul after this Force Sensitive after she'd been spotted on the planetoid Port Ol'Val. This Light Saber is the only piece left of her.