Vadin Cal

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Vadin Cal
Biographical Information
Date of Birth:

4 ABY (age 33)

Physical Description





1.7 meters


90 kg



Personal Information

Krea Cal, Single Mother


Muntok Cal, Murderer

Known Children:

Tanda (deseased)


??? (no one knows)


Knuckle Plate Vibroblade, Miniature Flame Projector, Security S-5 Heavy Blaster Pistol, DC-17m ICWS Sniper Rifle

Fighting Style(s):

Broken Gate, Hij'Kata

Chronology & Political Information

Soldier and Bounty Hunter


Clan Odan Urr

Personal Ship:

The Bugman

Known apprentices:




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Vadin Cal is a male Gand of decent regard. He had spent most of his life in combat, joining the renowned Fourth Scout Regiment of the Tanduran and Dac United Commandos. He served in numerous conflicts, including the most recent Battle of Tanduran, and in numerous battles against Harakoans. He deserted his duty after the Fall of New Tython, becoming a bounty hunter for several months. Despite this he returned to the Clan recently.

Character History

Vadin Cal was born an exile without even knowing it. The day of his birth, his father murdered a prominent member of the planet they lived on and fled, leaving a single mother with the baby Vadin. The two were exiled from the planet, and sent to New Tython as colonists. As Vadin grew up, he didn't have a stable childhood. There was rarely enough food, and no one would give him or his mother the time of day. It wasn't until he was seven when his mother brought him to the newly formed colony of Tanduran that he was able to eat regularly. The two became average members of society, and Vadin made four friends he played with every day.

Early Life

When Vadin made his first four friends, he felt like his childhood really began. There were two Mon Cal, both male, one female Human, and one male Human. The two Mon Cal were twins named Rajoss and Dem. The female human of the group, who acted like a mother to the four boys, was named Starra. The male human, and the one Vadin had the most camaraderie with was named Zander, a tall and strong human who often wrestled with the young Gand. All five of them were born within months of each other, and the group played games of "Harakoans and Soldiers" often. The three became close as years passed, and in 15 ABY while in an intense game of Harakoans and Soldeirs, they found themselves on the outskirts of the town.

That day changed their lives forever as they saw their game become a horrifying nightmare in real life. Harakoan's launched an attack on the city, with the five kids in the direct path. The five kids found themselves trapped in a battle as the Tanduran and Dac United Commandos arrived. They were stuck, running around trying not to get in the soldiers way for a full five minutes. The five of them were finally noticed by the soldiers as the battle neared its end, and were quickly pulled from the battle field.

Joining the T.D.U.C.

After being rescued by the T.D.U.C. it was no surprise to his friends when Vadin said he wanted to enlist in the Commando's when he turned old enough to join them. All five of them decided to enlist after Starra complained about the guys all going off without her to join the legendary soldiers. They went through a year of training, with Vadin leading the pack. When the day came to be assigned to their units, they went out from the training camp for one last lunch together in Tanduran. Upon coming back from their lunch. Rajoss and Dem were placed in the Second Ranger Platoon due to being Mon Calamari and having an advantage in the terrain. Starra was placed in the Assault Troopers, which shocked the boys. Zander and Vadin were both placed in the Fourth Platoon due to their love for Close Quarters Combat.

Military Experience

Vadin fought with the T.D.U.C. for a long time, joining in major wars like the Liberation of New Tython and the great Civil War. Vadin found many successes, and was often in the front along side Zander and the Commander of the Fourth Platoon Jenna Tas. Fighting in over thirty battles, with twenty being victorious, Vadin had an excellent military record, and served every day since he signed up until the Fall of New Tython, taking breaks to raise his daughter Tanda.

The Fall of New Tython

Bounty Hunter

Return to the Clan



Em-H is a Training Remote and Vadin's constant companion since the Fall of New Tython. Originally purchased for Vadin's daughter two years before the incident, this droid has never been memory wiped, and finds the idea quite galling. It's memories of its former owner, and its unending belief that it should honor the girls wishes, it has sworn itself to helping Vadin over come any challenge. Over the many months it has worked with the Gand, it has had numerous achievements, and because of this was praised heavily by Vadin. Over its life time it has developed a very strong sense of pride, and has had many delusions that it is far better than any other droid out there. As a result, it has done everything from be Vadin's partner in combat, to attempt to be his wing man, despite most people not understanding the enthusiastic droid.

Despite their very different personalities, Em-H is quite close with Vadin. Vadin has often called the training remote part of the family, and it is nothing out of the blue. The two are rarely more than a mile apart at any given time, and both spend a portion of the night recalling stories about Tanda before Vadin sinks into his ammonia bath to sleep.


Tanda was Vadin's daughter. The young Gand grew up on New Tython motherless. No one but Vadin knows who her mother was, and Vadin will not speak of it. Tanda was the joy of Vadin's life, and he made sure she was cared for when he was away on a tour of duty. Two yuears before her death he bought her a Training remote, which she named Em-H. The droid became her best friend, and the two were never separate. At the age of seven Tanda began to display signs of Force Sensitivity. At first Vadin didn't understand it as she was simply able to tell when certain things would happen. However when she had a telekinetic outburst on her eighth birthday, he contacted the Jedi. He agreed to bring her to the temple when he got off of his next tour of duty. That same day, Tanda gave Vadin Em-H and told him that something bad was going to happen, and she wanted him to be safe. One week later, on the last day of Vadin's tour, the Iron Throne bombarded New Tython.

Vadin spent his time on planet helping people evacuate, convinced that there were soldiers in his home town doing the same. When he made it off planet in his ship, the Bugman, with seven other soldiers, and caught up with the fleet he immediately tried to find Tanda. She did not make it off planet. Vadin still messages his daughters data pad daily, letting her know what is going on, though she will never be able to read it.

Agent Zander



Commander Dem

Field Medic Rajoss

Assualt Trooper Starra


Martial Arts


Weapons Training

Physical Description