Star Wars Terminology: Foodstuffs

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Foodstuff, or food, was nourishment needed for sentient beings to survive. We see Anakin Skywalker levitate an pear from a bowl of fruit, but we also get to see more exotic fruits like the purple Jogan fruit. This article looks to show examples of Foodstuffs that would be present in the Star Wars Universe.

Anakin tries to show off

Similar Foodstuffs

Here is a table of real-life foods and how they translate to Star Wars foodstuffs.

Similar Foodstuffs
Cigarra, Cigarette Cigarette, Cigar
Caf, Stimcaf Coffee
Tea Hot leaf juice Tea
Chewstim Chewing gum
Ice-on-a-stick Ice cream
Blue milk Milk
Nerf-steak Cow-steak
Nerf Cow/Chicken
Flatcake, Trandoshani flatcake Pancakes
Synthmilk Soy milk
Seaweed roll, Sushi Sushi
Tabac, T’bac, Tobacco Tobacco
Soypro Tofu
Nerf nuggets Chicken nuggets
Amber-root Ginger
Rodian peppers Hot pepper
Space waffles Waffles
Sourfry Stirfry
Fruit Fruit

Unique Foodstuffs

Here are some foodstuffs that are unique to the Star Wars Universe.


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