Andryan "Ace" Queldom

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Andryan "Ace" Queldom
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

12 ABY

Physical Description











Light Blue



Personal Information

Clan Taldryan

Lightsaber Color(s):


Lightsaber Form(s):

Shii-Cho, Soresu

Fighting Style(s):

Shadow Fist and CQB

Chronology & Political Information

Battle Team Leader of Shadowmorph


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Jedi Brotherhood, Clan Taldryan, House Archanis

Personal Ship:

The Raven



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Andryan "Ace" Queldom is a Dark Jedi Knight of Clan Taldryan.

Character History

Early life

Coruscant kel.jpg

Andryan, or Ace as many people call him, was born on the Republic capital Coruscant. Born into a poor family on the lower levels of Coruscant. Every day was hard for Andryan, barely having enough food to eat, having to watch out for gangs, and always present threat of disease. When Andryan was ten years old his father took a loan from the local crime lord, a loan which he couldn't repay. Since the crime lord didn't get his money he sent several bounty hunters after the Queldom family.

One bounty hunter set several charges in the family's home and waited. Andryan's mother entered their apartment shortly followed by his father. The Queldoms didn't know that the bounty hunters were trying to kill them, so they didn't suspect anything. While Ace's parents entered the apartment he slowly walked towards his home, he was feeling off, almost like something didn't want him to go into the apartment. As Andyran's parents entered, a big explosion went off. Still ringing in his ear the young boy cried s he realized that his parents were dead.

Andryan wondered around the lower levels of Coruscant for the next couple of days. On his fifth day of wondering the streets of Coruscant a member of a local gang, Jacen Ka. Jacen took Ace under his wing and taught him how to survive on Coruscant.

Days in the Gang

As the years went by Andryan became a very important member of his gang. He seemed to be able to do what no one else could do, break into the docks, get into enemy gang's bases, and steal from the local crime lord. Ace wasn't just physically talented, he could organize and lead strikes on other gangs, settle differences within his own gang, and make good decisions for his gang. With his talents is was no wonder that he quickly became second in command of the gang.

Death of the Gang

Wanting to expand his territory, Andryan launched an attack on one of his rival gangs. The attack went well, until a massive amount of police came in to break up the fight, with the police intervention the rival gang was able to kill most of Ace's gang members. With suck a lose in people the gang struggled and soon a combined attack on Queldom's gang of all of the local gangs. Barely anyone survived the attack, one of them was Andryan. Though lucky to have survived, now Queldom didn't have any purpose in the galaxy.

Shadow Academy

Since Coruscant had given him too much to deal with Andryan decided to leave. He took a transport to Telos. Here, he heard whispers of a secret academy that trained people in the force. Having heard this, QUeldom became very interested in it, he tried asking people about it, but no one tell him anything.

Once, when asking someone in vain about the secret academy a tall dark man pulled him aside. The man asked if Andryan was interested in what he called the Shadow Academy. Ace said hat he was and the dakr man gave him hyperspace coordinates to a moon. Andryan arrived on the moon about two weeks later and went through the grueling challenges that the Shadow Academy laid before him. Once he finshed the challenges he quickly graduated from the Shadow Academy.

When trying to decide what clan to join, Queldom ran into the same man that recruited him to what he know knew was the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The dark man suggested that Andyran join Clan Taldryan. Bing one of the only people Ace knew and partially trusted at the time, he took the man's advice.

Time in the Dark Brotherhood

Seventh Great Jedi War

The Seventh Great Jedi War was Ace's first major conflict and it left a bug toll on him. Being new to the Brotherhood he still didn't know what to expect, when he saw his comrades being killed by the Vong he was crushed. Through his good piloting and being lucky Andryan was one of the lucky people that wasn't killed. Ace stood by his clan and risked his life for it in impossible odds, something that he had never done before. Ace saw his friends grew from this and so did he, he gained knowledge on battle, and what to expect from it. Only a little bit before the clans retreated to their home systems Andryan was appointed Sith commander of the battle team Shadowmorph for his loyalty and bravery through the cinflict.


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As Andryan has working on some paperwork in the battle team leaders' office his Quaestor, Andan Taldrya Marshall, called him down to his office. The Battle Lord told Ace news that he had wanted to hear for a year, he had been promoted to Dark Jedi Knight. Ace was very excited as he walked to his quarters, but he though of one problem, how was he going to make his saber?
Andryan "Ace" Queldom's Lightsaber
Deciding that maybe meditating would bring him the answer, Queldom went into a deep meditation. A vision came to Ace, below a gray ceiling lay hundreds of red crystals, all in bunches. But there was no floor, just a river of lava. Trying to concentrate harder Andryan focused on one group of crystal in the middle of the cavern. Ace's door opened and he lost the vision. A good friend and his Aedile, Daar Kareth stood in the doorway with a sack on his back. "Here, these are the parts and tools left over from when i made my saber." Said Daar "I looked it all over, you have everything you need except for a focusing crystal." Daar also Said. "Ok, thanks. I think i know where to find a crystal." Andryan said in reply.

Ace rushed to the last floor of Archanis' base, once there he looked for a soft place in the floor, it took him several hours, but he finnally found the soft spot. Queldom put all of his weight on the spot and it gave. Though the Dark Jedi Knight fell about twenty feet, he was abile to heal his wounds using the force. Ace looked around, this was the place were his vision was, he saw a speeder bike. Firing up the old speeder bike Ace rushed off to the center of the cavern where he found a group of very nice looking crystals. he cut one crystal off from the group and then quickly went to his quarters. With all the parts he needed, Andryan quickly finished his lightsaber and added it to his belt.

Character Information


Andryan has short, spiked white hair and dark blue eyes. Queldom is muscular, but he isn't extremely muscular also he stands at an average hight of 6 ft. Ace has no distinguishing marks on him, he also has not received any wounds that cripple him in anyway. Andryan usually wears the black robes of a Knight with a red strip around it signifying him as a member of the Sith Order.


Ace is an easy going guy who likes to kick back and relax most of the time. However, if he or anyone or thing he likes is in trouble he will do all he can to help them out. Alothough he likes to be lazy, Andyran also likes to take up the spot light sometimes and do major things. When Queldom wants something, he will strive to get it and not give up until he is either dead or successful.
Andryan "Ace" Queldom's robes

DB Facts

Positions Held

Sith Commander:Shadowmorph, House Archanis of Taldryan