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Production information




Technical specifications

120 meters

Max speed (atmosphere):

1,000 km/h (Atmospheric)

Hyperdrive rating:

Class 2 (Backup Class 16)


416 SBD


176 RU



-30 missile magazine each
Modified systems:
  • Targeting
  • Countermeasures
  • Crew (45)
  • Gunners (46)
Minimum crew:




Cargo capacity:

300 metric tons


Eight months


Clan Scholae Palatinae

Known owner(s):

Clan Scholae Palatinae

Known commander(s):
  • Lom Rerem (CO)
  • Kai Nera'vam (XO)
Current Status:



27 ABY

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Vessel Info

A popular expansion upon the Corellian Engineering Corp CR-90 Corvette, the Corellian Gunship fills the role of Capital Ship combat much more effectively than its predecessors. Armed to the teeth, it is effective in starfighter deterrence, while expanding its potential to defend against larger and more heavily armed vessels. Though originally designed for the Galactic Republic, the effectiveness of this vessel saw its service expand into the Empire. Still a popular choice for Smugglers and underworld business syndicates, the Corellian Gunship continues to show off its stellar design and effectiveness in combat.



After the reclamation of the Antei system in 25 ABY, all of the Clans of the Dark Brotherhood were given an allowance as a show of gratitude for showing their faith to the Grandmaster. Purchased through the Brotherhood’s many contacts within the corporate world, the Defender was purchased alongside 3 other Corellian Gunships. The sister ships have been adapted to defend the Warspite and Indomitable.


Commanding Officer

Born in 3 BBY, Lom Rerem, a Human from Firro, proved his worth to the Scholae Palatinae Fleet over many years, eventually being named as the Commanding Officer of the Defender. Originally assigned to the Legions, Rerem took a blaster bolt to the leg. The injury left him unable to perform as a soldier and he was discharged. Fearing his military career over, Rerem applied to the Fleet. He was taken aboard the Indomitable as a Petty Helm Officer. By 22 ABY, Lom Rerem had been promoted to Chief Helm Officer. Two years later, he was made the Executive Officer of the Indomitable. His skill as Executive Officer received him many commendations for the position of Commanding Officer of one of the new Fleet acquisitions.

Executive Officer

Born in 1 ABY, Kai Nera’vam, a Bothan from Bothawui, was originally an agent and member of the Bothan Spynet. He abandoned the Spynet in 20 ABY believing it to be corrupt. He arrived on Judecca two years later, joining the Navy and being assigned to the Indomitable as a Petty Helm Officer under the direct command of Lom Rerem. Rerem took Nera’vam under his wing, making the Bothan his protégé. After being named as Commanding Officer of the Defender, Rerem requested that Nera’vam be his Executive Officer, a decision that was approved by both Emperor Thran Occasus and Grand Marshal Angelo Dante.


The Defender was assigned to Third Flotilla, along with the Indomitable, Repulse, Monarch and the Dominion.