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Production information

Corellian Engineering Corporation


Baleen-class heavy freighter


Bulk freighter

Technical specifications

426 meters


Tractor beam emplacement

  • various small craft


Minimum crew:


Cargo capacity:
  • 75,000 metric tons
  • 200 10-ton cargo containers



Ascendant Fleet

Known commander(s):


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The Bloodsport is a Baleen-class heavy freighter under the control of Clan Plagueis. The main vessel of the Trandoshan slaver guild Saraask'ar, it is one of the only ships not operated under the auspices of the Ascendant Fleet. The reptiles that choose to dwell aboard the ship typically stay there unless engaging in black market deals on distant worlds or capturing slaves. While originally built for a crew of only 6, the ship has plenty of cargo room - those reptiles not sleeping in the passenger area or onboard other ships are typically found there, training amongst each other or keeping captured slaves in line.


The Bloodsport began life as Transport F-468 under the service of Red Star Shipping Lines. While transporting goods through the Darpa sector, the ship was ambushed by Rebel forces and was disabled. Her crew was captured and her cargo plundered, but during the operation the Rebels were forced to scatter by Imperial patrols who intervened before they could take the ship under tow. Red Star would eventually write the ship off as a total loss given the expense of repairs, leaving the ship itself was left to float in the vacuum. It was there that Hssk'osh, leader of Saraask'ar, found the vessel floating.

In need of a new home, Saraask'ar's reptiles repaired and retrofitted the vessel, using a variety of stolen ships to ferry cargo to and from it before completing the task. The interior, normally a plain affair in the passenger area and an open cargo area, was transformed. Trandoshan glyphs, artwork, and even the armor, weapons, and corpses came to decorate the walls and floors of the place. The passenger area was gutted to make room for sleeping hammocks, while those not sleeping built crude training and eating areas within the spacious cargo hold. Acquiring a group of durable, versatile SS-54 assault ships, the lizards kept their new home safe while training within to become perfect slavers.

Following the destruction of Jusadih, Saraask'ar's new leader, Tress'kar, followed the guidance of the crippled former Jedi Ghaarm to locate the remnants of Plagueis aboard the Ascendancy. From there, the ship became the hub of Saraask'ar's slaving operations, gathering new minions for Plagueis and selling plunder for the Ascendant House's - and their own - gain.

Thus is it used to this day.


Baleen-class heavy freighters operated only in space, incapable of making planetary landings. Since they have only the most basic forms of self-defensive measures, they have often made tempting targets for pirates and so had to rely on protection from other capital ships and starfighter escorts. The Bloodsport, however, carries within it twelve of the powerful SS-54 assault ships, providing it more than sufficient protection from most would-be pirates.

The exterior of the ship is typically painted raggedly in desert or earth tones, as befits the situation; the pain is intentionally scarred and smeared to look rough, both adding to camouflage potential and for style. The innards of the ship, at least where they are walkable, are typically decorated with glyphs, paint, trophies, or even skulls and bones. Training and supply areas are present on board as well, as is a small crate for the much-crippled Ghaarm.


The Bloodsport is Saraask'ar's home among the stars. In the service of Clan Plagueis, however, this ship largely serves as a transport for plundered cargo and slaves. The former is gathered up, inventoried, and sold through black market channels for currency that Plagueis uses to buy weaponry, armor, and needed goods through similar channels. The latter either goes directly to Plagueian uses or are sold on the slave market, to the benefit of Saraask'ar. Plagueis only claims a small tariff on these sales, and is content to allow the reptiles their due.

Rarely ever is the Bloodsport used in battle. When it is, it will typically aid or assist raiding efforts by the Trandoshans and their Plagueian allies, acting more as a support platform than a battle cruiser.

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