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Corellian gunship-Taldryan.jpg
Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation

Product line:

Corellian gunship


DP20 frigate

Technical specifications

120 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

1,000 km/h

Hyperdrive rating:
  • Class 2.0
  • Backup Class 16

416 SBD


176 RU

Navigation system:


  • Heavy dual turbolaser cannons (8)
  • Quad laser cannons (6)
  • Concussion missile launchers (4)
    • 30 concussion missiles each, standard load
  • Crew (45)
  • Gunners (46)


Cargo capacity:

300 metric tons


8 months

  • Frigate
  • Capital gunship
  • System Patrol
Known commander(s):

Commander Torin Erollisi

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"This ship may be small, but she is designed for one thing: war."
―Unnamed CEC designer.

Vessel Info

The DP20 frigate or Corellian Gunship was one of the few dedicated warship designs produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation, and was the most common member of the Corellian gunship product line. Though small and compact, it was fast and carried heavy firepower for a ship of its size and class. Unlike its cousin, the CR90 corvette, the gunship had minimal cargo space and almost no space for passengers or troops. These small ships were designed to be only two things: fast and deadly. Engines consumed nearly half of the gunship's interior space. What little room was left was used for deflector shield generators and weapons.

Armed with eight double turbolaser cannons, four concussion missile tubes, and six quad laser cannons, the Corellian gunship was effective against both larger capital ships as well as starfighters, though it was primarily used against the latter. These ships were 120 meters long. Each one carried a crew of 45, along with 46 gunners. They were equipped with Class 2 hyperdrives.

A Corellian Gunship on Patrol

The DP20 was originally designed for the fleet of the Galactic Republic. These vessels saw extensive use among the Corellian and Rebel Alliance/New Republic fleets, although some were also seen in the hands of independent operators, such as pirate factions and other fringe groups. It was also very common to see these ships under the command of Imperial System Fleets.


Small, but deadly, these ships are a key part of the House Fleet. The Corellian gunships Flamewind and Stormwind were obtained following the Vong Incursion.

Complement & Assignment

The Flamewind is currently assigned to the Taldryan Home Fleet, and is based in the Kr'Tal System.

Ship Commander

Main article: [[Torin Erollisi|Torin Erollisi]]

The Flamewind is currently commanded by Commander Torin Erollisi.