Antar Locke

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Antar Locke
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:

13 ABY

Physical Description

Anaxsi (Human)




1.78m (5’10”)


79kg (174)


Dark Brown



Personal Information
Lightsaber Color(s):

Red Blade

Lightsaber Form(s):

Djem So

Fighting Style(s):
Chronology & Political Information

Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era

Known masters:

Sight Nortorshin



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Antar Locke is a Anaxsi Sith, whom serves Nighthawk in House Galeres of Clan Arcona. He served as a Deep Assault Recon Trooper (DART) before being recruited by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. He currently serves as the BTS of the Nighthawk


A New Home

The planet Anaxes.

Antar was born on Anaxes to Anders and Destra Locke, two Imperial Intelligence officers. They both were instructors at the Anaxes Citadel. His parents were Imperials through and through, both of them saw the New Republic as a usurper government. They also had a disdain for the Jedi who they saw as a religious extremist cult. When he was very young, Antar began to show signs of being force-sensitive. The child could make his toys and snacks float across the room. His parents did the best they could to hide this from the outside world for fear that the Jedi would come and take him.

When he turned nine, their fears were realized, a Jedi Master knocked on the door of his family home. He had a vision of a youngling that he wanted to have trained at the Junior Jedi Academy. His parents believed that they didn’t have a choice in this and agreed. They told the Jedi that they would met him the next day at the Space Port. That night they packed what they could and fled the system. They found a world called Eldar in the Outer Rim and made their home among the Sardinians. His father became friends with a Sardinian, who offered to train Antar. A few years later the family friend offered Antar’s family the opportunity for their child to become an Eldarian Ranger.

The planet Eldar.


Antar as a DART.
He was taken to a secluded area and trained for five years. The Eldarian Rangers were called upon to fight the Yuuzhan Vong. Antar, along with several other recruits, completed their training on the battlefield against the Vong. Upon surviving the war and training, he was granted the title of Ranger. He returned home to find that his parents had been killed in the Yuuzhan Vong War. He was devastated. He buried his anger and hate, Antar threw himself into his training. He trained for another two years and became a Wayfarer by defeating three Wayfarers of his choosing. The Eldarian Rangers were integrated into the Arconan Military and he was one of the first Deep Assault Recon Troopers in the Arconan Armed Forces. During his time as a Waymen, he served in several conflicts and wars as a DART. The Anaxsi excelled as a sniper and infiltrator. After about 2 years serving as a Waymen, he was elevated to the rank of Wayfighter. Antar earned the respect of the Waymen serving under him when he and two other snipers covered their escape from an enemy base, when the infiltration team was discovered. He stayed behind and held off the attackers as the shuttle escaped. He managed to stay undetected for 2 months and signal for rescue.

Dark Jedi

During a covert mission, an Arconan Dark Jedi sensed that he was force-sensitive. The Dark Jedi ordered him to be brought to the Shadow Academy and trained in the use of the force. During his training he excelled in covert operations because of his past training. He was assigned to apprentice under DJK Sight Nortorshin, a former Jedi. They were both approached by a DIA agents and offered positions. He was assigned to Security and SpecOps aboard the AGV Nighthawk. Antar is currently at the rank of Commander and serves as the XO of the Nighthawk.


Antar has dark brown hair and bluish-gray eyes. His hair is short all over, with the top just slightly longer than the bottom. He is clean shaven or has a five o'clock shadow. By human standards he is attractive. Antar has a muscular, well-toned build. He wears Peacekeeper robes with a long sleve jacket. His black leather boots rise just below his knee. Slung over his shoulder is an Verpine sniper rifle or a DC-19 "Stealth" carbine when the sniper rifle is impractical. He carries a DC-15s side arm blaster in a hip holster. Antar keeps a kukri knife in a shoulder holster. His lightsaber is stashed in a back holster.


Antar has fairly easy going demeanor. In contrast to many Dark Jedi, he is respectful, even to subordinates. However, he tells people what he thinks. If Antar thinks your plan is stupid, he will tell you. He is dedicated to Clan Arcona and is willing to die for the Clan. This makes him seem a little gung ho at times. Antar prefers to stay out of sight and kill from a distance. Antar’s Deep Assault Recon training has prepared him for any survival situation. He is adept at getting behind enemy lines and gathering intel or taking out a target. He is excellent at staying out of site. He will go to any means to get the mission accomplished. He is willing to sacrifice his life in defence of the Clan and expects his subordinates and leaders to be willing to do the same. Antar feels that the Force is a tool. He doesn’t endow it with some supernatural powers that other Jedi and Dark Jedi do.


Verpine Sniper Rifle

Verpine Sniper Rifle

The Verpine Sniper Rifle uses gravity coils to accelerate projectiles at extremely high velocities, allowing it to be capable of inflicting heavy damage even on armored targets. It is an expensive, top-of-the-line sniper rifle based on the Verpine shatter gun design.Antar uses his sniper rifle to take out targets from a distant without being seen. He crafts the rounds for the rifle by hand. Antar's sniper rifle has several variants that can be attached to add camouflage in multiple settings, a silencer that negates 90% of its sound, or a tripod for greater stability.

DC-19 "Stealth" carbine

DC-19 "Stealth" carbine

Antar's DC-19 "Stealth carbine is equipped with a sound suppressor unit for silent operations and an optional stealth function that causes the laser bolts invisible to the naked eye. It has to cool down after every stealth shot and needs to be reloaded after 10 stealth shots. The DC-19 can fire approximately 500 shots in normal silenced mode. His DC-19 is his back up weapon. Antar uses it when his mission makes it impractical to use his Verpine Sniper Rifle.

DC-15s Side Arm Blaster

DC-15s Side Arm Blaster

The DC-15s fires charged plasma bolts, while not as powerful as the DC-15, it is more effective in close quarters. Antar's DC-15s side arm blaster is used when his sniper rifle isn't a viable option. With a recharge rate of seven rounds per second, it was capable of eight consecutive shots with energy fully recharged. The weapon had to recharge for one shot after eight consecutive shots. It has a 250 shot capacity and a close-range stun setting.



A Kukri is a knife with an inwardly curved edge. It is designed primarily for chopping and slashing. His Kukri is rarely used in combat, unless he has to kill up close and quietly. It is more a tool than a weapon to Antar. Antar has two smaller knives that are used only for sharpening his Kukri.