Endor's Triumph

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Endor’s Triumph
Production information

Victory-class Star Destroyer

Technical specifications

900 Meters

Engine unit(s):

Alderaan Royal Engineers LF9

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 1, Backup Class 10

Hyperdrive system:

Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.

Power output:

3.6 × 1024 W (approx.)

  • 20 turbolasers
  • 20 heavy turbolaser batteries
  • 10 heavy ion cannons
  • 10 tractor beam projectors
  • 5,200
  • 1,785


Cargo capacity:

2 Fighter Squadrons


4 Years

  • Peacekeeping battleship
  • Support vessel
  • Planetary defense
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The 'Endor's Triumph' was a Victory-class Star Destroyer in the service of Clan Odan-Urr.

Vessel Info


In 30 ABY the Brotherhood left devastation on New Tython. Thousands died, and Tythonian development and relations were shattered. A long, grueling time of rebuilding and repair followed. Seeing that the House could not defend itself or the people of New Tython with just star fighters, the Council of Urr decided on a "long shot" decision. Lacking resources to buy or develop a new starship on their own, they ordered one be scavenged from junk parts. Commissioning several smaller tech companies and a small flotilla of transports, they set course for the ship graveyard on the edge of the galaxy.

Far from prying eyes, they toiled for endless hours, scavenging parts from ships long deemed unusable. Funds were sent in as time passed and even some newer parts were manufactured and shipped to the improvised shipyard. A year and many setbacks later the building had begun in earnest. Much of the superstructure was found intact, though it had to be cut, refurbished and retrofitted. While an Imperial Star Destroyer was considered, a much smaller vessel was chosen due to budget constraints and an abundance of materials. Much of the material had long ago been scavenged by junkers but several Victory-class destroyers survived - some in several pieces - and were used for the Triumph's base.

After the fall of New Tython the funding was cut and so the project was dropped for more profitable endeavors, that is until the House returned triumphant to New Tython in 32 ABY. With the Last Stand in operation, the need for a massive capital ship was lessened, however the Council decided to finish the project. War loomed on the horizon and another vessel would be a logical step forward. Thus funding was sent and the project continued.

In 33 ABY, not long before the Rite of Immortality destroyed Antei, the Endor's Triumph found it's place above New Tython, it's new home.


It is speculated, due to their condition at the time of construction, that the ships scavenged to make the Endor's Triumph had seen service in all major wars since the end of the Clone Wars. Much of her old armament has been destroyed, scavenged, scrapped and sold over the years. In 33 ABY, when she began her service in the K.U.D.F., all of her armaments had been replaced with modern variants, and her shields and much of the superstructure had been refurbished or retrofitted from other ships.

Some of her extensive modifications and retrofits included turbolasers made by Taim & Bak and MerrWeapons, a modernized computer system by MicroThrust Processors, modified hangars designed for storing Incom vessels such as X-Wings and Z-95 Headhunters along with Imperial TIE fighters. She did, however still have her old engines and hyperdrive, making her less maneuverable than modern-day starships. This directly related to the fact that she was primarily used for planetary defense and as a staging point for patrols in Yhi system.

Much of the interior was refurbished and modernized according to Republic designs. The bridge has been upgraded with modern computer systems while the crew and officer quarters were merged to give space to leisure suites across the ship. Among these the most famous were the "Jagged Junker" bar in the officer's area; the meditation room, where Jedi and Padawans spend most of their time; the Zero-G room, where Jedi Consulars conducted experiments on plants in Zero-G, and where the crew experienced Zero-G in a controlled environment; and the botanical garden, featuring many of New Tython's flora for the crew to enjoy. Many of the ships corridors were lined with flora as well, giving it a much less militaristic feel. There were, however, upkeep issues with these areas as the extra humidity attracts moss and spreads the flora along the walls. Some in the K.U.D.F. came to call the ship "The Green Goblin" due to it's rather unique interior.


Cpt. Choi Manawek

Cpt. Choi Manawek
  • Species: Pantoran
  • Role: Commanding Officer of the VSD Endor’s Triumph
  • Rank: Captain
  • Motto: "We guard the stars."
  • Biography

Born into a military family Choi’s grandfather, Karol, was a General in the Pantoran Home Defence Force while his father Vitor was the captain of an Acclamator-class assault ship called the Intrepid during the Clone Wars before becoming am Admiral in the Pantoran Home Defence Fleet. As such it was expected, from an early age, that Choi would follow the family tradition of military service so when at the age of ten he was enrolled in the prestigious Nahoi Military School where seven generations of Manawek’s had studied before him.

During his time there the young Choi flourished, the discipline and structure agreeing with him. With visions of saving the galaxy from the bridge of a great starship the young Pantoran threw himself whole-heartedly into his training eventually graduating with honours as the top cadet in his class. During his time at school the galaxy had changed and, for anyone not born human, the prospects in the military were few and far between. Chaffing at the restrictions placed on non-humans by the Empire, and against his father’s wishes, Choi joined the Rebel Alliance. Initially made the executive officer aboard an aging dreadnaught, the Trident, under a Bith Captain named Cerun Cardo. The two got along well, Cardo’s adherence to discipline matching Choi’s own and soon the Trident was one of the best run ships in the Rebels 6th Fleet. For a year Choi enjoyed his post until he was awarded with a promotion to Captain and given command of the Huntress, a Nebulon-B frigate assigned as escort for the Mon-Cal Cruiser Rogue Wave. Over the next few years Choi and the crew of the Huntress participated in numerous battles with the forces of the Imperial Navy, most notably the Battle of Endor. With the war won and the Empire defeated Choi decided a quieter life was what he needed so he retired from the newly formed New Republic navy and returned home to Pantora.

Taking a teaching position at the military academy he attended Choi found great joy in teaching the next generation the finer points of warfare, for a while at least. After years of war the quiet life of a teacher just didn’t agree with Choi and while contemplating coming out of retirement he was contacted by an old friend about an opportunity to get back into the fight on a relatively obscure planet on the Outer Rim, a planet called New Tython.

  • Personality

A strict disciplinarian, Choi maintains and enforces a strict code of conduct for all members of his command staff which often brings him into conflict with the commander of his fighter compliment Bal Eris. He is also an adherent of established military doctrine and tactics and while some consider this his greatest strength many see it as his greatest weakness. His inability to think outside the box makes any engagement with a force that does not fight the way Choi expects one that could potentially end in disaster.

Cmdr. Leilani Aasa

Cmdr. Leilani Aasa
  • Species: Lorrdian
  • Role: Executive Officer of the VSD Endor’s Triumph
  • Rank: Commander
  • Motto: "A battleship is the best ambassador."
  • Biography

Born on Lorrd a few years after the end of the Clone Wars Leilani had a fairly normal childhood. She went to school, she played with her friends, she dated boys but all the while felt she was meant for something more. As the Empire became increasingly tyrannical Leilani’s parents began to speak out against them protesting for equal rights for all citizens regardless of their species. Shortly after her seventeenth birthday at a protest against Imperial tyranny her father, along with a crowd of both humans and non-humans, were gunned down by Imperial Stormtroopers.

When news reached Lorrd of the emerging Rebel Alliance Leilani, with her mother’s blessing, volunteered and was placed into the pilot training program. Her skills progressed slowly at first but as time went on she became more confident behind the stick and soon was snapping at the heels of the best pilots in her training squadron. Things changed however when a training accident forced her out of the cockpit and onto the bridge of a starship. Initially assigned to a corvette as a weapons officer she worked hard until she was eventually promoted to the executive officer on a Nebulon-B frigate called the Huntress under the command of a Pantoran captain by the name of Choi Manawek.

Over the next few years the Huntress engaged the Imperial Navy in various historic engagements until, after the Battle of Jakku, Choi retired after recommending Leilani be given command of the Huntress. Leilani, now a captain, stayed in the newly christened New Republic navy. Day to day life slowly became more and more mundane as the Empire ceased to be a force on the galactic stage. The Huntress was assigned as an escort for convoy craft in the peacetime navy.

Leilani eventually retired from the New Republic navy and made her way to the Outer Rim for some peace and quiet. Eventually settling on the world of New Tython she purchased a parcel of land on the outskirts of the capital Menat Ombo, put her feet up and rested for the first time in years. The peace didn’t last long however as representatives of the K.U.D.F, learning of her past service, approached her about a command position aboard a starship they were currently rebuilding. After much thought and deliberation she accepted the offer and was made XO of the newly christened Endor’s Triumph.

  • Personality

As a Lorrdian Leilani is well versed in kinetic communication, a sophisticated gestural language "spoken" by the Lorrdians, that dates back to the Kanz Disorders, when the Lorrdians were enslaved by the Argazdans. Forbidden to speak to one another by their masters, the Lorrdians were forced to communicate with each other using subtle gestures, facial expressions, and body postures, which allowed them to coordinate guerrilla strikes on their overlords.

This ability to read the facial expressions and body language of various species makes her especially suited to the role of executive officer as she can discern the mood of not only those under her command but any enemy she may encounter. Many in the crew of the Endor’s Triumph consider her day to Choi Manaweks night as, while he is a strict disciplinarian, Leilani uses her ability to counsel the crew through any troubles they may be having.

Lt. Cmdr. Elayne Dolomar

Lt.Cmdr. Elayne Dolomar
  • Species: Tythonian human
  • Role: Weapons Officer of the VSD Endor’s Triumph
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Motto: "One torpedo volley is worth a lot of negotiation."
  • Biography

Born among the Forest Trekkers of the Melewati Bushman Elayne could shoot the tail off a womp rat at 300 meters before she was ten years old. Trained by her father to hunt and shoot she was just eighteen years old when Cy Thuron overthrew the government and named himself king. Too isolated to be evacuated Elayne and her people engaged the forces of the New Dawn and the mercenaries under there command, employing guerrilla tactics and the terrain to slow the advance of the invading forces.

By the time the war was over and the Jedi of Odan-Urr had prevailed Elayne had lost her father, mother, older brother and her innocence. With nothing to keep her among the Forest Trekkers she travelled to Menat Ombo to enlist in the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force. Initially slated to join the ground forces Elayne put in a request to be transferred to the navy, hoping to leave the bad memories of the war behind her. Placed in gunnery school she excelled, transferring her skills with a rifle to the big guns of a star destroyer until, after years of hard work, she was assigned to the VSD Endor’s Triumph as the weapon’s officer.

  • Personality

Prior to the war Elayne was a happy, cheerful young girl but years of constant guerrilla warfare and the loss of her entire family changed her. She is now much more hesitant to get close to people, often keeping them at arm’s length and never really getting to know them claiming that if she doesn’t really know them it won’t hurt as much when they inevitably die.

Recently, however, several officers and crew aboard ship have noticed an increase with discussions with Clan member Lambow, and when overheard is usually regarding extremely detailed conversations about the finer points of capital ship gunnery, capital ship warfare tactics and strategy. The extremely few delicate inquiries on the matter with the Wookiee and the human have been met with the stony and very uncomfortable silence, so it may just be hearsay, rumors and/or well-meaning intentions that have romantically linked them together.

Lt. Cmdr. Bail Leandar

Cmdr. Bail Leandar
  • Species: Half-Arkanian
  • Role: Navigations officer of the VSD Endor’s Triumph
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Motto: "It is always better to find your enemy, before your enemy finds you."
  • Biography

Born on Coruscant Bail is the illegitimate son of an Arkanian diplomat and a human waitress who worked in a small café in the diplomatic district. Growing up Bail never wanted for anything, his father ensuring he and his mother lived in comfort despite never publicly acknowledging Bail as his son. Growing up Bail was fascinated with space travel so when he was old enough Bail’s father pulled some strings and got him admitted to into one of the more prestigious flight schools on Coruscant. Bail eventually graduated near the top of his class excelling in astronavigation and, with some assistance from his father, landed a job aboard the TGS Ronto, a GR-75 medium transport belonging to Transit Galactic Shipping as a navigator.

Once the war was won the Ronto returned to her duties hauling cargo across the galaxy. Ironically it was during peacetime that Bail and the crew of the Ronto nearly perished. Hauling cargo to a small planet in the Outer Rim they were ambushed by pirates who disabled the ship with ion cannons before boarding. As the pirates made their way through the ship killing crew members as they went Bail ran for an escape pod hoping to save himself. As the pod shot away from the ailing transport a fighter belonging to the pirates made a lazy turn, coming straight for him. Just as the pirate lined the escape pod up and Bail said a silent prayer to whatever higher power was listening his ship exploded into a dazzling fireball.

Looking out the small port hole in the side of the pod Bail could see the arrowhead shape of a star destroyer firing on the Ronto as a number of fighters engaged the pirate ships. After a quick fire fight all the pirates were either dead or disabled and Bail could feel the tug of a tractor beam on his escape pod. Expecting to be confronted by members of the New Republic navy Bail was surprised to see armed men wearing uniforms with an unknown insignia who took him to a small holding cell in the ships brig. After a few hours of questioning Bail was finally allowed to leave his cell and get something to eat in the ships mess. It was there that he learned the ship and its crew were members of a private militia under the leadership of a group of Jedi on a planet called New Tython. When the ship arrived back at port Bail approached the powers that be and, after giving them a rundown of his experience, offered his services to the K.U.D.F. who accepted and placed him aboard the newly commissioned VSD Endor’s Triumph as navigations officer.

  • Personality

Considered arrogant by most people Bail is supremely confident in his abilities, a trait passed on to him by his Arkanian father. He also has a heightened sense of self preservation and often wonders to himself why he ever volunteered to serve on a warship.

Lt. Cmdr. Cuzao Genovin

Lt.Cmdr. Cuzao Genovin
  • Species: Tythonian Human
  • Role: Chief Engineer of the VSD Endor’s Triumph
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Motto: "Fix the Triumph? Are you nuts?!"
  • Biography

Born on the continent of Milil'ea on the planet of New Tython Cuzao’s father owned a small farm on the outskirts of a Mon Calamari town called New Hikahi. When he was just seven years old both his parents died from an unknown disease that left the young boy an orphan. After a week in quarantine to ensure he wasn’t sick or contagious Cuzao was placed into foster care with a Mon Calamari family in New Hikahi. His foster father Enan was a mechanic who taught the young human everything he knew about fixing everything from starships to droids to weapons and, despite being the only human in a town full of Mon Calamari, the young boy grew up into a reasonably happy young man.

When the New Dawn led by Cy Thuron overthrew the government Cuzao took his cues from his foster father and did his best to stay neutral hoping to simply live his life as quietly as possible. That plan seemed to be working for a while at least until the day the war reached New Hikahi. As the forces of the Kotahitanga-Unity Defense Force and the Jedi of Odan-Urr clashed with the New Dawn fighters and there mercenary forces starfighters flashed through the sky above New Hikahi. With a deafening crack and a blinding explosion a New Dawn fighter was shot down by a K.U.D.F. fighter, the wreckage falling to the earth crushing several houses.

When the battle ended Enan approached his foster son telling him that he was wrong, they shouldn’t have stayed neutral, and implored him to volunteer for service in the K.U.D.F. Bowing to his father’s wishes he volunteered the next day and after a few months of training he was assigned to the Endor’s Triumph as an engineer where his abilities helped him rise through the ranks to the position of chief engineer.

  • Personality

Something of a pessimist Cuzao is a glass half empty kind of guy, often expecting the worst when anything goes wrong with the Endor’s Triumph. Despite this he is immensely proud of the ship which he affectionately calls his “old lady”.

Wng. Cmdr. Bal Eris

Wng.Cmdr. Bal Eris
  • Species: Zabrak
  • Role: Wing commander of the VSD Endor’s Triumph
  • Rank: Wing Commander
  • Motto: "The reinforcements were greatly appreciated... erm, have you got any more?"
  • Biography: Bal-Eris was born on Iridonia. He was also fascinated with flight at a young age and was always abnormally tall for his age. He used his heights and some fake papers to enter the Iridonian Military flight school where his natural aptitude for flight put him at the top of his class. Two years later his deception was discovered and he was dishonorably discharged from the school. The discharged didn't phase him as much as not being able to fly so he searched for an answer to that problem. He found it in a group of pirates who needed a pilot to move goods for him.

After a few years of transporting stolen goods the law finally caught up with him. He was abandoned by his pirate crew on a run to new Tython when things went south and was incarcerated when Thuron attacked. A sympathetic guard released all of them and Bal-Eris found himself on a pilotless transport. When no pilot had shown he took the helm and through some fierce anti-air bombardment was able to escape the planet. A K.U.D.F commander was aboard and was impressed with his skills as a pilot and upon arrival to the fleet he was conscripted into service. He easily rose through the ranks due to his natural ability and his devotion to flying.

  • Personality: Due to his time with pirates Bal-Eris has issues with authority. He often fraternizes with enlisted and junior officers. He doesn't adhere to military protocol unless absolutely needed. Many of his superiors find this to be a double edged sword. His ability to improvise is an asset but his attitude and remarks tend to draw stares.