Star Wars Terminology: Technology

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Star Wars takes place a long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away. We get to see spaceships, flying cars, blasters, and space wizards with lazer-swords, but also a mixture of the wild wild west, World War II, and some clothing styles clearly inspired by our Earth's history. This article will look to highlight some examples of the terminology used for the technology and materials that are found in Star Wars and how they relate to things present in real life.

Common Terminology
Power Packs Batteries
Macrobinoculars Binoculars
Sonic Blender Blender
Holocamera, Imager Camera
Groundcar, grav-car, hover-car Car
Comlink Cellphone
Vibrosaw Chainsaw
Chronometer, Chrono Clock
Rangefinder Crosshairs/Rifle scope
Datatapes Data disks
Turbolift, Lift tube Elevator
Slideramp Escalator
Holodramas, Holovids Movies, Films, Television shows
Glowlamp, Glowrod Flashlight, Torch
Illumination bank Floodlight
Load lifter Fork lift
Grav lifter Hovering Fork lift
Chopter Helicopter
Holonet Internet
Hydrojack Jack/port
Turbohammer Jackhammer
Repeater/Repeating Rifle Heavy Machine Gun
Sparkstick, Igniter stick Matchstick
Loudhailer, Voice amplifier Megaphone
Nanowave Microwave
Turbocart Mine cart
Speeder, Swoop bike Motorcycle
Holojournal Newspaper
Power coupling Power line
Vibroscalpel Scalpel
Acceleration strap Seatbelt
Hydroshovel, Vibroshovel Shovel
Sonic shower, Sanisteam Shower/Sauna
Credit game Slot machine
Lightpole Street light
Air taxi Taxi
Viewscreen, Vidscreen, Holovision Television display
Therma-slice Toaster
Grav-mill Treadmill
Hydrospanner Wrench/Tool
Holoscanner X-ray machine
Change cubes Dice
Spacers tape, mesh tape, engine tape Duct tape
Hydropack Canteen
Absorbmat Coaster
Medkit, Medpac First Aid Kit
Holo faker Identity forger
Medcenter Hospital
Viewport Window
Spacescraper Skyscraper
Holojournalist Reporter
Minder Therapist
Periodical chrono Magazine
Synthleather Vynil
Slicer, Slicing Hacking tool/Hacker, Hacking
Bacta Healing gel/liquid
Thermajug Thermos
Refresher Bathrooms, toilets, showers


Here are some examples of common materials found in Star Wars.

Durasteel Steel/Metal
Transparisteel Glass/Heavy glass
Durasheet, Flimsiplast Paper
Permacrete, Duracrete Concrete
Armorweave Kevlar
Synthweave Synthetic material
Synthfur Synthetic fur
Plasto-cast, Plexi-cast Casting/Paster


You’ll notice that a lot of material in particular share a similar root to their real-life counterpart, but just have a different prefix. The most common ones you’ll find are:

  • Dura - hardened material
  • Holo - relating to holographs or communication
  • Synth - used for anything synthetic
  • Transpari - used for anything
  • Vibro - tool/weapon that utilizes a vibration cell to amplify sharpness

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