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Taug Lacap
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Taug Lacap was a Yuuzhan Vong from the Priest caste who served as a seer in the fleet under the command of Varesh Shai at the conclusion of the Yuuzhan Vong War. He was an Apostle of the cult of the Undying Flame, and as such dedicated to the twin Lover Gods. Like many of the Apostles, his body had been mutilated so that one side appeared male, representing Yun-Txiin, the other side female, representing Yun-Q'aah.

Following the fall of the Yuuzhan Vong Empire and the death of Supreme Overlord Shimrra, Taug continued to serve the newly self-proclaimed Warmaster, trusting in the wisdom of fellow priestess Seef Lacap, a member of the highly revered Order of Yun-Yuuzhan. Indeed, what the high priest divined from the Creator himself, Taug had complete faith in. When the new Warmaster allied with the remnants of Domain Amnan who were operating out of the husk of their Domain's now lifeless worldship somewhere in deep space, Taug was reassigned to "supervise", but in truth keep watch on, Tolok Amnan, the de facto commander of Domain Amnan's forces--their true Supreme Commander having been slain in the battle that cost them their worldship the year before.

As the following two years transpired, Taug grew deeply uneasy following the appearance of Eckla Muyel, who entered into a relationship with Tolok despite their different castes, an act that normally resulted in immediate sacrifice. Despite the support of Seef, Taug's concerns were quashed by Varesh's private warrior-seer, Tsaak Shai, who deemed the act a necessary sacrifice in these difficult times, and ruled that Yun-Yammka would understand.

When Eckla later convinced Tolok to capture a number of Jeedai, who she then proceeded to convert to the True Way and position through the Amnan fleet as private operatives, even Varesh grew uncomfortable and announced that none of her Jedi slaves would step foot on any of Domain Shai's vessels. Nevertheless, Tsaak once more convinced Varesh that the needs of the God of War and thus of the support of Domain Amnan outweighed the interests of the Lover Gods. Hence, Taug continued to serve aboard the Voice of Agony as Tolok's seer, but his distrust of Eckla remained.


Taug will feature in an upcoming Clan Naga Sadow competition later in Summer 2009.