Fey'lya's Last Stand

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Fey'lya's Last Stand
Production information

Star Destroyer

Technical specifications
  • Turbolasers
  • Ion cannons
  • Tractor beam projectors



Odan-Urr flagship

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"Multiple contacts, three squadrons of fighters, two corvettes … and a Star Destroyer."
The Diligence's op officer reporting K.U.D.F.'s arrival over New Tython in 37 ABY

Fey'lya's Last Stand was a Star Destroyer commissioned by the New Republic in 19 ABY and completed under license by Bothawui Shipyards in 22 ABY. The vessel fought in minor skirmishes as an integral piece of Bothawui's home defense fleet until 32 ABY when the ship's crew mutinied under the leadership of their executive officer, Lieutenant Rashk Rurra'lya. As the Jedi exiles of New Tython chose to grant the Bothans and their families sanctuary in exchange for their service in the planet's militia, the Stand became the flagship of the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force.

Vessel Info


  • Commanding Officer –
  • Executive Officer – Rashk Rurra'lya (Bothan male)
  • Weapons Officer – Irys Jastra'skra (Bothan female)
  • Navigation Officer – Wimmurr (Ithorian male)
  • Chief Engineer – Jakys Mineth'yka (Bothan male)
  • Wing Commander - Krandon Rowella (Zabrak male)


Admiral Tresk Fiarr'ges

"There is no victory without unity, no peace when there's conflict. In this dark time, we can only forget our differences and fight the darkness together."
―Admiral Tresk Fiarr'ges, on the eve of the Battle of Korriban
The Admiral


His parents were minor politicians in the Bothan Sector. Tresk remained on his home world and was expected to follow in the footsteps of his parents. The Rebellion victory at Yavin IV saw a large influx of Bothans join the growing group. Tresk decided, to his parent’s dismay to follow suit. After being showing aptitude for flying he started his flight career at the helm of outdated but agile Z-95 Headhunters. Shortly before the Battle at Endor he was selected to pilot the new A-Wing Interceptors. Stationed aboard the MC80 Star Cruiser Maria, Tresk was one of the first fighters launched in the offensive against the Second Death Star. After the battle, he was promoted to Lieutenant.

Iin 8 ABY, Tresk was placed in command of a twelve pilot squadron aboard the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Crynyd. During battle his A-Wing took severe damage. During ejection shrapnel from an exploding fighter sliced his right thigh open. His managed to seal his suit but not before a combination of vacuum exposure and tissue damage from the shrapnel caused irreparable damage to the leg. He was rescued and sent to the Medical Frigate Warder. It was here that surgeons decided to amputate the leg at mid-thigh near the wound. After the surgery doctors replaced the limb with a prosthetic leg.

Due to the injury a medical board ruled Tresk unable to pilot a fighter. At this time he was placed in Capital Ship command, and promoted to Commander. He showed great aptitude in commanding smaller Cap Ships such as Assault Frigates and Modified Corvette's. Tresk continued his command career in the peacetime navy, and in 15 ABY he retired from the New Republic Navy at the rank of Captain.

During his retirement Tresk moved from planet to planet, never quite comfortable at any one for long. In 30 ABY he heard of a remote planet that offered a quiet appeal and by all accounts reminded him of his home of Torolis. It was named New Tython. After settling on the continent of Milil'ea, Trask started a farm to help supplement his retirement. Content, he fell into complacency, not realizing a storm was brewing.

In 28 ABY it was revealed that a sect of Jedi had established themselves on the planet. This drew the attention of a nearby Dark Side force known as the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. After 2 years of an uneasy peace, the Dark Siders invaded the planet. Tresk offered his services to the beleaguered Jedi and their Mandalorian allies. During the ensuing battles Tresk helped to direct what meager forces the planet had against various targets that were vulnerable. Within months the Brotherhood stood victorious and mysteriously vanished, once again leaving an uneasy peace.

After the war Tresk was approached by Liam Torun and was asked to return to military service. The planet had recently acquired a small fleet headed by the Nebula Class Star Destroyer Fey'lya's Last Stand. Tresk was asked to head up the fleet as Admiral. This would be the first time he would command a large force, as well as command a large Capital Ship.

Personality and Traits:

Tresk is a Bothan of average size. He is fluent on Bothese, Basic, and several trade languages due to his upbringing in politics and military background. Typical to Bothan nature Tresk is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He will use the appropriate forces needed for a job, if that includes large scale destruction, then it is part of the job. Due to his military background he is highly disciplined and will follow orders with little to no objections.

He is a skilled pilot, but is unable to handle the rigors of Starfighter combat. This is due to an injury sustained at Selaggis. While the prosthetic works well, Tresk still walks with a small limp. True to droid technology it is weak against ion charged energy and will malfunction if exposed to it. Tresk is an excellent strategist, but is untested in command of large capital ships as well as large groups of ships. This has not dissuaded House Odan-Urr from appointing him Admiral of the Fleet after his help with the Brotherhood invasion of 35 ABY.