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Tsaak Shai
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Tsaak Shai was a Yuuzhan Vong from the Warrior caste who held the status of Warrior-seer at the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War. He served as a religious advisor onboard Yammka's Sword, the Uro-ik v'alh battleship which served as the command ship of Varesh Shai. He was a member of the holy Order of Yun-Yammka.

Tsaak threw his support behind Varesh after he declared himself the new Warmaster, denouncing Nas Choka when he ordered all forces still battling in the Outer Rim to surrender. Varesh withdrew their forces to deep space, dismissing the reports of the Supreme Overlord's death as lies, and declaring Nas a traitor. Tsaak shared the Slayer's judgment and made clear that he would not believe it until he saw Shimrra's body with his own eyes. Despite the two warriors' views, Seef Lacap, the high priest assigned to the ship, remained uncertain of Shimrra's condition. Rifts emerged between Tsaak and Seef, with him growing dubious of the ability of an "ordinary" priest who had no first hand battle experience to divine the will of the gods in a time of war, believing it a job for a real warrior. But despite his doubts, Tsaak had no choice but to acknowledge the higher authority of a member of the Order of Yun-Yuuzhan, however much it troubled him. Nonetheless, Tsaak had few objections when Seef saw fit to anoint the new Warmaster khattazz al'Yun, or Avatar of the Gods, despite the fact it was a clear public statement of her belief in Varesh's future as a new Supreme Overlord—even if Varesh and Tsaak themselves still held to the belief that Shimrra yet lived.

In spite of Seef's proclamation, as time went on Varesh relied increasingly on Tsaak's auguries rather than Seef's. After the newly proclaimed Warmaster allied with the remnants of Domain Amnan, Seef voiced objections to the relationship between Tolok Amnan and Eckla Muyel, their caste difference traditionally making such a coupling a violation of the caste system. But Tsaak ruled it a necessary sacrifice, believing Yun-Yammka, the Slayer and God of War, would understand the unorthodox needs of what were difficult times.

However, when Eckla instigated the capture and conversion of a number of Jeedai to the True Way and positioned them throughout the Amnan fleet, Tsaak was in agreement with Seef that such behaviour was heresy and advised Varesh not to allow them to be stationed on the fleet of Domain Shai. Varesh agreed, but Seef pressured further, deeming such actions an affront to the gods, and called for Tolok and Eckla to be sacrificed immediately, a view shared by her contemporary Taug Lacap, an Apostle of the Undying Flame who had been reassigned to Tolok's ship to spy on him. As usual, Varesh deferred judgment to Tsaak, who--despite agreeing in principle with the two priests--concluded that the need for Domain Amnan's support in order to regain favor with the Yun'o outweighed such minor acts of heresy. Seef protested, but Tsaak once again ruled that Yun-Yammka would understand.