Dragon's Citadel

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Dragon's Citadel
General information

25 ABY




Li Gandor, Antenora


RevengeX Palpatine

Physical specifications

60 Meters


147 Meters


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


House Acclivis Draco

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Originally, House Acclivis Draco’s main headquarters lay at the end of a large ravine in the main equatorial mountain range, however, in 25 ABY, soon after the time of his appointment, Quaestor RevengeX Palpatine moved the headquarters to the Northern Oasis, where the land was more fertile and still naturally protected by mountains, over a period of two years and built the Dragon's Citadel. In addition, having the campus in the middle of a city allowed him greater control over the planet’s meager finances and trade routes.


The Dragon’s Citadel is a tan building that seems to blend in with the surrounding desert. It was originally a construction of metal, but in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts with the natives of Antenora, sand was plastered to the outside walls so that it blended in. Despite this fact, the hallways of the Citadel remained with their original color of light blue, while the floor remained light grey. The Citadel consists of one main building with four massive turrets. These turrets serve as offices for the House’s Rollmaster and Envoy, as well as the Aedile. The House’s non-elite Battleteams have their offices in the last turret. The Quaestor holds his office, and the office of his elite guard, the Order of the Dragon, in the Dome of the Dragon, which is directly on top of the Hall of the Rising Dragon. Above the main entrance, an enormous bust of a dragon’s head casts its shadow over everyone who enters the sacred building. Chiseled from granite by one of Coruscant’s most talented sculptors, the dragon’s head has become a symbol of the House, and this head reminds everyone about Acclivis Draco’s power, magnificence, and grace. One obtrusive thing about the building that the natives of Antenora dislike, is that a massive laser cannon graces the top of three of the four turrets; should unrest seize the population, the Quaestor has the ability to quell the rebellion. A large antenna graces the fourth turret, the Office of the Rollmaster. Offices and meeting spaces for other non-essential personnel are located on the other six floors of the Citadel.

The Hall of the Rising Dragon

From the main entrance to the Dragon’s Citadel, there is a short hallway, ending with the entrance to the Hall of the Rising Dragon. The entrance to the Hall is a masterfully crafted wooden door that is reinforced with steel. Above the door, the motto of House Acclivis Draco is emblazoned: House of the Rising Dragon: Where Perfection Becomes Habit. The entrance to the Hall is the one location where the walls of the Hall do not curve.

The Hall of the Rising Dragon transcends all six floors of the Dragon Citadel. Each floor has a small balcony with seats that can be removed with little difficulty. This is so that in times of trouble, or if there are problems with the regular dormitories, the Hall of the Rising Dragon can be used as a substitute. On the first floor of the Hall, there is a raised platform surrounded by the same removable seats. The platform is where ceremonies and such take place as well as where official announcements are made.

Dome of the Dragon

The Dome of the Dragon is directly on top of the Hall of the Rising Dragon. Within the Dome are several meeting rooms, the Quaestor’s office, as well as that of the Dragon Seraphim. The floor of the dome is translucent, so that the Quaestor and his Guard might see what is going on within the Hall; however, those looking up within the Hall will be met with an opaque ceiling. The ceiling of the Dome depicts a Dragon protecting its hoard.

The meeting rooms consist of a large table and chairs. The table stretches almost the entire length of the rooms. At the location of each chair, there is a fully equipped computer station equipped with holo-generators. The office of the Quaestor is equipped similarly to the meeting rooms, except with a small table and fewer chairs. The office of the Dragon Seraphim has the receiving end of surveillance gear that is hidden throughout the Citadel. As the personal guard of the Quaestor, they take their positions very seriously, even having holo-recorders in such locations as the offices of the Rollmaster and Aedile, in case they should plot to overthrow the Quaestor.

Offices of the Aedile, Rollmaster, and Battleteam Leaders

The office of the Aedile is located in the most northerly turret. There is security here too; much the same as with the Quaestor, except that it is not the Dragon Guard but regular military personnel. The Aedile’s office has a large desk of metal with a powerful computer access point.

The office of the Rollmaster and House Envoy is located in the westerly turret. On top of this turret, a massive antenna allows the Rollmaster to communicate across the depths of space almost immediately with Antei in an effort to keep the roll of House Acclivis Draco up to date. This office also has regular military personnel for security.

The offices of the Battleteam Leaders are located in the remaining two turrets. Theses turrets have meeting and planning rooms so that the teams might conduct their business away from prying eyes. These offices have no security but as Battleteams, they provide that for themselves.

The Citadel and Dungeons

The remainder of the Citadel is office and meeting space for other non-essential personnel. There are also large storage rooms where emergency supplies are kept in case of an emergency. The Hall of the Rising Dragon, as a circular room, has a circular hallway running around its perimeter. Numerous hallways branch off this hallway. Elevators to the higher floors of the Citadel and to the turrets are available at the corners of the building.

Dimly lit by bracketed torches and padded with thick stonewalls, the Citadel’s dungeon levels are the most mysterious and least explored regions of the planet. Aedile Natth a’Niel Palpatine led the largest expedition in 26 ABY after his Apprentices discovered a secret entrance. Led by Master Natth a’Niel and two brave Krath, Pontifex Arion Sunrider and Archpriestess Impetus, the House braved the secret passages that lay dormant underneath the Citadel.