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|name=Chaf'arha'nuruodo (Farhan)
|name=Chaf'arha'nuruodo (Farhan)
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|birth= 2 ABY
|death= 37 ABY
|placeofdeath= [[Chyron]]
|causeofdeath= Ship crashed into surface of [[Chyron]]

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Chaf'arha'nuruodo (Farhan)
Biographical Information


Date of Birth:


Date of Death:

37 ABY

Place of Death:


Cause of Death:

Ship crashed into surface of Chyron

Physical Description





1.82 meters





Personal Information

Chaf Family

Chronology & Political Information

Naval Officer

Fleet Command



Commander of Taldryan Battlegroup I


Dark Jedi Brotherhood Era



Personal Ship:

CSD Justice

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"Nobody in battle is without fear. Master it, and fight better for it!"
―Farhan addressing his troops in combat

Admiral Chaf'arha'nuruodo (who goes by the core name: Farhan) is serving as an Admiral in the Taldryan Navy. A Chiss trained military officer, he is one of Taldryan's most able and gifted military commanders. Currently, he serves as the commanding officer aboard the CSD Justice, and Battle Group Commander of Taldryan Battle Group I.

History Overview

Early Life

Born into the Chaf family, one of the five ruling families of the Chiss Aristocracy, Chaf’arha’nuruodo (Farhan) was raised in a position of privilege and wealth. While the vast majority of his birth family focused on maintaining their duties as primarily diplomats, Farhan distanced himself from tradition by focusing his efforts and early training on the more martial disciplines. In doing so, he would eventually earn a posting to the Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet, and a merit adoption into the House Nuruodo through his training and education at Sydnic Mitth’raw’nurodo’s training academy. Unlike many of his classmates though, Farhan chose to forsake the impulse to join the Household Phalanx, and return home to Sarvchi and enter the Expansionary Defense Fleet proper.

Earning his first commission as a Sub Commander, Farhan was tasked with serving aboard a Chiss Star Destroyer patrolling the Path of the Houses hyperspace route. This posting was considered to be one of the more peaceful, and relatively safe postings within the Ascendancy Military, and one that would train young officers without placing them in undue risk. Unfortunately however, the eruption of the Third Vaagari War would put an end to a simple training post however.

Force Commander Chaf'arha'nuruodo

Military Career

During the events of the war, where the Ascendancy saw a growing unrest within its ranks over the war with the Vaagari, and the utilization of the Killik’s as a labour force, Farhan began to play the most Chiss of games, politics. Rising steadily through the military ranks due to his tactical acumen, and the ability to bet on the right sides of political arguments, by the end of war, he’d risen to the rank of Force Commander, responsible for leading a small flotilla into battle.

As the open hostilities with the Vagaari drew to a close however, the political battles within the Ascendancy were just heating up. When two of the ruling families were converted into Killik joiners, a civil war erupted amongst the Chiss. Despite his first duty being to the Defense Fleet, Farhan chose to side with his birth family in the ensuing chaos. The net result of the Civil War was a reduction in the number of ruling families in the Ascendancy from nine to four; the Chaf Family was not amongst them.

Being found negligent to his duties to the Expansionary Defense Fleet, Chaf’arha’nuruodo was stripped of his rank and command, and exiled from the Chiss territories in 29 ABY for attempting to use his position within the fleet for his family’s political gain.


Farhan preparing to repel boarders

Thrust from the only life he knew, Farhan was sent out into a galaxy still reeling from the events in the Yuuzhan Vong War. Despite the Chiss being a relatively known quantity for the ruling elite of the galaxy, their reticence and xenophobia meant that there were few places Farhan could travel to where his experience and knowledge would be accepted. The lack of options led him to attempt to enlist with the Imperial Remnant's Navy. This however would prove unsuccessful, as while trying to sign up he was rebuffed due to his connections with the failed side of the Ascendancy's civil war.

It was this interaction with the Imperial Remnant's forces that identified Farhan as a potential recruit by the Taldryan Intelligence Directorate. However, initial attempts to approach the disgraced warrior failed, and the directorate lost track of him in the ensuing years, while he plied his trade as the captain of security forces for a large shipping company in the Remnant sector.

Though he was very diligent in his duties, Farhan could not escape the knowledge that he was wasting himself, and spent countless hours plotting and scheming, in an attempt to return to his former life. In the course of his duties for his new employer Farhan was tasked with personally arranging the shipment to a remote and relatively unknown system the Subterrel sector. Unbeknownst to him, this shipment to Rybanloth would allow Taldryan's Intelligence forces to re-establish surveillance on him, and set the rest of his future in motion.


The Intelligence Directorate, wanting to take no chances on making contact with Farhan this time, requested the aid of one of Taldryan's myriad of Dark Jedi Masters: the retired Fleet Admiral, Howlader. Though truculent and seemingly in need of a nap, the Dark Jedi Master arranged transport to the Kr'Tal System, and Farhan found himself arriving at the first military establishment he'd seen since being rebuffed by the Remnant.

After a short time studying, and coming up to the codes of the Taldryan Expansionary Force at the Taldryan Military Institute, Farhan was commissioned with a rank of Rear Admiral, owing to his previous position within the highly respected Expansionary Defense Fleet. As one of the truly great military minds in the Taldryan Navy, with training in both Chiss and Imperial tactical doctrines, Farhan soon secured his promotion to the rank of Admiral, and was appointed to the command of Taldryan's First Battle Group, and the Cotelin-class Star Destroyer Justice.

Physical Description

Farhan, preparing for a firefight.

Chaf'arha'nuruodo was a typical male specimen of the Chiss. With the brilliant blue hued skin, black hair and glowing red eyes typical of his species, his mere entrance into a room tended to draw stares and attention. Standing just over 1.8 meters tall, he did not strike one as an imposing figure, but his demeanour more than made up for any physical limitations he had.

Possessing a lean, but powerfully built figure, Farhan looked as though he had spent his life training for gladiatorial event, focusing more on lean muscle than brute strength. Typical of a Chiss male who had graduated into the Military service, Farhan's movements were assured and reserved, emphasizing an economy of motion that belied his martial arts training. Even while at ease Farhan maintains a ramrod straight posture and seems to be constantly at parade attention.

Farhan, when etiquette allows it, always accents his uniforms and clothing with yellow, the traditional colour of his family.

Personality and traits

The simplest way to describe Chaf'arha'nuruodo would be to reference his extraordinary level of discipline. In every facet of his life, both personally, and professionally, Farhan is a paragon of calculated and deliberate disciplined action. With an able and agile mind, Farhan is constantly weighing and assessing the possibilities in the situations around him, working out a way to turn the situation to his advantage. In his speech, Farhan is always one of few words, speaking with a clipped, precise Imperial accent, akin to those he learned basic from. When Farhan speaks, his words contain the underlying iron ring of true authority and when he issues a command, those in hearing distance jump to follow.

Blessed, or cursed, with limitless ambition, and gifted with a myriad of amazing skills, Farhan is a singularly driven man, who’s only perceived character flaw could be that of arrogance. Like many of the xenophobic Chiss, Farhan has a deep seated belief in the superiority of his race over any others, and his intelligence and physical abilities have not led him to reevaluate his opinion. While he could be accused of maintaining an undue amount of loyalty to his family, the Chaf, Farhan views his familial allegiances as a weakness. His exile from his own people and their space constantly plagues him, and he burns with a desire to be reunited with his people and welcomed home. Despite his being exiled, Farhan is still a proud Chiss, and would do nothing to bring harm to his home.

Despite his continuing loyalty to the Ascendancy, Farhan is fiercely devoted to Taldryan, recognizing in them the potential to rise to heights unknown by any other power in the galaxy.

Behind the Scenes

  • Created by Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor with the help of Shadow Taldrya
  • Howie helped a bit too.
  • Character shots are screenshots of Keirdagh's SWTOR Character "Taldrya", an Imperial Agent on the Prophecy of the Five Server.