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Connor Grey
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

2 ABY (age 43)

Physical Description





1.88m / 6'1"


89kgs / 196lbs


Chemically Blonde




Interface band

Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

White (shoto)

Lightsaber Form(s):


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Chronology & Political Information
  • Con Man
  • Relic Hunter

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era


Dark Brotherhood



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"You ever stumble across a Sith Relic in an ancient cave infested with sisthpawn and deadly traps? It's a rush."
―Connor Grey

Connor Grey was a professional con man and Dark Jedi. Born on Dantooine, Grey was the grandson of the Jedi Master Falon Grey. However, due to a hard life and lack of proper training, Grey misused his gifts and instinctively learned to use the Force for his personal gain. Using his own, innate charm and the powers of the Force, Grey became a con man and was able to earn enough credits to get off Dantooine and explore the Galaxy. He made powerful allies and enemies during his travels, using his skills to learn about long lost secrets and to finance crazy expeditions.

During a dangerous quest to acquire an ancient Sith Relic, Grey stumbled across members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood who, after attempting to kill him outright, discovered he had potential and inducted him into the Brotherhood. After joining, Grey kept to the fringes of the organization, but advanced through the ranks mostly because of his flair for finding artifacts and understanding Sith sorcery. Grey was considered a Rogue Jedi, as he never committed to any single House or Clan.


Early Life (2 - 17 ABY)

Grey is the grandson of Jedi Master Falon Grey, who survived the Great Jedi Purge only to die a few, short years later at the hands of a Force-sensitive clone based on his own genetic makeup. Before his death, Falon Grey had an affair with a villager on Dantooine, which resulted in a son. However, Falon was killed shortly thereafter and his son never knew him. Though Grey's father was not raised or trained as Jedi, he still had an innate sensitivity that remained dormant and was passed down to Connor.

Growing up a simple farmer, Grey always felt he was meant for a bigger and better life. He shirked his chores to explore the various ruins that dotted Dantooine, and enjoyed the thrill of finding objects and artifacts lost to time. Eventually, his unauthorized exploration got him into trouble with the security officers on the planet. A smart, savvy child, Grey quickly developed an ability to talk his way out of trouble. What he wasn't aware of, was that part of this ability came from his latent Force potential.

As a teenager, Grey finally had enough with the simple life. He ran an elaborate con on some of the wealthier merchants on Dantooine and collected a pile of credits—enough to book him travel to Nar Shaddaa, the most alluring rock in the Galaxy, as far as Grey was concerned.

Living the Con (18 - 28 ABY)

"Of course, your highness. I'll retrieve the artifact and add it to your collection... for a price."
―Grey, securing credits for a new expedition
Big pile of credits

On Nar Shaddaa, Grey found like-minded individuals, and even a mentor, who helped complete his education on the finer arts of confidence schemes. They put together a team and started pulling jobs—small time at first, but eventually bigger and more lucrative. Grey's team grew quite famous on the Smuggler's Moon and soon they were pulling cons and taking jobs from the planet's movers and shakers. They made a lot of credits and gained a lot of fame.

After a series of high stake jobs, Grey pulled a con on his own team and made off with every credit they had earned. Cutting loose, Grey abandoned Nar Shaddaa and started his own venture. He decided to learn more about his roots, and began to dive into the knowledge of the Force. The New Jedi Order was an obvious no deal for Grey, but he was still able to piece together a great deal of information. For a man of his talents, he quickly tracked down valuable relics and ancient writings that explained the lore and history of both the light and dark sides of the Force.

Grey's luck eventually ran out. In 28 ABY, while on an hunt for a rumored Sith holocron on the planet Taris, he ran afoul of a team of Dark Jedi investigating the same rumor. The Dark Jedi were members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, hunting for information to help them rebuild after the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion of Antei. When confronted by the Dark Jedi, Grey attempted to blind them and escape, but he was chased. The Dark Jedi were strong and united and managed to push Grey into a corner. Questioned about who he was and why he was there, Grey did what he did best—he played the angle he saw. Based on his story and particular talents, the Dark Jedi invited Grey to join the Brotherhood. With no options left, Grey signed up.

Brush with Darkness (29 - 37 ABY)

"Gentlemen, gentlemen. There's no need for violence, is there?"
―Grey, dealing with a small group of Dark Jedi

Life in the Brotherhood took some getting used to for the free-spirited Grey. His Force prowess was far from exceptional and his combat skills were lacking, but Grey had his own skillset that set him apart from the other apprentices. He was smart, well-connected, and an expert at recovering lost relics. However, his attitude didn't help him get along with either his trainers or his fellow Journeymen. That's where his con man skills and ability to confuse and evade came into play, allowing him to survive his training and get out of the Shadow Academy in one piece.

After completing his basic training, Grey drifted from Clan to Clan, never settling anywhere long enough to form true bonds. But he made connections. And he picked up a lot of information. He used what he learned to stay in the good graces of the higher ups, always staying on the right side of any amassing conflicts. In the Brotherhood, playing neutral went a long way to increase survival odds. The rest of the time, Grey managed to increase his rank in the Brotherhood and satisfy his lust for adventure by tracking down and recovering artifacts for the Dark Council. When he wasn't out scoring relics for the brass, he took commissions from high-ranking Dark Jedi to acquire goods and information they didn't have access to. While he was hardly famous, given his preference for avoiding combat and valor, Grey was well-known to certain sections of the Brotherhood.

Physical Appearance

Connor Grey was a Human male in his mid-thirties. He was slightly taller than average height, with a medium build. His face was weathered from a lifetime of adventurous living and heavy chain-smoking. His hair was chemically dyed a shocking blonde, which he kept in perpetual disarray. His eyes were dark brown and heavily hooded. A cigarette was almost always seen hanging from between his lips.

Connor Grey

Grey wore a brown coat, dark pants, and a white buttoned-up shirt with a black tie. His style was far from typical for a Dark Jedi. Unlike his peers in the Dark Brotherhood, Grey preferred to keep his Force-sensitivity on the down low. He found it gave him more of an edge over people when they didn't suspect him of being a Jedi. His gun, a .48, was hidden in an inside pocket of his coat.

Personality and traits

"I'm what they call a loveable bastard."
―Connor Grey

Grey was a con man. He lived his entire life as a lie and was very, very good at what he did. He was highly intelligent and had a charming personality, but he only used either when necessary. The rest of the time, Grey was sardonic, foul-mouthed, and cynical. He was bit of a playboy, using lies and deceit to get what he wanted, whether it was women, credits, or information. But Grey found simply playing cons on people to earn credits a boring past time. What he sought after spending his childhood bored to death on a farm was excitement. Grey was an adrenaline junky. He liked to place himself in dangerous situations for a worthy goal—usually a priceless relic or knowledge of powerful magic.

Powers and abilities

"The Force is a great tool for a con man, but it takes all the fun out of things."
―Connor Grey

Grey was not a warrior. Or a soldier. He was a lover and a liar. Grey's natural talents in the Force were focused around avoiding and evading combat. Misdirection. He was adept at using the Force to blind opponents and then cloaked his presence to escape. When he was forced into battle, he used these same tactics to put himself in the perfect place to fire off shots from his enforcer pistol. Of course, Grey knew he couldn't always escape a situation without a tough fight. Because of this, he developed a powerful ability for constructing Force-based barriers to protect himself from damage. This allowed him to move in close to an enemy, block an attack, and then make a lethal strike with his shoto.


Enforcer Pistol

"A lightsaber is necessary for some things. But I find my .48 gets the job done nine times out of ten."
―Connor Grey

In a fight, Grey preferred to use his eight-shot, .48-caliber Enforcer Pistol. The large caliber pistol fired with a loud bark and had the power to penetrate most heavy armors and even lightly armored vehicles. Grey wasn't the best shot, but he could still fill a body with holes when necessary. However, he preferred to use the sight of the large gun and his Force abilities to stop fights before they started. The slugthrower was acquired on the black market on Nar Shaddaa.

Behind the Scenes

Connor Grey is an NPC designed by Aidan Kincaid for the Create an NPC competition. Grey is loosely based on the character of John Constantine from the Hellblazer comics.

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