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The DJBWiki strives to support the Brotherhood's Possessions system administered by the Regent. As such, the DJBWiki has adopted a possessions policy of disallowing possession-type content on the wiki that is not owned by members. This is to ensure that the DJBWiki does not serve as a workaround to bypass the Possession system while still displaying "owned" items on an official Brotherhood platform.

Allowed Content

Any content added to the DJBWiki as either an independent article or full article section must be an owned item within the Possession system. Articles and article sections must contain a link to the Possession item they reference. This can be done through the use of the [[item:]] link alias. Including the item identification number (the number on the end of the item page's URL on the Dark Brotherhood website) will then create a link to that item. Items that are not owned are in violation of this policy.

Possession-type items (such as starships, droids, etc) that are mentioned in passing in articles are not required to be owned through the possession system. However, any items, even those that are mentioned in passing, that are described as being owned by a Dark Brotherhood member **must** be owned within the possession system, or they will be in violation of this policy.

Additionally, any and all starship articles or sections contained within the wiki must have a corresponding Possession item, either a personal or Clan asset. The only exception to this are NPC owned starships that are specifically created or approved by a Clan Summit, Society Leader, Tribune, or Dark Councilor. Starship articles that are not possession items or otherwise approved as outlined are in violation of this policy.

Violation Process

The method of processing possible policy violations can be handled one of two ways depending on the article content. For items that can be purchased within the possession system, the following steps are taken:

  • The Template:Possession notice template will be added to the article or article section found to be in violation of policy.
  • The article author will be contacted by the DJBWiki staff to notify them that the article content must be purchased or it will be removed.
  • If the item is purchased and the item ID is added to the article, the notice template will be removed from the article and no further action will be taken.
  • If the item is not purchased within 30 days, the article or article section will be removed from the DJBWiki.

The staff reserves the right to summarily remove content for Items that cannot be purchased by members. However, the above process can still be used for this content as well.

Covered Items

The following item types are covered under the possessions policy:

  • Starships
  • Vehicles
  • Droids
  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Military units

Preexisting Articles

Any articles that contain information on Possession-type items that is preexisting on the DJB Wiki at the time of the adoption of this policy (January 2nd, 2017) can be moved to the Legends category at the discretion of the staff. Otherwise, said content can still either be deleted from the DJB Wiki or commented out of articles.