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Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?
This article details the history of a character who no longer actively takes part in current events.

Biographical Information

Unknown(Omwat maybe)

Date of Birth:


Date of Death:


Physical Description







a mere 54kg


yellow, in some instances white


brown, when enraged deep black.

Personal Information

Odin Vaaj, Braecen Kaeth

Lightsaber Color(s):

red, sometimes light blue-ish

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Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Clan Taldryan



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""Found my way somehow, to a strange place, where I found a young man, who taught me the basics of the world, and taught me something I wouldn't learn beyond my years, how to make and destroy a light saber. Although making it was an easy task, I couldn't yet master the feelings of controlling such a weapon. One day, a man with a dark cape came, and blasted my now master, for reasons unknown to me until now.

The strange man then put me under a strange veil, and I lost my consciousness on what happened...""


A newcomer to the Brotherhood, DarkAmiz has found both friends and enemies alike that abound in the dangerous parameters of darkness. Though he is friends with everyone, he tends to hate people who "bully" others and hates people who hate for no other reason than not hating.

Character History

In the Dark Jedi Brotherhood

The Doorway to the Darkness

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Logo

DarkAmiz, then only known as Amiz, succumbed to the Dark Side when he was invited to join by a person he remembers only as James Revan. At the time he was wandering through the lands, searching for a worthwhile job to keep his stomach filled. He met James by chance and he began to like the person immensely after a few days of meeting him. The James fellow was supposedly rich with minor combat knowledge and imperial credits, which Amiz has come to love by now. He eagerly accepted James’ invitation and took part in the trip towards Antei, in a shuttle filled with not a few eager new students.

Soon after Amiz’s arrival, James disappeared. This event prompted Amiz’s temporary exit from Dark Jedi life, which will be explained later on.

The Shadow Academy

Not long after his landing upon Antei, he was moved to another transport. This time, the journey was towards the Shadow Academy. The structure located on Lyspair was shrouded in what he now knew as the Force. Most of his fellow student-travelers could not see the structure even if they began to drift into orbiting the planet. But, Amiz was different. He smiled once he saw the Academy and accepted a fact known to little others, that this place would be his beginning and ending, someday.

Before long, he found his way to the entrance of the Shadow Academy, where he saw whom he presumed to be the Headmaster. The sight of the Headmaster brought slight shivers down his spine. He quickly strolled through the Shadow Academy and went into a few classes, where he was taught dark brotherhood basics by devout beings who seemed so dark that Amiz felt a perplex inspiration on doing evil every time he passed them.

Soon Amiz passed all needed examinations. After passing the last test before entrance into the Dark Brotherhood, the test of lore, he was transferred to house Ektrosis, of Taldryan. Amiz felt down because he won’t be in the same house as his benefactor, who was in Dinaari, but he knew that he was destined for great things, no matter where he went.

Taldryan: The Past

Clan Taldryan

Back on Antei he met with an officer who guided him towards a shuttle destined for the Greatest Clan’s home, Karufr. The journey took a few days, as the ship needed to pass a few checkpoints where they were scrutinized by security forces. Amiz was very eager to begin his training in his new clan, so he did not notice much of the gruffly look on the tired soldiers’ faces.

When he reached Karufr, a ceremony was held to welcome the newest arrivals. A ritual in which weaklings were transported back to Antei came to pass, and Amiz remained in the select few to serve the First Clan of the Brotherhood.

As soon as he felt he belonged enough in the clan he went to a certain gathering, where elders, equites and journeymen alike joined together to discuss certain stuff and get to know each other. It was here that he met Fire Knight and Odium. They guided him to where he could find the ships to transport him to Taruma, where he would be sent to Taruma, Ektrosis’ own planet.

Amiz thanked them before he met with DJK Ricco Vao, who assisted him in his journey to the Ektrosian planet. Ricco introduced Amiz to various contacts, whom Amiz eagerly befriended.

Ektrosis: The Past

Taruma – Ektrosis Home Planet

Amiz took a ship to clan Taldryan Headquarters where he was greeted for the first time by an awesome DJM he began to recognize as his favorite teacher and dark jedi master. DJM Alanna Taldrya provided Amiz with knowledge only high leveled Krath knew, and the first cookie Amiz ever tasted that was so good. Soon he was addicted to the thing, and at every meeting with “Lannie” wanted a cookie to put inside his most recent cookie collection, before eating it.

Amiz quickly made Ricco and Alanna his masters and obeyed their every demand. He learned many things he wasn’t taught in the Shadow Academy and passed a few Shadow Academy created tests. He worked on and soon afterwards he got to the rank of ACO, all in less than 1 month in Ektrosis.

The Antei Combat Center

The newest Acolyte in Taldryan, DarkAmiz began to pace himself from other students and learned everything at God’s own speed. Through the advice of his Ektrosian Envoys, he made his way back to Antei on a Taldryan shuttle ship and entered for the first time, the Antei Combat Center, ACC for short. He immediately began training and soon after passed the ACC Initiates course and became a member of the ACC.

He watched battles everyday, seeing how others fought, seeing the morph hall that never fails to awe people seeing it for the first time. He once put himself under KAP al’ Lan Mandragoran an ACC Trainer in order to grasp the more greater side of the Combat Center, the real battling.

Soon ‘Lan became unavailable for training, as his life as an Arch Priest demanded quick action every time a situation back on his clan’s planet commanded his appearance. This left ‘Lan unable to finish Amiz’s training, and Amiz was for a few days without a master. This was when he met with a great Taldryan fighter, DA Seraine Tenama Erinyes. His newest acquisition as his master immediately began his training, inside a magnificent room. He defeated this Master by chance, when she left the battle room. He was inside, all alone.

Although officially this was his first win, even if only by chance, Amiz did not feel strong enough to begin his qualification battles. Both of his past masters failed to bring out the warrior in him, which left him very frustrated, very frustrated indeed.

The GJW 6 Disappearance

Later on, DarkAmiz went missing for a few months, during the GJW 6. This was his chance at getting to a higher rank but he did not take it. Amiz opted to return to his long forgotten past and revisit a certain memory. He took advantage of the war’s chaos and went off, not contacting his clan mates until the war was finally over.

Rumor has it that he was off to destroy a certain person, a relic that was in need of destruction. With his newly acquisition hold on the force Amiz finally managed revenge. The Hutt Amiz supposed attacked once owed Amiz cash after he finished a job for the Hutt. The Hutt refused to pay, claiming Amiz never did have a contract with him in the first place. During the time Amiz could not destroy the Hutt for his betrayal, for the Hutt was protected by numerous bounty hunters eager to get his attention.

Amiz at the time left with a rage unequal to any other and vowed for revenge. This time the war called more than half the bounty hunters to fall into hiding, less the supporters of the twin Jacs came and destroyed them along with everything else. This chance Amiz took, and he finally cleared that part from his mind. He managed to keep to his vow, and that left him refreshed.

A few months later, a very different DarkAmiz which looked years younger returned to the brotherhood, ready for active duty.

The Lost of His Own

It was only a few days back in his familiar beloved Clan’s nest when he noticed the disappearance of his patron. James Raven was gone. Never to be seen again. To this day records show of his existence, but nobody was really sure he ever existed.

Amiz was nevertheless glad he knew the Sith once upon a time. At one time when he was lounging in a Dark Jedi only lounge in the space port of Antei, he noticed a small red ship taking off. On top of the ship was a the sign of James Revan, and he knew that he was never mistaken when he accepted James’ invite.

He bowed to the leaving ship. Until now he never saw the ship ever again.

Welcome, Hex Flight Member

Battle Team Hex

Amiz furthered his studies in the dark side and after considerable time managed to attain the rank of protector. He was then placed inside Battle Team Hex, in which he will give his service for a long time. The leader of Hex was then JH Hel-Pa Sklib. Hel-Pa taught Amiz a few things from the Obelisk rites, while Alanna further enlightened her bright student with Krath knowledge and wisdom.

During this time Amiz gained a few medals through proven methods of bringing out the best in young warriors, quests. Amiz obeyed the instructions from Alanna intently during her “cookie competition” and finally after the winning the last test he gained the rank of Guardian.

Meanwhile Amiz lost a master, who left to join the newly created house of Archanis, bringing with him some of the other bright students from Ektrosis like Ace and a few others.

The master wanted to bring Amiz, his brightest student over to Archanis, but Amiz decided to remain loyal to his house. He could never bear disloyalty to his own house, which nurtured him since his Novice days. Besides that, he could never leave the precious teachings of wise DJM Alanna, and her batch of delicious cookies.

Rite of Supremacy: Before, In Between and After

Soon after, the clans were once again at war. DarkAmiz took part in this RoS(Rites of Supremacy). He helped his clan to win the war, even if only through his own ways. He fought his way through worthless foes from the other clans. He even earned two seals for his efforts and managed to prove his loyalty to the clan, in front of the eyes of every other elder in the field.

After the RoS was over, Amiz never returned to Karufr or Taruma to rejoice in the parties that were held. Instead Amiz, clutching his beloved katana and war inflicted wounds left once again on a journey towards what were long past. Again he revisited his memories.

His main reason for this absence was this:

" “There is something that needs to be done, I will be back soon…” "

-add in seal picture-

Seal Of Darkness - Awarded to Amiz after the RoS

Great Jedi War 7

Amiz returned just in time to take part in the next Great Jedi War, GJW 7(Maybe 6). The clans were already geared up for war and whines of battles from afar were already reaching a level of dangerousness.

The Yuuzhan Vong apparently have been busy. In the middle of clans back stabbing each other the worthy enemies began their invasion. Throughout six weeks war raged from one edge of the galaxy to another. Amiz returned at the end of the first week, and when he arrived at Antei, the clans were already almost fallen.

Amiz took up arms and beat other clanners in an epic war second to none. He reared his fighter into battle and destroyed more than 20 enemy fighters, everything else were either already destroyed or not available to be shot at. He was angered when he heard of a certain clan’s betrayal to his own beloved clan, Taldryan. He was also deeply saddened at the lost of his clan’s flagship, the VSD Dark Prophet and the death of one of his past leader, Crix.

During the war, a minor ceremony was performed to promote GRD DarkAmiz to the rank of Jedi Hunter. From that moment on Amiz knew the past would never again be able to tear apart his bond with his beloved clan.

After the war the clans all retreated back to their homes to lick their wounds. During this tense moments of post-war, when a backlash could initiate at any time, DarkAmiz trained even harder. In one event Amiz even put himself as a self proclaimed apprentice of the selfless great warrior Shadow Taldrya. He would be seen bending every so often in clan halls and cantinas.

Life As Usual

On a casual diplomatic visit, Amiz followed one of his elders to the clan of Scholae Palatinae on the planet of Judecca. On a casual diplomatic visit, Amiz followed one of his elders to the clan of Scholae Palatinae on the planet of Judecca. Amiz met with a few CSP members during that visit. He made acquaintance with a certain Cethgus there. He also caught sight of Impetus, the Twi Lek. That vista reminded Amiz of a distant past… A past best forgotten.

Amiz kept up his activeness during the empty months after, fighting valiantly in every battle available, remembering the Taldryan spirit at all times. He decimated foes from alliances far and wide, those who dare come to Antei to spar with the greats like Vardar Fen Amar Ordo or Malidir.

During one occasion Amiz hosted his first competition for Shadow Academy graduates, the Shadow Trivia. This signaled his real coming of age in the db, whence he created rites for his fellow house mates, and after award them with medals he himself covet. He even once submitted paperwork to be used in a Taldryan only trivia, a choice of mind questions others would surely be able to answer, yet still need to be resourceful and clever to win.

This sudden burst of activity level was thought to be for a reason well known to all summit members and his masters alike. DarkAmiz yearned the DJK rank and the lightsaber which came with it. Amiz worked harder and harder and applied for everything possible, even put in an application for the House Dinaari Aedile position.

A new brother, and a new leader

One evening, as DarkAmiz was strolling upon the Gardens of the Dark Brotherhood, he met with a certain stranger. Upon hearing this person speak, Amiz was reminded of his past, his home, where he once grew up. It might sound strange, but this person spoke something which reminded him thus. Odin Vaaj was then added as his stepbrother, as their history was inter twined no matter how impossible it might seem to an outsider, or even a darksider.

While getting ready for leaving his quarters, Amiz received an important message from his house summit. It seems that his Battle Team Leader had some problems and had to leave, thus leaving a vacant spot as Battle Team Leader of Battle Team Hex. With a small inter-space ceremony, DarkAmiz was named as the new BTL, giving him the rank of Sith Commander.

During his tenor as BTL, Amiz once had to visit a certain clan’s headquarters to investigate upon a certain mystery. During his stay, he acquainted himself with a person he remembers only as `Brae who helped him enjoy his somewhat uneventful visit by showing him previously hidden aspects of the clan.

Training Saber given to Amiz after finally qualifying

A neophyte at last

On one bright sunny day, Amiz came out of the ACC simulator sweating profusely, wearing a grim grin on his rarely lit face. He had finally managed to qualify for the ACC, much thanks to his newest master Sharad Taldrya Hett. Hett passed Amiz as he saw that the Jedi Hunter was ready to fend for himself against other more powerful warriors. After some time, Amiz received his long due training saber, which he proudly wears to official training. Still, on other events Amiz is normally seen with his two katanas by his side, preferring normal weaponry to the weakened power of a TS.

The Library of Lears

In an event hosted by the house Ektrosis summit, the whole house was invited to enjoy the facilities of a new library, by far the grandest in the brotherhood. The library was huge. Its architecture was magnificent, with three spires rising from its rooftops signifying the three houses of Taldryan. The library which encased the spirits of thousands and thousands of books and other rare memorabilia also held a vault which contained top secret clan material. -library wiki page link to be added-

In the week that he was holed up in there, Amiz managed to explore the library briskly from top to bottom. He (as far as he counted) had read a total of 25 books by the time the first hour was over. There he combated a Yuuzhan Vong along with his other mates. -yuu-zhan vong mini pic here-

Soon it was over, and all Amiz had to show for it was his name included in a report made afterwards by the house QUA. It was worth it though, so no matter.

Further Days Before Knighthood

Along that route to knighthood, Amiz further applied to become an Eclectic Pedagogue to the Shadow Academy. If he succeeds, he will have another leverage to gain himself that promotion he desperately needs. In the event he does not succeed however, he will have learned a hundred lessons from his application of knowledge gained thus far.

  • Include notes on being a Tal Times journalist, and a writer for the Ektrosis Enquirer.


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DJB Facts

Positions Held

  • Sith Flight Member: Hex, House Ektrosis of Taldryan
  • Sith Commander: Hex, House Ektrosis of Taldryan

Outstanding Achievements

7. Guardian DarkAmiz: Taldryan


  • Amiz has 2 supposed brothers in the DB
    • Odin Vaaj
    • Temenekaka
  • Favourite DBWiki pages...
    • "Chaos's page"
    • "My house, Ekky!"
  • Likes to poke people
  • Recently adapted himself to become Shad's apprentice, thus also attempting Shads bending over tables illegally<--- became normal again, dunno whether that's good or bad :P
  • Sigh
  • Yoda Dancing
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